15 Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2023 As A Student
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15 Best Countries To Study Abroad In 2023 As A Student

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Jan 30, 2023
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Feb 6, 2023
15 Best Countries to Study Abroad in 2023
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All study abroad aspirants have a common question on the tip of their tongues: "Which country should I go to?". With so many good options around, it's hard to conclude choosing the best countries to study abroad; It is very important to research before you start applying to your colleges. You must not only check all the boxes of your advantages while taking a particular course in a country but also see the cons and possible hurdles you might face while embarking on your study abroad journey. Through this blog, we will help you figure out all the best countries to study abroad in 2023 and hopefully get you to filter out a few good options. 

Top Countries To Study Abroad

We have curated a list of the best countries to study abroad in 2023 that will take your career to different heights.

15.  Italy 

With Italy being famous for its insatiable taste in Italian cuisine, wine, scenic views, and hand gestures, it has also made its way to become a leading study destination for many international students. With thousands of students enrolling yearly, Italian university programmes have become popular for their reputation and elite quality in the education world.

Best Study Programmes in Italy 

Some of the best study programmes in Italy include 

  • Business Management
  • Fashion Designing 
  • Interior Designing 

Pros of studying in Italy

  • One of the biggest draw factors of studying at an Italian university is the tuition fees are very low and sometimes negligible to no cost. 
  • The overall cost of living in Italy is very low compared to other parts of Europe, which helps students to save a lot of money.
  • Language wouldn’t be a barrier that would block you from pursuing your desired courses. Most Italian universities offer English-taught courses for their international crowd.

Cons of Studying in Italy

  • Italy’s youth unemployment rate is at a record-breaking high; these figures forecast a very cloudy job market for international students.
  • If you don’t have a bone for learning Italian, your job prospects and opportunities become slim. The chances of getting an English-speaking job can be a huge struggle and hassle. 

14. France 

What are the first few things that pop up in your mind when I say France? Fine dine, wine, croissant, la vie and rose, Emily in Paris? You should also add the best universities in Europe to this list, as France is one of the best countries to study abroad. With many opportunities lined up, it has become a hotspot for further education and master's programmes.

Best Study Programmes in France 

  • Business
  • International Studies
  • Culinary Art

Pros of studying in France

  • France has emerged as a study destination for many international students, and some of the best universities in the world have France as their home ground.  
  • France is strategically located between one of the biggest European hubs like Germany, Spain, the UK, and Switzerland.
  • With a leading force in technology, energy, chemical, electronics, business, hospitality, and more, France is a diving pool of opportunities for many international students looking to climb heights in their careers.

Cons of Studying in France 

  • Even though elite private schools and universities in France leave no gaps in providing the best curriculum and educational facilities, all of it comes at a hefty price, 
  • France didn’t lie when it said, “It has an expensive taste” the cost of living, which includes rent, food, travel, and utility bills, is ever-increasing.

13. Spain 

Are you shocked to see Spain on the list? Well, don’t be; apart from being one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe, Spain is slowly making its way to being the best country to study abroad. With a rise in international students yearly, Spain has proved that it has more to bring to its table and students.

Best Study Programmes in Spain 

  • Business Management
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Hospitality

Pros of studying in Spain 

  • Spain is one of the countries that has opened its arms to many international students. Many students have reported having an overall positive experience while studying here.
  • Spanish universities give a lot of liberty and preference to students’ likes and dislikes. A majority of the universities have an entire curriculum based on elective courses rather than having an option of a few courses. 
  • Spain has a lot in store when it comes to keeping its international crowd entertained with traditional festivals, amazing cuisine, music, and dance to keep you on your toes.

Cons of studying in Spain 

  • Just like Italy, Spain is also facing the brunt of high unemployment rates around the country, hence the job market is sluggish and stagnant with its growth 
  • The “S” in Spain might be silent when it comes to learning and using Spanish as a mode of language. Many Spanish locals might not be familiar with English which makes it harder to get through daily work and activities.

12.  Germany 

For decades, Germany has been one of the most sought-after countries for aspirants studying abroad. With so many advantages, opportunities, and schemes for students, Germany has always catered to bring the best out of its students, making it to the best countries to study abroad in the 2023 list.

Best Study Programmes in Germany 

  • Engineering
  • Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences

Pros of studying in Germany 

  • Germany has one of the most scholarships and funding available for international students; the best part is that getting accepted as one of the recipients of these scholarships is easy.
  • Germany houses one of the best and free universities in Europe, making it an ultimate destination for people who are looking for pocket friendly ways to study abroad. 
  • Many universities in Germany have the process of “Studen

Cons of studying in Germany 

  • Studying at a German university is not an easy path to a degree, due to heavy competition, ample of self study, in depth course work, and independent projects makes it difficult, especially when you are an international student
  • With more candidates eyeing German universities, the competition of getting an admit has increased. Hence getting an admission has become a hard climb for many young  German university aspirants. 

