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5 Best Language Learning Apps in 2022
5 min

5 Best Language Learning Apps in 2022

Jan 12, 2022
5 min

girl learning a skill online using a laptop
Learning a language hasn't been this easy!

Thinking about learning a new language? Well, you are one smart peer to have. Speaking multiple languages allows you to know more about several other original vocals and cultural diversity. And above all, having friends like you is the icing on cake.

According to one BBC statistic, more than half of the global populace – estimates vary from 60 to 75 per cent – speak at least two languages. While you may be visiting abroad to study in the UK or the US to study or simply craving to hone your soft skills, learning a new language hasn't been this easy.  

In the modern era, the investment of learning a new language for students is nearly peanuts compared to the early 2000s. Gone are the days to enroll in French & Spanish Classes. Now you can download an app for your help and get started. But with all of these many options, which app is perfect for you?

We've rounded up the 10 best language learning apps. These apps are selected based on average reviews, free vs premium features, and the number of downloads. So let's get started.

Best language learning apps 2022

Best Language App Overall: Babbel

Babbel is a popular choice amongst college and school students pursuing another language. The slim and simple design allows you to explore a wide array of options. Babbel app also helps in easing the new language by taking you through lessons, either in visual, audio or written.

Babble comes under a free app download model. It delivers premium subscription preferences, ranging from $8 per month if you pay every month to even $3 per month for an annual subscription. With live lectures and small tidbits in vocabulary, the premium feature is excellent to go the distance.

Tip: Babble offers all UK and the US students to avail up to 65% off on premium subscription and get plans as low as 3-month discounted Babbel subscription for $14.99.


  • Interactive dialogue recognition
  • Flexible and shorter duration lessons
  • Unique teaching style


  • Less material for lesser-known languages

Best Language App for Learning Through Music: Lirica

The excitement of a new language can quickly fade after a few weeks. Choosing the perfect time every day can be challenging as a student, and you can easily miss your daily targets. But what if we told you there's an app where you can learn a new language, all while listening to fantastic music? That's the concept behind Lirica.

Lirica allows you to learn languages like German, Spanish and many more with exercises based on hit songs from famous artists like Shakira, Usher, P!nk, and Enrique Iglesias. That's why it is one of the best Spanish learning apps and highly rated best language learning apps. Lirica also regularly updates its music playlists, enabling users to learn the monotonous language learning modules and challenge themselves every day with newer test modules.


  • Lyrical database is ample for various languages
  • Top option amongst best app for learning English speaking


  • 1 week free trial only after which the monthly subscription is applied starting $4.49 per month.

Best App for Learning a Language From Real Native Speakers: Memrise

Memrise is a great language learning app that supports your nerdy side with its diverse language modules and the quirky side of yours with its community support. Being one of the best language learning apps, Memrise immerses you in videos that feature real-world situations with native speakers using the "Learn with Locals" feature.

The app's official database has content for over 23 languages, but the community feed has many language databases shared through memes and pictures. The content is free, although Memrise does offer a paid subscription service which starts at $8.49 per month and $60 per year. There is also a lifetime member service that costs $119.99.


  • Designed for real-world conversations
  • Lots of elements (games, extra content)


  • Exercises may repeat

Best language learning app for all languages: Duolingo

It's hard to have not heard of Duolingo's name during your hunt for the perfect English learning apps. Duolingo was founded as a simple go-to and free English learning apps for learning multiple languages in a fun way. After many sleek updates, the app offers over 35 different language speaking modules prepared by native speakers. It is also a well-regarded language games app and one of the best Spanish learning apps of all time.

One of many Duolingo apps' USP is its community-bonded social groups, which allows you to join global chat options, daily & weekly challenges and 81 language-specific courses. The app is free to download from Play Store and has all its content available in both mobile and desktop versions.


  • Free language learning with premium starting as low as $6.99 per month
  • A large number of lessons


  • Limited opportunities for real-life conversations 

Best Language App for Learning Accurate Pronunciation: Mondly

Don't you hate it when someone corrects you of a bilingual-word pronunciation? Well, Mondly is the fundamental essence of this global phenomenon. The app, which recently reached over 100 M downloads, enables you to learn up to 41 languages with local narrations' best phrase and tone manners.

