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A Guide to Booking Luxury Student Housing in London
7 min

A Guide to Booking Luxury Student Housing in London

Housing Tips
May 10, 2022
7 min

a luxury student accommodation with a pool table
Learn why luxury student accommodation in London should be your next choice!

Looking for a student accommodation guide in London? Well, you aren’t the first. The capital city of the United Kingdom is what you call the ultimate destination for international students. With over 452,225 international students in the UK, London attracts a larger share of the pie due to its welcoming environment and diverse living options that seize students’ focus on themselves. 

So, with so much there to learn, how do you locate the best student accommodation in London? To answer this question, we’ve prepared a complete guide on finding the top student living options in London, their costs, and why the luxury student accommodation is a must-have option for you! 

Let’s start with the types of accommodation in London.

Types of accommodations in London

This student guide in London would certainly be incomplete without discussing the various London student housing options in 2022.


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Finding a studio to rent in London can be quite a task, but it is perfect if you want a place to yourself or if you do not want to rent a huge home because obviously, the price of it will be much higher, so a studio room should be okay.


If your privacy is sacred to you, and you like to stick to a routine without much change, then an en suite is just the perfect pick. En-suite student housing in London offers your own private amenities like kitchen, study room, bathroom and many more. This saves you ample time during your daily activities and allows you to be even more productive.

Sharing Accommodation

Finding luxury student accommodation in London can be tough, especially in inner-city areas. Still, travelling can prove to be quite an issue when it comes to the outer city, which is why we would insist that you find a flatmate or a group to rent out a place so that you can share the cost rather than putting too much burden on just one student.


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PBSA has rapidly become the favourite choice of most students who are looking for student accommodation in London. These student apartments in London offer affordable prices against various student-centric facilities and amenities. In our opinion, PBSA is the best option out there for students right now.

Read why PBSA accommodation is the right choice for you!

Cost of Accommodation in London

If there is one thing that always revolves around students’ minds is London student living cost. Living in London is expensive as compared to many other study abroad destinations. But with careful judgment and planning about expenses, living in any part of the UK need not be prohibitive.

Apart from getting a job in the UK, you can also leverage the power of cheap transportation and the benefits of early booking of student accommodation. With more, the presence of shared housing is also a significant way to reduce your costs of living in London. 

Here is a simple breakdown of all the costs that may incur while living in London as a student. 

University Halls vs Private Accommodation - Which is Better?

University halls are such student accommodation in London, present on-campus of your institution. Unlike private accommodation, they are managed by the university administration and tend to provide mediocre accommodation amenities. 

They are also tagged as ‘Best student accommodation London’ by sophomore and second-year students who prefer to stay inside the campus to avoid unpredictable situations after arriving in London. Meanwhile, Private or luxury student accommodation in London tends to be based near the city centre and makes a great way to network with other students.

This also makes it fun while living in London as you may get to be more independent and learn how to adapt to certain situations. Additionally, private student accommodation in London is relatively mid-range in prices but offers modern facilities such as en-suite bathrooms, private kitchens and a great location in the city.

King’s College London accommodation can cost up to GBP 640- 1,660 per month whereas the University of Leeds accommodation is a lot cheaper as per the location and costs can vary up to GBP 380- 676 per month. Whilst London student accommodation does pose some expensive charges, their amenities and living experience make up for your expectations. 

Best luxury student accommodation in London 

1. Spring Mews

Spring Mews is a famous student studio in London and a well regarded student accommodation central London. The accommodation provides the best En-Suite and studio rooms and is well-placed for university students. In front of it is the River Thames, and the Vauxhall tube station is simply within walking distance. 

At Spring Mews, you'll find the best student-centric amenities like an exclusive on-site gym, swimming pool, communal room featuring table tennis, pool tables, and a foosball table.

Amenities: Electronic key entry system, 24*7 support team, garden and BBQ area, games room, bike storage, paid laundry with all-inclusive utility bills. 

Nearest Universities– 

King’s College

The University of Westminster

Imperial College London

London School of Economics & Political Science.

2. Aldgate Residence-Go Britanya

Aldgate | Chapter, London

Aldgate Residence-Go Britanya is arguably the best student housing in London. The place is located near several London universities and colleges and boasts a staggering beauty of the city centre in the vicinity of the place. 


As for the amenities, the place is filled with ample accommodation add-ons such as free high speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning in all rooms, 24*7 on-site team juxtaposed with fresh towels and linen, and landscaped courtyard. 

Nearest Universities– 

Hult International Business School

Queen Mary University Of London

King's College London (Strand Campus) 

3. iQ Hoxton, London

iQ Hoxton, London | Student Accommodation

iQ Hoxton is a well-known student accommodation in Central London. This beautiful student accommodation in Central London boasts fully furnished en-suite rooms and studio rooms. 

Several restaurants, cheap brunch joints and cafés, and pubs within walking distance from iQ Hoxton, which makes the place a must-consider while booking a student accommodation in London.

Amenities: Electric stove, TV, laundry service, CCTV security system, common communal area and study area, 24*7 dedicated support, and  all-inclusive utility bills.

Nearest Universities – 

City, University of London 

London Metropolitan University

Queen Mary University of London

4. Host View Studios

Host View Studios London Student Accommodation | UniAcco

Host View Studios is a lavish and most resided luxury student accommodation in London. Located in Bermondsey, this student studio in London brings you penultimate amenities with ample universities nearby. 

The main USP of living at Host View student studio in London is their luxuries like a finished kitchen, ample space and many early booking benefits. An overall package as a college student studio in London, Host View is an impeccable location to book this year. 

Amenities: 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage, secure key fob access, lifts to all floors, communal lounge, study room, rooftop garden & outdoor garden space, and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearest Universities – 

London South Bank University

University of Arts, London

King’s College, London

5. Chapter Kings Cross, London

Studio in Chapter King's cross ‹ SpareRoom

Chapter Kings Cross London is yet another excellent student housing in London. Located near Kings Cross Station, the accommodation has many amenities and is a perfect choice for students looking to make new friends in Central London. Many universities are also nearby from Kings Cross accommodation with lots of recreational activities to do, thus enough to make your stay memorable in London.

Amenities: 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage, secure key fob access, lifts to all floors, communal lounge, study room, rooftop garden & outdoor garden space, and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearest Universities:

Westminster Kingsway College

University College London

King’s College, London

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 When should I start looking for student accommodation in London?

It’s beneficial to start your hunt for student accommodation early. Always check the paperwork of the place, the amenities provided and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is vital to ensure smooth booking of student accommodation in London.

Q.2 What should I look for when booking student apartments in London?

You can consider the following questions while looking at student apartments in London. 

  • Number of people you want to live with
  • Accommodation catered or self-catered
  • En-suite or studio
  • Single or double bed
  • Room size 
  • Budget
  • On or off-campus accommodation
  • Any extra facilities

Q.3 What should you bring or what are the things not to bring to my student accommodation?

It is important to remember what not to bring to your student accommodation. University accommodation gives you basic amenities such as a bed, a wardrobe, or a small cupboard. But things like general kitchenware, warm blankets, and extra beddings are good to bring.

Q.4 How do I apply for student accommodation?

Most student housing in London is booked via the university portal if you’re looking for university dorms. For private accommodation, you can search the availability on student accommodation booking sites and compare properties. 

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