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7 Best Healthcare courses in the UK
5 minutes

7 Best Healthcare courses in the UK

5 minutes
Uploaded on
Jun 17, 2023
Last updated on
Sep 1, 2023
Uploaded on
Jun 17, 2023
Last updated on
Sep 1, 2023
Healthcare courses in the UK
Unlock the healthcare courses in the UK!

The United Kingdom is a dream destination to pursue higher education for many. Along with several tourist attractions, it offers excellent universities with great job market opportunities. The country offers some excellent healthcare courses in the UK. Let’s dive into the courses, admission process and job opportunities in this field!

Why Study Healthcare Courses in the UK?

Do you know that healthcare is free for a lot of people in the UK? Citizens who are from the UK or visitors who don’t belong from UK or European countries are allowed to get treatment without any cost. Does this motivate you enough to pursue healthcare courses in the UK? If not then here are a few reasons why one should pursue healthcare courses in the UK:

1. There are more than 60 healthcare universities in the UK which are ranked under 100 consistently. 

2. All these universities in the UK offer outstanding graduate employment rates. Students who enroll in these universities get into the world's top healthcare chains. 

3. The most important thing is personal satisfaction. You won’t ever feel demotivated as you will be witnessing your patients getting better and treated well 

Top Specializations for Healthcare Courses in the UK

Colleges and universities in the UK provide many popular specializations for healthcare courses in the UK. These are the following courses to pursue where you can grow like anything:

1. Nursing

2. Dietetics

3. Medicine

4. Pathology

5. Pharmacy

6. Toxicology

7. Mental Health

8. Optometry 

9. Physiotherapy

10. Pharmacology

List of Healthcare Courses in the UK

The United Kingdom comprises some excellent medical schools and universities that offer exquisite healthcare courses in the UK. The courses offered cover a vast range of options one can choose from. The programs generally cover the theoretical aspect as well as the practical assignments and implementations, along with several job opportunities students can benefit from. Here are some of the best Healthcare courses in the UK!

1. Nursing

Average Tuition Fees: £12,000 - £35,000 

Eligibility: Minimum 5 GCSEs at Grade 4/C + 2/3 equivalent A-level qualifications in an undergraduate degree.

Job Opportunities: nursing associate, assistant practitioner

Nurses are one of the most integral parts of the healthcare system. You can pursue some excellent nursing courses in the UK from some amazing universities like Cardiff University, Bournemouth University and the University of Dundee. The amazing faculties cover all aspects of nursing, and the students are exposed to some golden opportunities in the job market. 

2. Physiotherapy

Average Tuition Fees: £13,000 - £35,000

Eligibility: IELTS (minimum score - 7.0) and a Bachelor’s degree in a science project with a minimum GPA of 3.6 out of 4 with a prior research experience in Physiotherapy.

Job Opportunities: assistant physiotherapist, physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is basically the treatment of an injury or deformity by physical methods. The patients are treated by physical methods such as massages, heat treatments and exercises rather than medicines or surgeries. The student can pursue courses like a Bachelor of Physical or Physiotherapy, a B.Sc in Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Physiotherapy. The UK offers some excellent universities like the University of Nottingham and the University of Plymouth that provide various Health courses in the country. 

3. Medicine 

Average Tuition Fees: £20,000 - £36,000

Eligibility: The student must be above 18 years of age while applying + a minimum 80% score achieved in 10+2 mandatory in chemistry and biology. 

Job Opportunities: anesthetist, general practitioner doctor, hospital doctor

Medicine is one of the most famous healthcare courses in the world, and this country is home to some excellent medical schools and universities. The healthcare courses in the UK for international students offer a range of courses that cover several domains. Students can opt for specialisations if they wish to pursue higher education. Medical courses are also referred to as integrated courses, as the entire body’s anatomy is considered. The universities in the UK offer a preclinical and clinical section where the student gains knowledge and strengthens the foundation of their medical knowledge. The medicine sector in the UK offers some great opportunities in the job market.

4. Mental Health

Average Tuition Fees: £12,000 - £35,000

Eligibility: A 2:1 or above at the undergraduate level in any relevant subject like medicine, nursing and health or social sciences.

Job opportunities: mental health practitioner, mental health care assistant

Several people suffer from mental health issues that are caused due to various reasons. The mental health courses in the UK for international students offer a detailed analysis and theoretical knowledge. The courses are usually a year long and offer various job opportunities that allow students to explore their own potential. The students usually have to choose a specialisation to specialise in a particular kind of therapy. The student can enrol for courses like MSc in Mental Health, MSc in Adult Mental Health and PGDip in Advanced Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from universities in the UK like the University of London, the University of Cumbria and the University of Birmingham. 

5. Pharmacy

Average Tuition Fees: £13,000 - £35,000

Eligibility Criteria: International Baccalaureate requirement is 34 points, and the A-level requirement is AAB. However, the criteria may vary depending on the university you can enrol in.