The instructors of Mondly deliver words and phrases in pleasant manners. This helps in easy recalls and even practically speak while learning. Meanwhile, the app has a free plan, but it also offers premium content, extra exercises, and honest conversations with AI chatbots at $9.99 a month or $47.99 annually per language.


  • Innovative features to keep you interested
  • A large array of source and target languages


  • Premium version offers only one language

Some more language learning apps

Best for goal-centric learning: Busuu

Busuu is yet another app enlisted in the top language learning apps and English learning apps which allows you to explore a wide array of features like reaching your goals with a personalized study plan and receiving a Busuu certificate after completing a level. The app is also one of the earliest launched language learning apps and now caters to over 100 million registered users.

Currently, Busuu has both Free and Premium versions. The free version offers minimal features with certain limitations, like practising vocabulary with flashcards for one language. In contrast, the Premium version offers learning via offline mode and getting feedback from the community. The premium version costs $9.99 per month and $69.96 annually.


  • Interaction with native speakers
  • Goal-oriented approach


  • Limited text research practice, pronunciation and listening comprehension exercises
  • Limited options in language selection

Best language learning app for immersive experience: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone: Learn Language Mobile App | The Best Mobile App Awards

Rosetta Stone is almost 25 years old and is still going strong in the best language learning apps in the world. The app is a well-known name in the top English learning apps and support several other languages by building a curriculum plan as per your suitability.

Rosetta Stone also highlights several new features, such as audio-based learning methods in a storyline format with narration and TruAccent technology that gives real-time pronunciation feedback. The pricing of Rosetta Stone is relatively cheaper than many other free language learning apps. 

You can get a three-month and 12-month plan starting at $7.99 and $11.199.


  • Proven learning track record
  • Several personalization features
  • Various subscription plans with a lifetime subscription of $179.


  • Sometimes poses repetitive chapters
  • Less oriented towards conversational usage

Best language learning app for visual learners: Drops

Kahoot! acquires Drops to make language learning more awesome!

Drops is one of the top English learning apps that boasts visual appearances during learning modules. The app comes with audio and visual depictions of images and teaching games, making it the perfect and best app for English learning.

The app also comes with a five-minute rule that prohibits your learning to five minutes every day. The feature applies to both Free and Paid versions and is a well-regarded app with an Editor's Choice Award on the app store and best choice as best language learning apps out there.


  • A good learning experience for visual learners
  • Many language options 
  • Fun and engaging UI/UX
  • Good features amongst other free language learning apps


  • More focused on vocabulary and similar language skills
  • Limited to only 5-minutes per day

Frequently asked questions for language learning apps

Q.1 Which language learning app is best for you?

Every language learning app is best in many ways and comes with several unique features. They can be either Free or Paid and can differ in the modules and number of languages they allow. Some of the critical things to look for while selecting a language learning app are:

  1. Number of languages offered
  2. Paid vs free language learning apps
  3. Mode of learning (visual, audio, or written)
  4. Your goal of learning a language (basic knowledge, conversational skills, etc.)

Q.2 How did we decide on the best app for learning English speaking?

We decided on some of the best language learning apps by distinguishing them based on their approach, features, teaching methods, pricing, and the app stores' average rating. We also considered various niches such as English learning apps, free language learning apps, free English learning apps, and the best app to learn English speaking fluently.

Q.3 Do English learning apps work?

According to Science Daily, 59% of language learning app users improved their oral proficiency in another language by at least one sub-level on the proficiency scale of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Thus, it is a greater chance to boost your communication confidence by using a language learning app.

Q.4 Which are the best free language learning apps?

We prefer the Duolingo app as the best free language learning app. It is also considered as the Best language learning apps due to it's smooth and easier to use and has several features on the Free version, which could fulfil most of your needs.


So here are the best language learning apps. All of these apps have something that sets them apart from others. It will be up to you which apps connect to you well and give the most output in the learning curve.

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