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5 Benefits of Booking Your Student Housing Early: 2022
6 min

5 Benefits of Booking Your Student Housing Early: 2022

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Jan 6, 2022
6 min

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Booking student accommodation can be exciting and tricky at the same time. You feel satisfied to go abroad, start a new life chapter, and consider the D-Day of leaving your home. Some tasks must be completed well before you plan your trip, and one of such is booking your student accommodation.

Renting student housing is a must-need for every student. While you're in the first, second or third year, students require a place to call their "Second Home". And amid this search for that perfect place, one question commonly arises: When is the ideal time to book a student room? We recommend that our readers start their hunt and book as early as possible. But this year, we're also exaggerating that you should book your place before this September. Why, you may ask? Here are the top five reasons you should book your student accommodation this year before your semester begins.

1. Save some money 

Rent savings are the primary benefit of making an early reservation for lodging. You will see a significant increase in rent prices the closer the peak seasons. It's similar to how cabs cost when it's raining. You might not be able to forecast the weather at this point. The busiest season for house hunting is undoubtedly predictable.

2. Your room, your preference

Like your favorite neighborhood hangouts back home, shared housing arrangements operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking your student accommodation in advance may help you secure the best room or the bed with the most incredible view if a room is shared. Certainly not the one that is directly beneath the leaky air conditioner. Or the one so close to the door that it strikes your bed whenever someone opens it.

3. Time-saving 

Assume you have recently arrived in the new city. Your new home has already been reserved. You only need to unpack, drop off your things, and then go shopping to decorate your room. How great would that be? Consider the polar opposite now. You've just landed, you're calling brokers in the taxi, and you must look at houses after checking into a hotel. It doesn't sound that strenuous, does it? Yep. Therefore, reserve your room in advance and, on the day of your arrival, instead of searching "hostel near me," try "best cafes near me" or "best shopping malls near me."

4. Easy organisation 

Well, this is a result of everything we've said thus far. Finding your bearings in a new city is much smoother and more manageable when you have more mental room. You can start establishing your new routine, decorating your room, and venturing to explore the city. If you book early, you can set everything up like Monica's place. Rather than starting as a total disaster like Rachel.

5. Effortless move-ins

Before the hustle on move-in day, when others will be clamoring the door with heavy boxes and bags of clothing, you must move in early and get all your possessions and yourself established. 

Suppose you're a first or a second-year university student and planning to move into a new student housing. In that case, you won't have to deal with the inconvenience of packing everything up, loading the car, and driving it all home — only to do the same thing when you return in a few months. It will be easy for you to move it between student housing facilities!


Q1. How to book?

Answer: You can book your student house early with companies that provide accommodation to your preference and 24x7 assistance; this will make your process smoother and help you save some money if any discounts or referrals are running.

Q2. What type of room should you book?

Answer: Different student rooms are available for books, like En-suits, Non-En suits and studios. Make a list of the required amenities and then set a budget. According to this, book your student room.

Q3.What location to choose?

Answer: Try to find your student home in areas from where you can access public transportation easily and also in places from where you can easily commute to your university.


Here is a list of why you should book your student housing early. These can assist students unsure whether they should reserve student housing in advance or after leaving home. We hope this has helped your accommodation search. Reserve your student housing in advance.