Job Opportunities: pharmacist officer, pharmacologist

The study of pharmacy is the science of the preparation and usage of medical drugs. The study usually involves chemistry and pharmaceutics with other specialist topics. The health care courses in the UK offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses specialising in pharmacy. The pharmacy courses lay stress on practical assignments as compared to the theoretical examinations. The syllabus of the course emphasises several medicines and methods of treatment for injuries and diseases. The student can enrol for courses like MSc Clinical Pharmacy and PhD in Pharmacy with separate specialisations like health services research and biochemistry and cell biology, and many more. The courses offered are usually of a duration of 4 years.

6. Anatomy

Average Tuition Fees: £11,000 - £20,000

Eligibility: ABB includes two science subjects, out of which at least one should be a core science subject.

Job Opportunities: medical laboratory assistant, physical therapist assistant

The study of anatomy mainly focuses on the construction of the human body. It lays an emphasis on the human organs, human skeleton, cells and tissues and might also include human dissection. Anatomy is considered one of the toughest pre-requisite courses for pre-health students. The syllabus covers several aspects which have a lot of theoretical as well as practical implementations. The universities in the UK offer a high quality of education which also exposes students to some amazing opportunities in the job market. The courses usually have a duration of 4 years that cater to various branches like Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Cytology etc. 

7. Social work

Average Tuition Fees: £12,000 - £30,000

Eligibility: Minimum 2:2 undergraduate degree or equivalent + Grade C or above in GCSE Maths and English Language and equivalent.

Job Opportunities: social worker, welfare officer 

Social work is one of the main sectors of healthcare in the UK. The universities in the UK provide specialisations that focus on improving people’s lives of vulnerable groups like children, adults and even families. The degree offers a strong understanding of legislation, theory and ethics, which is important while working in different environments. Universities in the UK, like the University of Birmingham and the University of Plymouth, offer Social work degrees and BA in Social work. The duration of this healthcare course in the UK is two years which has certain periods of practice learning throughout the course.

Top Universities Offering Healthcare Courses in UK

Now coming to the most important aspect! Where to study all of these healthcare courses in the UK? Here is a list of all the famous universities in the UK where you can pursue course of your choice: 

  1. Coventry University
  2. Brunel University
  3. University of East Anglia 
  4. University of Essex
  5. Queen Mary University of London 
  6. University of Kent
  7. University of Reading
  8. University of Plymouth

Short Healthcare Courses in UK

It might be possible that you want to complete a course in a short period of time. We agree that healthcare courses are usually time taking, but here are the short healthcare courses in the UK:

  1. PG diploma international health care management 
  2. PG diploma in health care management and leadership
  3. BTEC extended diploma in health and social care
  4. Health and social care diploma (Level 2)
  5. Health and social care diploma (Level 3)

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements are different for bachelor healthcare courses and masters healthcare courses in the UK. Let us break out for you:

1. Admission requirements for bachelor courses

Students are required to have an honours degree on subjects like clinical care or health & social care. A 2.2 degree is compulsory or equivalent qualification is needed.

2. Admission requirements for masters courses

It is mandatory for students to have an upper second class degree (honours) in subjects like dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, biological sciences, or anything equivalent to this. Students who have any work experience in public health will be prioritized. 

Documents Required

As much as knowing the admission requirements beforehand are important, knowing the documentation requirements are also necessary. Here is the list of documents needed in order to apply for healthcare courses in the UK:

  1. Statement of purpose
  2. English language proficiency certificate
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. Passport
  5. Valid application form
  6. Transcripts
  7. Work experience/ internship letters

Application Process

Now that you have a brief overview of the courses and the eligibility criteria, along with several job opportunities for specific courses, let’s take a look at how you can apply for the process. The application process is very simple; just make sure you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria of the university you are looking forward to enrolling in!

Step 1: Select the course specialisation and respective university.

Step 2: Make sure you collect all your academic as well as language requirements.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the application form, which you can easily find on the college website.

Step 4: Wait until you receive your offer letter or conditional letter.

Jobs and Salary Trends

 As we all know that money is the secondary aspect of this ever-growing industry; the primary aspect will always be serving your patients with utmost care. But still being curious about it is normal. So, here are the jobs and salary trends:

1. Dentist: £48780 - £95640

2. Dietician: £22950 - £45000

3. Healthcare scientist: £58345- £78980

4. Toxicologist: £28694 - £73649

5. Research scientist: £23950 - £41000

6. Hospital doctor: £41000 - £74606

7. Pharmacologist: £25825 - £39216

8. Pathologist: £47824 - £73649

The national health service in the UK is the country’s healthcare system. The country is extremely careful and considerate about the public’s health. The health courses in the UK for international students are known for the high quality of education given by amazing faculties and also the opportunities provided for students. Every year, international students enrol for all these courses across the world and migrate to this country and pursue education here. I hope you find your favourite healthcare course in the UK. Happy Learning!

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