10 Things To Do In London This Weekend

10 Things To Do In London This Weekend

Uploaded on
Feb 8, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 20, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 8, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 20, 2023
Things to do in London this weekend
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We understand how irritated you can get from all the cold and dark days spent in the depth of winter. Well, it's February, a month of love for couples and self-realisation for singles. Additionally, February also comes with a promise of longer days and spring on the edges, making a proper environment for you to roam around and explore London’s cultural scenes and events in London this weekend. Go through the list of things to do in London this weekend and note down all the fun and free things to do in London this weekend.

1. Kew’s Orchid Flower Festival

Address - Richmond, TW9 3AB
Ticket Price
- $15.61
Open Till - 05 Mar 2023

The Kew’s Orchid flower festival is one the most exciting things to do in London this weekend. Kew Gardens is the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological garden in Southeast London. The Princess of Wales Conservatory of Kew Gardens is hosting a festival this February where you will get a chance to see the varied landscape, regional wildlife and many more. These animals, giraffes, Gorillas, Lions and Hippos, are carved out of Plants and replicated across the displays.

2. Watch the revival of Euripides’s ‘Medea’

Address - 4 Soho Place London W1D 3BG
Ticket Price - Starting from £25
Open Till - 22 Apr 2023

Watching Medea is another thing to do in London this weekend. Programming in the West End's newest and worst-named theatres has picked up steam with Dominic Cooke's revival of Euripides' Medea, staged from a 1946 adaptation by US poet Robinson Jeffers. Heavyweights Sophie Okonedo and Ben Daniels star as Medea and Jason/Creon/Aegeus in an ancient Greek tragedy about an abandoned and distraught Medea who kills her and Jason's children in a shocking act of revenge. 

3. Discover abstract paintings at the Whitechapel Gallery

Address - 77-82 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX
Ticket Price - Free
Open Till - 07 May 2023

Another thing to do in London this weekend is watch how women played an important role in the development of abstract painting. This Whitechapel show celebrates the influence of women's flamboyant and wild gestures. They have big names (Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler) and several smaller names (Bertina Lopez, Wook Kyung Choi), with more than 150 paintings on display. None of him has a beautiful fruit bowl or a friendly smile!

4. Nostalgic films of everyday life at ‘People Make Television’

Address - Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS
Ticket Price - Free
Open Till - 26 Mar 2023

Another free thing to do in London this weekend is to Discover Britain's microhistory unfolding at Raven Row. But this is not a story of kings and wars and empires. A never-ending screen shows videos from the BBC's Community Program Unit. The Community Programs Unit is a division of Auntie that works to enable everyday people to make films about issues that matter to them. It closed in 2004, but before that, hundreds of films were accumulated by hundreds of people. It's all captured in a brooding, grainy grey film. It's brutally nostalgic and intensely moving. 

5. Catch the first-ever Shakespeare’s Globe production

Address - 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT
Ticket Price - £5-£62
Open Till - 16 Apr 2023

Things to do in London this weekend include the Shakespeare Globe production. Sean Holmes will direct the first-ever production of Shakespeare's The Globe at both the outdoor Globe Theater and the indoor Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. With its location-jumping, time-skipping, and tone-changing story, The Winter's Tale makes perfect sense (well, in a way) for this kind of treatment. The action begins in the starchy Sicilian Wanamaker and moves on to the Bohemia wilderness. That is the outdoor Globe Theater. 

6. Listen to pro-pianists tinkle the ivories

Address - St James's Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL
Ticket Price - From £10
Open Till - 23 Feb 2023

Another thing to do in London this weekend is to grab the chance to listen to the pro-pianists.  From keyboard masters such as Jools Holland, John Grant and Nadine Benjamin to exciting new pianists, see everyone joining the program at the Piccadilly Piano Festival. They all flex their fingers to the piano in St. James's famous Fazioli Grand for three weeks for spectacular concerts. 

7. Mohammed Sami’s war-ravaged Iraq rework

Address - Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London NW3 6DG
Ticket Price - Free
Open Till - 28 May 2023

Iraqi-born artist Mohammed Sami's paintings rework is another thing to do in London this weekend and reheat memories of life in war-torn Iraq, working together to paint propaganda images, fleeing, and living in a Swedish refugee camp. and re-cooked. He processes his past and trauma slowly and chaotically. It's not easy to see, but the images that emerge from Sami's haze are still painfully beautiful. 

8. First-ever Major UK exhibition of Donatello’s sculptures

Address - V&A Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL
Ticket Price - £20
Open Till - 11 Jun 2023

Things to do in London this weekend is watching one of the greatest sculptors of our time finally have its first major British exhibition. The extraordinary talents of the Renaissance master Donatello are showcased in this show, examining the influence during a pivotal period in art history and presenting works such as Donatello's early David in marble and Attis Amorino in bronze, which has never been seen in Britain before. It features many works that have never been exhibited. Florence, Bargello National Museum. 

9. Explore Sint Jude

Address - 100 Petty France, London SW1H 9EW
Ticket Price - £25/hour
Open Till - 11 Mar 2023

This engaging and immersive show from the Swamp Motel really climbs up to you. Firstly, it will look like you signed up for an hour of light administration. Ultimately, however, "St. Jude" takes a completely different path. It's more than just a classic Cold War conspiracy thriller, crossed with the golden age of choose-your-own-adventure novels. This is fascinating storytelling, a good old adventure that takes place mostly in the most haunted locations, which is an exciting thing to do in London this weekend with your friends. 

10. Vault Festival

Address - The Vaults, Leake St, London SE1 7NN
Ticket Price
- From £13-£17
Open Till - 19 Mar 2023

Another thing to do in London this weekend is to visit the Vault festival. Over 500 plays and comedic performances will be presented as part of the Vault Festival, ranging from experimental plays about upskirting in South Korea and the exploitation of blindness in the entertainment business to unfinished works by well-known comedians like Luisa Omielan and Jordan Brookes. There’s even a one-day wrestling festival within the festival because why not?

Look out at the list of things to do in London this weekend and select your destination where you want to spend your weekend carefully because we understand the importance of one! Also, if you are in London and want to take the most out of it. In that case, you should definitely go and check out the top London tourist attractions, and when you get tired of wandering around and exploring the fabulous city, check this page out to know the best restaurants in London to stop by to deal with your hunger and recharge yourself for the further wandering.