10 benefits of joining a student community

10 benefits of joining a student community

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Aug 25, 2022
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Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Aug 25, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 9, 2023
10 benefits of joining a student community
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On your way to attending university? Wish to make it the most cherished time of your life? As you begin an entirely new phase of your life, away from your friends, family, and community, you may find it lonely and difficult to adjust to your new surroundings. Apart from the plethora of work you will have to juggle, it will be essential for you to develop a social group. Student communities are the essence of the active student life at a university. It deepens the students' bonds and helps strengthen the communication pillar. This has piqued your interest, right? Wait, let us briefly explain what student organisations do!

What is a student community?

As its name implies, a student community's primary goal is to foster a sense of belonging among its students within the university. Student organisations allow students to engage in various activities and maintain their university experience around the clock. The student organisations conduct multiple activities to enhance the student's sense of attachment to the university by engaging in initiatives including advice sessions, study sessions, and one-to-one student talks. By becoming active in the student community, you can improve your overall academic experience and boost your chances of graduating with excellent grades. This enables the student clubs and societies to go and operate virtually. Even though every student club and society is unique from the others, it is essential to realise that those who seek to increase their cognitive range will find them to be of great value. Their primary purpose is to make students feel welcomed and acknowledged. We've outlined nine advantages below that make student organisations in general dynamically potential for individuals moving into a new area. 

Why are student communities important?

Stress is one of the unavoidable results of the crazy amount of work a university makes you do. It's normal to feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings. A student community provides a forum for students to express their needs, wants, and other topics they choose to discuss. As all the students belong to the same group, being a part of online student clubs and societies makes it incredibly simple to recognise each other's needs. Partaking in a student community will help you majorly in opening up to the societal facets and establishing your opinions with conviction. These platforms aim to make you feel you're heard, and your views are valued.

10 benefits of joining a student community are:

Here we have listed 8 benefits of being a part of the student community at your university:

1. Get to know yourself

By being a part of a student organisation which shares similar interests as you, you will be able to learn more about what you precisely like doing. It allows you to explore what you enjoy doing and whether you are passionate about it. Also, given the group activities, you can try new things and develop a new hobby! Being in a student organisation is more like being on a self-awareness journey where you learn to understand what appeals to you and piques your interest.

2. Shying away, what's that?

Being in happening places prompts you to participate in various activities within the student societies. Participating in and managing those activities bolsters your confidence. It makes you more enthusiastic about undertaking anything that comes your way. As the student clubs and societies like these work systematically, it will also inculcate a sense of professionalism in you, which is extremely important going forward in your career. The best thing is that you will also learn how to engage comfortably with small groups and large masses, which will help you develop an excellent network at your university!

3. Welcome valuable friendships!

Student clubs and societies can be both formal and informal forums for the student. Even when they are formal, all the students in the community communicate informally at a more personal level when they get an opportunity. Meeting in the student clubs and societies ensures that you and the other members have the same interests, making it extremely easy for you to connect. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about worldwide patterns, culture, traditions, values, living, etc. You can also build life-long friendships and a diverse friend circle.

4. Learn coordination

It is one of the most crucial abilities to develop as you move through life and want to establish yourself as a powerful and courageous individual. In that case, you must cultivate extreme leadership skills within yourself. You will be working with numerous teams throughout your university and later once you work in an organisation. You learn how to take positive and negative inputs and give valuable outputs that help the team you're working with achievable goals. 

5. Exciting and engaging activities

Student communities typically include a variety of fun events that expose you to a range of fascinating things. The activities cover many sectors that are vital to our daily lives. They range from academic to civic engagement, religious and cultural events, ceremonial activities, leisure activities such as excursions and hikes, and recreational activities such as plays and movies. The student community also aims to help students who operate their enterprises. Depending on where you attend university, several national festivals may be organised, which can be a lot of fun.

6. Build an impressive resume!

As you partake in various activities happening in student communities, you tend to develop a remarkable trajectory of varied experiences in dynamic fields. It not only enhances your personality but also aids in developing an appealing resume. Organisations worldwide aim to pick students who are participative and leading in nature. This works as evidence for them to see how hardworking you are and how efficiently you can handle multiple tasks. Besides that, having a pivotal role in student societies enhances your abilities in tasks needing empirical work. 

7. An opportunity to help the community

Apart from your personal growth, your primary goal should be the progress of society and the environment around you. The student community strives to organise activities that are acts of service to the student clubs and societies. Various student organisations work to sponsor events such as charity drives, cleaning drives, need-based fundraisers, and many more. It teaches members to be more modest and kind, and it encourages value-added learning for them.

8. Don't miss out on the fun

Are you wondering how you'll spend your time at the university you will attend soon? Not to worry, student communities are the most significant area for you to work your magic. This is one of the essential advantages of joining a university student community. HAVE FUN!! You should make the most of this moment in your life because you are at a stage where you should continue to explore the numerous options and put your energy into use. Make friends who would say, "I'll be there for you.." whenever you need to hear it. Be active, understand the inexperienced, and have a good time. 

9. Participating in on-campus projects

Students worldwide love the kind of experience and environment student communities or societies offer the students. John Harland from Australia says, “Participating in on-campus projects that prepare you for life after university. Meeting individuals as passionate as you and with whom you might create lifelong connections by participating in sports activities or projects. And thirdly, you will be able to learn negotiating and leadership skills in a safe setting.” Perhaps you will learn a new sport or try your hand at group leadership. You can experiment with activities connecting some part of your academic study to the real world. This will give you a better sense of the occupations you might be interested in long-term.

10. Learn to maintain a healthy work-life balance

This can be a hard pill to take but your only objective in university isn't to run after a degree. You may believe that anything slightly like "fun" will get in the way of your accomplishment. Burnout from not taking a break may cause you to miss the weekly community meetings. Joining a student community may be just what you need to put in some practice time. When you shut off your work mode after class, attending parties, mixers, and festivals will be a pleasant change.

Popular student communities 

Some of the most common and popular student communities in universities are:

  • Community service organisations
  • Academic and educational organisations
  • Media and publication organisations
  • Recreation and sports organisations
  • Political or multicultural organisations
  • Student government organisations
  • Religious and spiritual organisations

Overall, the student community is a journey that transforms you into a completely different person. It changes your introverted personality into an extroverted and courageous person ready to take on the world. Last but not least, there is no pleasure if there are no stories to tell! This exciting journey will supply essential anecdotes demonstrating that you had a wonderful time at university.

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