11.  Singapore 

When it comes to Asian countries, Singapore tops the list of the best countries to study abroad. This place has everything you will want and need to live a comfortable and relaxing life. People worldwide look at Singapore as a futuristic nation with the best facilities and study colleges. 

Best Study Programmes in Singapore 

  • Investment Banking
  • Finance
  • Accounting 

Pros of studying in Singapore

  • Singapore is one of the most underrated and best countries to study abroad. The universities in Singapore are top-notch and well-equipped with resources and opportunities. 
  • Singapore is growing its presence as an emerging international hub. Many industries and businesses are laying their network on this small island, making it a healthy ground for more job opportunities.
  • Singapore is nothing less than living in utopia; It is one of the top-ranked countries for a high standard of living.   

Cons of studying in Singapore

  • Unfortunately one of the down sides of studying in Singapore is paying a high exorbitant amount of fees. 
  • “Practice makes a man perfect” but Singaporean universities believe otherwise, if you are looking for a more practical than theoretical approach then it's time to cross off Singapore from your list. 

10.  Netherlands 

Aside from cheese, windmills, and a thriving nightlife, "a popular student destination" should be added to the list of the best things the Netherlands offers. With so many excellent universities and world-class research opportunities, this country has given many overseas students hope for the year 2023.

Best Study Programmes in Netherlands

  • Robotics
  • Architecture
  • Business Management

Pros of studying in Netherlands

  • Dutch universities try to expose you to many different possibilities by encouraging you to break out of your comfort zone shell. 
  • The Netherlands is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the government encourages and is always on the lookout for International talent and skilled people.
  • Universities in the Netherlands have a very high acceptance rate, which makes it an easier pathway for most International students. 

Cons of studying in Netherlands

  • Dutch universities are fast-paced with their teaching system, which puts a lot of pressure on students to grasp and learn topics faster. 
  • The Dutch education system is very grade oriented; it is very laid back in terms of its assignments and lectures but makes it harder for students to score 

9.  Ireland 

Like its neighbouring UK, Ireland has become many students' favourite study-abroad destination. With a visa extension of two years, top-quality education, and good student life being its USP, many students enrol in competitive Irish universities yearly to enjoy the perks mentioned above.

Best Study Programmes in Ireland 

  • Banking & Finance 
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering

Pros of studying in Ireland 

  • Bad at Learning Foreign Languages? Ireland is a lucky case because you wouldn’t have to dedicate extra hours to learning another language; everyone speaks English. 
  • After completing your course at an Irish university, the government offers International graduates a two-year Post Study Visa (PSW), a grace period to help them find good employment opportunities within the country. 
  • Ireland is a haven for all the International businesses in Europe; Some big names like Apple, Snapchat, Google, and Microsoft have their headquarters in Ireland. 

 Cons of studying in Ireland

  • Ireland has a very small job market; this translates to lesser job opportunities and career prospects
  • Irish Universities can be an expensive affair, with different courses priced at high prices makes it unaffordable for many students. Hence, the amount of student-debt becomes bigger in its number.

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8. Norway 

If you didn’t know, Norway is one of the most underrated countries to study abroad for international students. With so much less competition, students planning to study abroad in 2023 can seize the opportunity to study amongst the world-ranked universities and settle in Norway.

Best Study Programmes in Norway

  • Biology
  • Business & Marketing
  • Marine and Maritime Intelligent Robotics

Pros of studying in Norway 

  • Depending on your course and skills, getting a job in Norway is less stressful as compared to other countries. With a growing economy and low unemployment rate the country is an attractive place for foreign settlers.
  • In terms of its safety and tolerance towards minorities, Norway is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
  • The quality of life in Norway is undoubtedly the best in the world. It has consistently ranked at the top for being the best place to live on the planet.

Cons of studying in Norway 

  • The weather conditions in Norway are very harsh, especially during the winter months which hampers daily life and routines 
  • With a high quality of life also comes a high price tag to everything, Norway is an expensive country and surviving here can be challenging

7. New Zealand 

Scenic beauty, diversity, and culture are a few words that describe this island nation the best. For many years, New Zealand has been a beacon of hope for many overseas students seeking to advance their careers.

Best Study Programmes in New Zealand 

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering

Pros of studying in New Zealand

  • It might come as a surprise but New Zealand has a very affordable and low cost of living as compared to other famous study destinations
  • The competition at New Zealand universities is very low, hence securing an admit is never an issue
  • New Zealand teaches the same curriculum and provides a better experience at a fraction price of what is charged in the UK or the US

Cons of studying in New Zealand

  • International students are looked up as “cash cows” because of they are charged way more tuition fees than domestic students 
  • Unlike Europe, New Zealand is geographically isolated from the world which makes it difficult to travel, network, and seek opportunities in different countries. 

