15 Best parks In London
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15 Best parks In London

5 min read
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Dec 15, 2022
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Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 15, 2022
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Mar 10, 2023
15 Best parks In London
Where time stаnds still!

London is known as a city of parks. It has more green space than any other city in the world. London is quite possibly the best city to live in. It is home to some of the world's best attractions and has numerous parks where you can find reprieve from the urban jungle. There are so many parks and gardens in the city that are worth exploring, but these are the best.

Brockwell Park in London

Location : Brockwell Park, Brockwell Park Gardens, London SE24 0NG, United Kingdom
Over in Herne Hill, Brockwell Park is another of the best parks in London. The amazing views of the London skyline and the secret gardens make this one stand out for a variety of reasons. Being directly near to Herne Hill Market makes Brockwell Park an enjoyable place to visit. This food market is open every Sunday and sells a wide variety of delicious local dishes and sweets. It's enjoyable to bring them to the park and have a picnic on a warm day.

Peckham Rye Park in London

Location : 34 Straker's Rd, London SE15 3UA, United Kingdom
Peckham Rye Park, another one among the best parks in London, is located close to Dulwich Park. At first appearance, it appears to consist primarily of a huge open field with a path surrounded by trees. Peckham Rye Park is actually full of hidden gardens with wisteria pergolas, gazebos, duck ponds, a Japanese garden, a bowling green, and more when you look closely. There is a fernery as well. It's an excellent reason to visit Peckham.

Greenwich Park in London

Location : London SE10 8QY, United Kingdom
Located in South London, Greenwich Park is one of the prettiest parks in London. It is renowned for the Royal Observatory and the views of London from its highest point, and is full of hills and walking pathways. While visiting Greenwich, this park is a terrific spot to explore because there is so much more to see there than just the big draws. It's like going on a treasure hunt to discover all the English Heritage landmarks in London, as well as the gorgeous gardens and old trees. On a Greenwich walk, it's a pleasure to come across this park in London. Spending an entire day in the area is worthwhile because there is so much to see.

Dulwich Park in London

Location : London, UK
Dulwich Park is the next park on our list of the top ones in London. This natural park in south London is jam-packed with features like a boating lake and a wooded trail. It also has an American Garden, which fills the park with azaleas and rhododendrons every spring. A special trip to Dulwich is worthwhile to see them in bloom.

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Regent’s Park in London

Location : London, United Kingdom
Regent’s Park is one of the best parks in London, not least because it’s full of surprises. There are wonderful lakes for boating and beautiful flora all around, but it's best known for the zoo and its numerous sporting grounds. Annual events like Taste of London and the Frieze Art Fair are held in Regent's Park, which also has peaceful nooks with sculptures and other small surprises. Queen Mary's Rose Garden, however, is Regent's Park's outstanding feature. It's one of London's top summer gardens and has the largest collection of roses in the city.

London Fields Park

Location : London Fields West Side, London E8 3EU, United Kingdom
London Fields, located in the East End, is one of London's top parks. While the park itself is fantastic for relaxing on warm summer days, it's the surrounding region that really makes a visit worthwhile. London Fields is one of the nicest parks in London for a Saturday afternoon picnic because Broadway Market and Netil Market are just outside the park. Excellent taverns with outdoor seating and views of the green are also located along the perimeter.

Victoria Park in London 

Location : Grove Rd., London E3 5TB, United Kingdom
One of London's top parks is Victoria Park, which is located in east London as well. Victoria Park is a well-liked destination for locals and tourists seeking to get away from the busy streets of the city and see a more tranquil side of London. Victoria Park is one of London's oldest and most recognisable green areas. Victoria Park, the oldest public park in London, features a Chinese pagoda as well as boating ponds, cricket fields, and other amenities.

Primrose Hill Park in London

Location : Primrose Hill Rd, London NW1 4NR, United Kingdom
Adjacent to Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill is another of the best parks in London. The views of London from the top of this park are some of the best. Primrose Hill is far enough from the city centre to provide an escape from the crowds while still being close enough to see many of London's sights. It's fun to explore Primrose Hill's neighbourhood. Before ascending the hill to enjoy the views from the park, it's enjoyable to enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee on the high street.

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St James’s Park in London

Location : London SW1A 2BJ, United Kingdom
One of the most popular parks in London, St James’s Park has some of the best flower gardens and certainly the most abundant bird life of any park in the city. Right next to Buckingham Palace, the park paints the area with color in spring and summer. Additionally, the views from the bridge in the centre are breathtaking.

Green Park in London

Location : London SW1A 1BW, United Kingdom
One of the nicest parks in London for summer picnics and spring bulbs is Green Park. Every spring, the park turns a vibrant yellow, making it the best site in the city to see daffodils. When it becomes warmer, its broad expanses of grass are ideal for long summer afternoons spent dining al fresco.

Richmond Park in London

Location : Richmond, United Kingdom
Although it can feel like a trek to travel out to it, Richmond Park is one of the best parks in London. It’s worth a special trip to explore it. Richmond Park’s rolling hills, famous deer, and wild feel make it the perfect antidote to the stress of the city. Some of the most adorable dogs in London roam here, too.

Holland Park in London

Location : Ilchester Pl, London W8 6LU, United Kingdom
Holland Park, one of London's top parks, is close to Hyde Park. It is enjoyable to explore because of the range of attractions it has. The spring tulip gardens and summer rose gardens are some of the most beautiful in London, as are the Kyoto Garden garden with its charming bridges and tranquil waterfall. The park is home to an unexpectedly large number of animals. A few peacocks can be seen when strolling around Holland Park. Speaking of walking, a self-guided tour of Holland Park is a terrific way to view the park's features.

Hyde Park in London

Location : London, United Kingdom
Hyde Park, the most well-known park in London, belongs on our list of the city's top green spaces. Everyone may find something to enjoy on this enormous tract of land in the centre of London, which features lakes dotted with swans and well-kept gardens. Hyde Park is famous for its large landmarks, such the Serpentine and the serpentine gallery, but after time, people start to appreciate the minor elements as well. Everyone keeps returning because of the dog-shaped fountain, the Peter Pan statue, and the floral beds by Hyde Park Corner.

Golders Hill Park in London

Location : N End Way, London NW3 7HE, United Kingdom
Golders Hill Park, which is just next to Hampstead Heath, is frequently overshadowed by its neighbour. But its gorgeous flower beds and tiny walks leading to hidden gardens make it one of the nicest parks in London. Even a petting zoo is present. Any time of year is a terrific time to visit Golders Hill Park, but spring is especially lovely. The park is home to some of London's finest spring gardens, especially when the tulips are blooming.

Hampstead Heath Park in London

Location : London, United Kingdom
Hampstead Heath has traditionally been a well-liked park in London. You'll want to go back again and again because of the rocky landscape, numerous walking trails, and fantastic city views. Everyone who visits feels as if they are a million miles away from the capital's urban mayhem, and the neighbourhood is surrounded by some of London's most charming areas. Walking in Hampstead Heath is also fantastic. The Hill Garden and Pergola are the highlights of Hampstead Heath. This private area, with its elevated paths, is among London's best secret gardens.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best parks in London and their features. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your time in London when visiting these beautiful parks. So what are you waiting for? Book your next trip to London and make sure to visit these parks!

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