A Guide To Booking Luxury Student Housing In London

A Guide To Booking Luxury Student Housing In London

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Sep 20, 2022
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Mar 9, 2023
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Sep 20, 2022
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Luxury Student Housing In London
Live like a royal; on a budget!

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is a major metropolis. Students choose this city for its top-notch education. But while filling all the requirements and documents, sometimes student housing slips out of mind. Selecting the appropriate accommodation type can be challenging. If your budget allows, many different kinds of London student accommodation options are available, including student halls, student apartments, and even London luxury student accommodation. So, with so much there to learn, how do you locate the best student accommodation in London? To help you make your final pick, here’s a guide on London's top student living options and why luxury student accommodation London is a must-have option! 

Types of London luxury student accommodations 


This lodging style is popular among London students because it balances privacy, security, and cost (if you opt for a London studio apartment). You'll also get the much-needed independence and freedom from this accommodation. Students' most practical private housing options are typically London studio apartments or one-bedroom homes. 


If your privacy is sacred to you, and you like to stick to a routine without much change, then an en suite is just the perfect pick. En-suite student housing in London offers your own private amenities like a kitchen, study room, bathroom and many more. This saves you ample time during your daily activities and makes you even more productive.

Sharing Accommodation

This is a private rental home or flat share, which means that, unlike private halls of residence, universities and colleges do not manage it. Instead, many use resources like Spare Place to find a room to rent from a private landlord in London. They will generally have a bedroom of their own and share common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

At an average cost of £181 per week, shared houses are often less expensive than resident halls. However, be on the lookout for shady landlords and poor living conditions in private shared housing. A wise generalisation is to tour a house before renting it. Security is another drawback of shared accommodation. Unfortunately, houses are easy targets for thieves, and shared accommodation has varying levels of security. It's also possible that you're sharing with complete strangers.


PBSA has rapidly become the favourite choice of most students looking for London student accommodation. Luxury student apartments in London offer affordable prices and other benefits such as hip community areas, game rooms, gyms, and on-site social events. This goes from £185 per week in Zone 5 to £411 per week for a room in a luxury property in Zone 1. In our opinion, PBSA is the best option out there for students right now.

University-managed halls of residence.

This type of accommodation is managed directly by universities and colleges. It’s a top pick amongst first-year undergrads, and some campuses prioritise first-years over returning students when assigning rooms. They can therefore be quite lively, which is perfect if you want to socialise a lot. And occasionally not so great if you need a little peace and quiet to concentrate on your academics.

University-managed residence halls are often divided into communal flats. Groups of students (often four to six) will share a living area, kitchen, and bathroom in addition to their own bedroom with mediocre accommodations. It can be paid in four instalments spread out over the course of the year. This type of student accommodation is ideal if this is your first time flying the nest because it's a smooth transition into living independently without worrying about too much adulting.

Cost of living in London

The city is renowned for being a little on the luxurious side, but with the right planning and understanding, one can manage it quite well. The expenses are highly influenced by your choice of London luxury student accommodation, your mode of transportation, and your spending patterns for groceries and other leisure activities. A precise budget allows you to plan and identify where you need to spend and where you can save. But here is a simple breakdown of all the costs for the various types of London Student Accommodations and the cost of Living in London.

Average Cost Of Accommodation In London

Amenities & features of a Luxury London Student Accommodation

You get multiple amenities if you go for off-campus student housing in London. In the London luxury student accommodation, all the rooms are designed to suit the student’s needs. These Luxurious London student apartments have various features and amenities like 

  • Plush beds
  • Spacious rooms as well as wardrobes 
  • Workspace for students
  • Shared/private kitchen
  • Courtyard
  • swimming pool
  • In-house gym
  • 24/7 surveillance and security
  • Vending machines

Benefits of Luxury Student Accommodation London

The benefits of London Luxury student accommodation are quite many, but here are some of the main benefits which will make you consider Luxury student accommodation London 

  • You’ll feel protected and can focus on your daily tasks
  • If you choose a London studio apartment, an added benefit you’ll get the much needed personal space
  • Due to the many in-housing amenities, you’ll save time and money on basic requirements as most of them are present in the London Luxury student accommodation. 
  • You can spend your free time learning a new hobby or playing games with your friends in the game room.
  • Focus on studies better in the student workspace provided by the London Luxury student accommodation
  • Less travel time from your London Luxury student accommodation to the university and back. 