6 . Sweden 

Have you heard about IKEA and Spotify? Well, Sweden is the birthplace of these big iconic brands. With so much advancement and economic progress, Sweden has now opened its doors to international students to leverage their high-ranked education and most talked about Swedish lifestyle.

Best Study Programmes in Sweden

  • Environmental Studies
  • Law
  • Engineering & Technology

Pros of studying in Sweden

  • Swedish universities have a major focus directed to group work instead of independent work.
  • Sweden is one of the greatest nations to work in after finishing your degree because of the numerous benefits it provides to its residents in terms of healthcare, childcare, and education.
  • Living in Sweden will make you eligible for the Schengen Visa; which helps you to travel and stay in 26 other European countries 

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Cons of studying in Sweden

  • Just like Norway, Sweden also faces the wrath of a very chilly and cold climate which seems unbearable at certain points.
  • The cost of living is high in Sweden; Stockholm the capital of Sweden makes it to the list of the priciest cities in the world. 

5. Canada 

Three in five students move to Canada; why? Well, read and  find out because of the perks and opportunities Canada has to offer to you as an international student studying in their universities

Best Study Programmes in Canada

  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Business Management
  • Dental Science

Pros of studying in Canada

  • Students who are fresh graduates from Canadian universities are eligible to apply for a three-year post-study work visa
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) is very high if you graduate from a Canadian university.
  • Regarding employability, Students get co-ops placement and internships to help them build job credibility and work experience.

Cons of studying in Canada

  • Canadian universities charge a very high tuition fee for International students, and the risk of falling into debt is high.  
  • Canada is a hot destination for higher education, so inevitably the competition is very high. 

4 . Japan 

Japan is a paradise for Anime, vending machines, technology, robots, habits, and the list goes on. However, education has recently come to the forefront of Japan's list of famous things for 2023. 

Best Study Programmes in Japan

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Accounting
  • IT

Pros of studying in Japan 

  • Japan has emerged as one of the best countries to study abroad because of affordable tuition fees and many scholarship options. 
  • Japan has an acute shortage of laborers, which means more job opportunities have opened up for international students. 
  • The quality of life and experience in Japan cannot be found anywhere else on the planet 

Cons of studying in Japan 

  • Unlike other countries, Japan is completely a non-English speaking country, so learning Japanese is a mandatory requirement for most universities.
  • A good standard of living comes with a very high cost, and Japan is a prime example.

3. Austria 

Austria is known for its majestic castles, palaces, architecture, traditions, and, obviously, its Vienna Sausages. But, somewhere amongst all these things, International students are very keen on coming to Austria for its opportunities and top-class education.

Best Study Programmes in Austria

  • Communications
  • Humanities
  • Law

Pros of studying in Austria 

  • Austria loves to be the center of attention so do the International students. The country has some developed neighboring countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc.
  • Just like its neighbors, the tuition fees in Austria is very low and less than your one month electricity bill
  • Austria has a good blend of culture, heritage, and modernity which helps students adapt well in the environment.

Cons of studying in Austria 

  • You will have to gear up and learn German, if you want to stand out in the Austrian job market
  • The cost of living in Austria is comparatively high as compared to other countries in Europe.

2 . Australia

There is no surprise that Australia has made it to this list! Want to know more about the benefits of studying in Australia? Check out our blog Study in Australia: 8 secret benefits 

Best Study Programmes in Australia

  • Cybersecurity
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Accounting

Pros of studying in Australia 

  • Are you worried about funding your programme? Don’t worry; Australia has many scholarships available for International students.
  • Graduating from an Australian universities can also be an easy pathway to getting a Permanent Residency 
  • Majoring in Australian universities will land you a high-paying job worldwide. 

Cons of studying in Australia 

  • The tuition fees and cost of living in Australia might not fit everyone’s budget range 
  • While enrolling into an Australian university you will have to encounter a bazillion requirements and criterion 

1 . Switzerland 

The Swiss Alps have not only started calling tourists but also international students for experiencing its scenic beauty, picturesque mountains, world best chocolates, and above them all its high quality education. 

Best Study Programmes in Switzerland 

  • International Law
  • Hospitality
  • Business Management 

Pros of studying in Switzerland

  • Switzerland is filled with well-reputed and refined universities; that will help you acquire professional and personal skills in no time
  • Switzerland is a very scenic place to live; that’s one of the reasons why it is on everyone’s bucket list 
  • The country is on its way to making larger developments in research in various fields. 

Cons of studying in Switzerland 

  • Switzerland accounts to be one of the best countries to study abroad but also finds itself in the list of the most expensive places to live.
  • Switzerland is a very strict country, with more rules and regulations kept in place it does not spare anyone.

This was a comprehensive guide on the best countries to study abroad that will help you weigh your options and choose the best study destination for you. Before going ahead with any of your plans make sure your goals aligns with the country you are choosing in terms of career, lifestyle, culture, and cost of living. Amber wishes you a very thriving career in the year 2023.