15 Best Day Trips From London To Help You Unwind

15 Best Day Trips From London To Help You Unwind

Uploaded on
Feb 10, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 10, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
15 Best Day Trips From London To Help You Unwind
Spend a day in wanderlust!

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle that is in London, we have made a list for your next day trip from London. Thanks to its convenient location, there are great places around for a short vacation. Check out the best day trips from London, from a country walk to a cultural getaway with great pubs and restaurants nearby; we have got you covered! 

1. Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

Explore the 100 Acre Wood in Winnie the Pooh's world! The forest, where the great tales of pooh bears were set, is a great day trip from London! It is easily reachable from East Grinstead station. Even Pooh Bridge is accessible, but you should know that it is a popular tourist destination, so plan your hours and days accordingly. If you are looking for authentic pubs,  the Hatch Inn and Red Lion are famed for their roasts and drinks. There are a lot of things to do nearby; within 6 minutes of the forest, there are various restaurants that provide diverse cuisine, from Thai to Italian.

2. Dungeness, Kent

For this day trip from London to Dungeness, it can feel like stepping out of a time machine into another time zone. Dungeness, which is unofficially referred to as "Britain's lone desert," has a distinctive feel where buildings seem to have been abandoned and covered by plants. This London day trip usually takes less than two hours to reach. Visit the Snack Shack or Pilot Inn nearby for some refreshments and beverages while enjoying some bird viewing at the Dungeness Bird Observatory.

3. The New Forest, Hampshire

The forest, a National Park, is located across portions of Hampshire, east Dorset, and Wiltshire. It is incredibly popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those needing fresh air! This is one of the best day trips from London due to its stunning landscape and accessible hiking and cycling routes. There are plenty of trails, rivers, and beaches where you may go paddle boarding or horseback riding around the countryside. Also, visit the Exbury Gardens, which is a great place for a healthy family day because it has two incredibly beautiful dedicated picnic spots and a tearoom where you can get an ice cream made locally.

4. Hertford, Hertfordshire

This county town offers a taste of English royalty that is postcard-pretty! Enough to please both eager tourists from further away and weary Londoners looking for fresher air, shorter lines, and somewhere different to look at for the day. On arrival, dip into its handful of local shops and many independent cafés and restaurants. Giambrone's, a well-known deli bar, serves genuine Italian food, Hertford Coffee Lab is a hip pit break, and Number One Port Hill, a Georgian mansion and B&B, occasionally holds pop-up suppers.

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5. Hastings

Visit the trendy coastal destination with a classic feel for your next best day trip from London. Hastings is a scenic place and is an inspiration for painters and sculptors; there has been a big migration from the London art scene, causing the town to become flooded with studio spaces and art businesses. Stop by Hastings Pier, which was awarded the esteemed Stirling Prize for architecture in 2017. 

6. Elmley Nature Reserve

The beautiful Elmley Nature Reserve, 3,300 acres of marshes and forests, is a hidden treasure just off the mainland. For birdwatchers and nature lovers, visiting this family-run estate is the ideal day trip from London. Elmley has around 40 bird species with lovely walking trails where you can see them all, as well as the other local wildlife, including dragonflies, deer, bees, and more. Despite being only 40 miles from London, it feels like another planet. Along with being a wonderful location for day trips from London, the area also has a cosy barn restaurant where you can enjoy heartier dinners and toasties for lunch.

7. The Newt in Somerset

The Newt in Somerset's Great Garden Escape will be a fun-filled pre-planned day trip from London, showcasing the best of the British countryside and its customs. Day trippers take First Class trains and are fed breakfast on board as they travel under a hectic timetable that begins at Paddington station. The gardens of The Newt, which have been changed over many decades and are now home to wildlife, will be shown to visitors after they arrive. You don't need to pack lunch, as every meal, beverage, and activity you partake in during the day is included in your ticket!

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8. Clifton, Bristol

Reset your eyes with the most picturesque green district in the city, Clifton. See the beautiful Georgian townhouses with cobblestone walkways. There is a great mix of independent cafés, restaurants, and stores along the quiet residential streets of this city. Start by looking around Clifton Arcade, home to 17 shops located in the centre of Clifton Village, where you may find interesting antiques and trinkets. Visit the neighbourhood grocery store to purchase fresh-produced goods, then go to Clifton Bridge for stunning views of the River Avon; that's a fully packed day trip from London for you! 

9. Southend-on-Sea

There is a lot to see in Southend-on-Sea, so start your walk at Chalkwell Station and head along a trail that runs down the water's edge between railroad lines and a  beach that is nearly hidden during high tide. To utilise your day trip from London, visit the historic trains in the Pier Museum where the land ends. Southend-on-sea is a centre of culture and museums. Even if you don't know anything about jazz, stop by the Jazz Centre, which is located underneath the Beecroft Art Gallery 

10. Deal

Deal is a newly found location for a day trip from London. This hillside has Georgian streets hidden behind the Kent coast. It is known as "Margate's younger sister" and is a cosier, rural variation of it. Deal checks all the boxes for an enjoyable day trip from London with its charming rows of Georgian homes, distinctive stores, and popular Saturday market. Start off with a visit to Deal Castle, which Henry VIII constructed as the first of a grand series of coastal forts, and then treat yourself to lunch at Victuals & Co or 81 Beach Street.

11. Box Hill

There is something for everyone at Box Hill, thanks to the variety of trails, stunning views of the countryside, and an abundance of animals. Pause and enjoy the peace by the River Mole, and its recognisable stepping stones can be seen after descending 275 stairs and passing through a Yew tree forest. Box Hill is one of the best spots to watch more than 40 species of butterflies. 

12. Mersea Island

Mersea, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge that floods, feels appropriately distant during high tide. The Company Shed, which offers seafood platters and draws guests from throughout the nation every weekend, is the main attraction. Get there before noon to ensure you can chow down on prawns, smoked fish, oysters, and dressed crab, as it is BYOB, and they don't accept reservations. The busier area of Mersea Island is West Mersea, yet it is still quite peaceful compared to other beach towns. 

13. Whitstable

Whitstable is one of the most charming beach towns and can be a great day trip from London! Start your day with a pot of robust coffee that was sourced ethically at Blueprint Coffee and Books. Next, get a bike from Whitstable Cycle Hire and ride along the five-mile Oyster Bay Trail along the waterfront. Visit the galleries in Whitstable to discover the artistic side of the town. 

14. Margate

Over the past ten years, Margate has been Kent's beach renewed spot. A visit to Margate wouldn't be complete without spending some time in Dreamland, whether it's to ride some of the rides or attend one of the amusement park's nightly performances will complete your day trip in London. Do take a trip through the town to check out the retro clothing, furniture, and home décor stores, where you may still score some good deals.

15. Stratford-upon-Avon

For those who wish to learn more about Shakespeare and life in the Tudor era, it is a wonderful alternative for a day trip from London because it is only two hours by rail. But there's also enough to do in Stratford-upon-Avon to keep you occupied for two or three days. Shakespeare, of course, is the main attraction in this area, and it's necessary to visit his home, his wife Anne Hathaway's cottage, and the renowned RSC theatre. You can also learn more about the West Midlands by taking a boat tour of the canal basin and then relaxing at the Grade II-listed Old Thatch Tavern. 

We hope you liked these lists of best day trips from London! Whether you are looking for a simple day outing with great views, fresh air, shopping districts or good food, head over to one of the 15 destinations for your best day trip from London.