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6 Common College Admission Myths
5 min

6 Common College Admission Myths

Jan 20, 2022
5 min

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Common Misconceptions About College Admissions And Their Realities

Myths are known to do the devil’s work. If myths had a resume, the top skills would be their ability to cling to a person’s mind and rot their brain. They play a part in every aspect of life, which is probably why we see them clearly, believe them more quickly than the reality. So, here we have drafted an article to debunk every single outdated rumour and myth!

Myth #1: Colleges are looking for well-rounded kids

We form a misguided opinion that universities are looking for well-rounded students, and if you aren’t that straight-A student or didn’t spend half your time teaching the blind, you will not get into your dream university. On the contrary, colleges primarily aim to fill their class with students excelling in different fields. Some potential club leaders, a handful of athletes, theatre nerds etc. So, all you need to do is to showcase those 1-2 skills in which you excel and bam; you’ll be in!

Myth #2: Asking for financial aid always hurts

You’ll always lose at a game if you choose never to play it. One thought that creeps into everyone’s mind is that it will be tough to get financial help, and with a lost heart, they choose to never even apply or contact the proper authorities for it. Well, the truth of the matter is that if you make a case for your application, reasons why you think you stand out and deserve this help from the university. If you think asking for financial aid would hamper the admission process, you’re highly mistaken.

Myth #3: You better have an impressive list of extracurricular activities and community service

Imagine it’s that time of the year when every other student is rushing to get into different clubs, fill their resumes with activities like help build a house for the poor, stage a protest for children with cleft mouths, and so the list goes on. This is where students go wrong and waste their time. The admissions committee likes seeing commitment and passion. So if you feel passionate about 1-2 causes and want to devote your time to it, go for it and add that to your CV. One or two activities to which you’ve dedicated yourself and where you’ve achieved a leadership position is far more impressive than a laundry list of activities where you’ve just dabbled.

Myth #4: Without a 3.9+ GPA, you won’t be admitted, let alone receive scholarships

Grades are important, especially at more selective schools, but course intensity and other non-academic qualities are necessary. Due to the large variety of grading systems, most institutions now use numerous factors and a holistic approach to admissions and scholarships.

Myth #5: You should get recommendations from reputable people

Students get into this race of getting recommendation letters from any person they think is essential and would shine in their resume. But the truth of the matter is that those letters will not do you any good if you don’t know that individual on a personal level. This little detail is what students usually overlook. The letter isn’t about just putting words together in a sentence. It should reflect your personality, passion and character. Now, a certain someone aware of your career goals can do justice to your nature via words.

Myth #6: We should not get creative with the essay

Do you know the story of the girl who got into 5 Ivy League Schools and even Stanford with a hilarious essay? Student's fail to understand the trick to hone when submitting an essay. The entire point is to showcase your personality, the elements that make you stand out and put those into words. Many students tend to overthink and usually end up writing their entire CV, school grades in the essay which is a huge mistake.

Take it as an opportunity to reveal your true voice and to highlight who you really are.