How to find luxury student accommodation London

You'll be pleased to learn that there are several options for student housing in London. Whether you are looking to study abroad for the summer, from crowded streets to laid-down residential areas from lively neighbourhoods, you will want to find suitable London student accommodation for you. So, with so much there to learn, how do you locate the best student accommodation in London? To help you make your final pick, we have listed down the best luxurious student accommodation London which are choices simple yet sophisticated and have a touch of luxury to it. These luxury student accommodation London is a must-have option for you! You can also check out these best neighbourhoods in London and decide on the best one!

Best Luxury Accommodations: London

1. Spring Mews

Spring Mews is a popular London studio apartment and a well-regarded student accommodation in central London. This Luxury student accommodation London provides the best en-suite and studio rooms and is well-placed for university students. This fine London accommodation is close to the famous River Thames and is only a few minute's walk from the bus station and the Vauxhall tube and overground stations. 

‍Amenities: At Spring Mews, you'll find the best student-centric amenities like an exclusive on-site gym, swimming pool, communal room featuring table tennis, pool tables, and a foosball table. Electronic key entry system, 24*7 support team, garden and BBQ area, games room, bike storage, paid laundry with all-inclusive utility bills. 

‍Nearby Universities: The University of Westminster, Imperial College London and London School of Economics & Political Science.‍

2. Aldgate Residence

Aldgate Residence is a lavish London student accommodation located in the historically significant Zone 1. Offering various types of studios, this property is located near several London universities and colleges and boasts a staggering beauty of the city centre in the vicinity of the place.

‍Amenities: As for the amenities, this London Luxury student accommodation is filled with ample housing add-ons such as free high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning in all rooms, a 24*7 on-site team juxtaposed with fresh towels and linen, and landscaped courtyard. 

Nearby Universities: Hult International Business School, Queen Mary University Of London and King's College London (Strand Campus) 

‍3. iQ Hoxton

iQ Hoxton is a well-known Central London student accommodation. This beautiful Luxurious student accommodation in Central London boasts fully furnished en-suite and London studio apartments. Several restaurants, cheap brunch joints and cafés, and pubs are within walking distance from iQ Hoxton, which makes the place a must-consider while booking student accommodation in London.

‍Amenities: Electric stove, TV, laundry service, CCTV security system, common communal area and study area, 24*7 dedicated support, and all-inclusive utility bills.

Nearby Universities: University of London, London Metropolitan University and Queen Mary University of London

‍4. Host View Studios

Host View Studios is a lavish and most resided luxury student accommodation London. Located in Bermondsey, this student studio in London brings you penultimate amenities with ample universities nearby. The main USP of living at Host View student studio in London is their luxuries like a finished kitchen, ample space and many early booking benefits. An overall package as a college student. Host View is an impeccable location to book this year. 

‍Amenities: 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage, secure key fob access, lifts to all floors, communal lounge, study room, rooftop garden & outdoor garden space, and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearby Universities: London South Bank University, University of Arts, London and King’s College, London

‍5. Chapter Kings Cross London

Chapter Kings Cross London is yet another excellent luxury student accommodation London on a budget. Located near Kings Cross Station, the accommodation has many amenities and is a perfect choice for students looking to make new friends in Central London. With  Many universities are also nearby from Kings Cross accommodation with lots of recreational activities to do, thus enough to make your stay memorable in London.‍

Amenities: There is also an on-site security team to assure your safety & security with a secure access entry and 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage. There is a spacious social area for you to enjoy with your new friends, an on-site gym, study spaces, a games area, a cinema, and a huge courtyard to enjoy on sunny days and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearby Universities: Westminster Kingsway College, University College London and King’s College, London

London may be the city of many people's aspirations, but it also has a high cost of living, especially if you're a student. Living in a country with a different currency and financial system from your home country can be a problem. Nevertheless, this problem can be readily resolved if one is persistent and plans ahead. We truly hope that this quick blog post has improved your understanding of the type of student housing in London and its cost of living. With amber, you can have a great time in London and save a tonne of money! To know more about student accommodation in London check out this London housing guide.

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