A Guide to GTE in Australia
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A Guide to GTE in Australia

7 min
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Dec 28, 2022
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Mar 28, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 28, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 28, 2023
A Guide to GTE in Australia
Grow your education in Australia!

With colleges dotting the picturesque country of Australia, it’s a dream for many to study at these prestigious institutions and attain quality education. However, to accept an offer from any university in Australia, one needs to complete the genuine temporary entrant or GTE assessment. 
What is this GTE Australia assessment? Do not worry, we have made this guide just for you to have a better understanding of the GTE process, so read on!

What is a genuine temporary entrant?

First things first, what is this GTE we keep reading about? A Genuine temporary entrant, or GTE for short, is a mandatory assessment of integrity for international students to apply for and acquire an Australian student visa. GTE Australia proves the intent of a student is to acquire an education and not to attain residency in Australia. 

What is the essential GTE requirement?

To validate your status as a genuine student and attain a genuine temporary entrant, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires personal statements outlining the following.
1. Academic and employment transcripts.
2. Information on your background in the parent country.
3. Potential circumstances which may present themselves during your stay in Australia.
4. History of immigration.
5. Programme details and their value for you.
6. Any additional evidence expressing your intention to reside in Australia temporarily as a dedicated student.
7.  If under the age of 18, the intentions of legal guardians and parents are to be considered.
8. The authorities may request additional information related to the points above for the validity of your GTE. Once all the information is provided, your application is assessed by Home Affairs for GTE requirements.

How does the GTE assessment take place?

Now that we have written our Genuine temporary entrant letter and submitted it, it is evaluated by the Australian authorities for verification of authenticity and to test the integrity of your residence as a student. Avoid writing any claims or reasons which cannot be backed by evidence, and above all, avoid copying someone else’s GTE. Providing sufficient evidence and documentation for your claims and information will help fast-track your GTE Australia process. The authorities assess the following:

Personal situations in the parent country

1. Are any ties showcasing an intention to return to the parent country?
2. Reasons for choosing a foreign university if a similar course was available.
3. Economic circumstances.
4. Military or government service commitments.

Potential situations in Australia 

1. Ties to reside in Australia that present strong intent.
2. The level of the course and the provider of said course. 
3. Previous qualifications.
4. Arrangements made for residence in Australia.
5. Financial capacity to stay and study.

Value of the course undertaken

1. Does the course have any relevance in your career or personal progression?
2. Consistency with the current level of qualifications.
3. Expectations from the course.


1. Any previous applications for a visa in Australia and other countries.
2. Visa rejections and their reasons.

How does the GTE process take place?

The Australia GTE process is rather streamlined. GTE consists of a questionnaire and a personal statement. Furthermore, a GTE interview may also be scheduled for select applicants. An assessment of the evidence and information provided by you is executed. Successfully clearing this assessment results in you being eligible for an Australian student visa. How does the Australian student visa process work? We have prepared the Australia Student Visa Guide just for you. 
Now that we know what is GTE Australia and what GTE Australia requires and how the process goes, let’s dive into the application itself.

How to start the GTE application?

To acquire your GTE application and Australian student visa, you must write a letter of intent or a genuine temporary entrant letter. A link to the GTE application is shared when you receive an offer from an Australian university. It may be shared while applying for a college in some instances. If either of the former options does not take place, you are required to apply for your GTE through official channels.

What to include in the GTE letter?

The GTE Australia letter is similar to a statement of purpose as it requires detailed information regarding a student’s background and describes their identity. For a fluid GTE process, it’s vital to include the following information in your genuine temporary entrant letter. 

Personal Circumstances in the parent country

1. Start by providing the details of your family’s composition and any dependents you may have.
2. Specify the details of income of self and family. Add any investments or property for the same.
3. Details of any factors establishing connections to your country of origin, be it roles in communities or employment.
4. This also includes details of political instability (if any) and the country's economic condition.

Academic history

A detailed description of your academic background is required to fulfil the GTE Australia requirement. These include:

1. Transcripts of academic qualifications achieved.
2. Period of study undertaken.
3. Details of the educational institutes.
4. Certificates of attainment.
5. In case of a study gap, sufficient reasons and proof need to be provided.
Need help deciding which college to choose? We have compiled a list of the 15 Best Universities in Australia.

Potential Circumstances if given a chance to study in Australia

While this is a hypothetical situation, it is of utmost importance as it plays a vital role during your assessment and figuring out your intentions as an international student in Australia. 

1. Provide the details of any relations residing in Australia along with their visa status. Their employment or reason for residence has to be included.
2. Give details of where you intend to live in Australia, and in case sharing a residence, provide their details as well. 
3. Provide details outlining how you plan to fund your education and stay in Australia with complete details.
4. If any persons are accompanying you to Australia, provide details regarding their financial stability and purpose for residence during their stay. 
5. Want to make your stay more pocket-friendly? Check out our guide on Top Student Discount Cards In Australia.

Employment details

Employment plays a large part in the GTE application as it establishes ties to your country while also signifying your educational expertise in the real world. Of course, if you do not have any previous employment, it’s okay to mention this in the genuine temporary entrant letter.

1. Those with previous experience need to include the details of their employment and the employer. 
2. The company's address, period of employment and contact details of a reference who can authenticate your employment has to be added.
3. In the case of employment in a third country, similar details along with immigration details must be provided.

Relevance of study

Wait, did I read that right? “Relevance of study”? I am sure, as a student, you have asked yourself that question before every exam day. However, when it comes to the process of GTE Australia, it’s a good question. The following points need to be brought out in your GTE application:

1. Outline why and how you chose the course and university in Australia. 
2. Your expectations from the course and future possibilities may arise due to your acquired education in Australia.
3. How the course selected aligns with your previous qualifications.
4. A tricky part is the level of the course. If the course is on par or lower than previously attained qualifications, sufficient reason for undertaking the course must be provided. 
5. In case of a discipline change, your reasons for a career change need to be explained adequately.
6. Describe how the course aligns with your future career goals, along with potential offers with salary and benefits details included.

Immigration history

Elaborate on your immigration history, whether for employment, academics or visits. In case of visa refusal at any time in your life, provide details.

How to write a GTE?

Now that we know what to write, let's get down to the ‘how’. The answer to this question is absurdly simple: 'Honestly’. The genuine temporary entrant letter needs to be written realistically and honestly. Some points to consider while writing the GTE application to match its requirements are:

1. Show that you have researched the course you applied for, and the university providing said course.
2. Discuss the value of the course for your future.
3. Elaborate on your ties to your parent country, as your intention as a resident student is scrutinized.
For all points written, it is essential to show evidence and documentation to authenticate the same. This is the most critical aspect of GTE Australia, as your application holds no value without evidence to support your claims.

GTE Interview

While an interview is not necessary for the process of GTE Australia, it may be requested in select cases and is the last stage for assessing the GTE. Memorize your GTE application, as they will assess the same, albeit in an interview format. Knowing detailed answers to assessment points like family occupation, salaries, course objectives, general knowledge of parent country and Australia etc., will help make GTE interview questions as fluid as possible.

While the overall process of the GTE Australia appears to be complex, it is simple in reality. To uphold the sanctity of the international student visa, the Australian Home has made it a mandatory step in acquiring Australian education. One can even apply for an Australia Post Study Work Visa to work and grow their skills as well. Studying in Australia has many benefits, so start applying today and advance your knowledge and professional skills today!

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