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Best Areas to Live in Brisbane

4 Min
Uploaded on
Sep 15, 2022
Last updated on
Nov 16, 2023
Uploaded on
Sep 15, 2022
Last updated on
Nov 16, 2023
Brisbane landscape
Your dream stay in Brisbane

Did you know that Brisbane is one of the most explorable cities in Australia? The city is encircled by the world’s third-largest sand island and is filled with the cutest Koalas and kangaroos! You can’t go to Australia and not talk about Kangaroos, right? With so much to tick off your bucket list, you can happily reside in the city of Brisbane, where you can find not only a top-tier ecosystem and infrastructure but also get a world-class education. With prestigious universities like the University of Queensland, Griffith University, and Australian Catholic University, You might always question yourself about where to live in Brisbane.

Best areas to live in Brisbane

Best Place to live in Brisbane

As a student and your parents, we all have a question which is the best neighbourhood in Brisbane? Or which is the best place to live as Brisbane is home to some of the finest colleges in the country. So what’s the wait? We have a list of the best places to live in Brisbane for you to have a fantastic student journey ahead!

  1. West End

The inner south of Brisbane is home to many lovely neighbourhoods. Many of which have streets dotted with jacaranda trees that bloom enchanted in the spring, which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane . West End does not let down regarding proximity to the city and a hip, bohemian atmosphere. The neighbourhood, not quite a kilometre from the city centre, is one of the most diverse in the city. The area is also home to SAE Institue Brisbane and Brisbane Professional College, so if you are planning to get admission to either of these universities, West End is one of the best place to live in Brisbane. To make your hunt for accommodations easier, you can take a look at some student accommodations near the SAE institute!

  1. Narangba

Narangba is an entirely different experience if you are not interested in the inner city hustle and bustle vibe, although technically considered in the Greater Brisbane area and deep in the northern suburbs. Narangba is located in the northwestern suburbs of Moreton Bay Local Government Area (LGA), the fastest-growing LGA in the area, and is accessible from the M1 by travelling north for about an hour. Which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane.  Hills, valleys and a lot of woodland green can be found on the outskirts of the nation, but it's only a short drive to the coastal bays, which are well-known in the region for their affordable beachside housing, excellent fishing, and fun day trips! This is what makes Narangba one of the best place to live in Brisbane. 

  1. Holland Park

Holland Park, located in the inner-south and 9 km from Brisbane City, is considered one the best place to live in Brisbane and was once one of the overlooked suburbs that seemed to be "in-between the other suburbs." Still, it is rising to the standard of a green suburb close to TAFE campuses and is perfect for families with workers in the city's inner districts. Everything you require for dining, shopping, and daily living is within a 10-minute drive of the Mount Gravatt shadow which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane 

  1. Victoria Point

This suburb is a family hub with quick access to top-rated public and private primary schools and secondary schools, a nearby beach, neighbourhood shopping centres and major grocery chains, medical facilities, a local library, a movie theatre, as well as a variety of independent stores and lake frontage which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane  - and 30 km from the international airport! These qualities make Victoria Point one of the best place to live in Brisbane for families. to

  1. Yeronga

Exactly 8 kilometres separate you from the CBD and Yeronga. It is a jewel of an inner-city suburb that is accessible to everything, which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane . It has riverfront parks nearby and a tone of public transportation options, including a direct train line, frequent city buses, and proximity to a city cat terminus. Despite having relatively few main roads passing through it and a tonne of green area, it is nonetheless close to all the major arterial systems, making it the best place to live in Brisbane. 

  1. Wynnum

The old bay-side suburbs on the north of the river, such as Sandgate and Brighton, nearly mirror images of one another from one side of Moreton Bay. The area is dotted with cafes and parks that are perfect for family picnics or grabbing some fish and chips from the neighbourhood because of the area's abundance of estuaries and quiet coastal lifestyle which also makes it one of the best areas to live in Brisbane . Three train stations, Wynnum, Wynnum Central, and Wynnum North, and a regular city bus service are located 20 km east of the city centre. The connectivity to the city and other places makes Wynnum one of the best place to live in Brisbane.

  1. South Brisbane 

The working-class heritage of the south Brisbane suburbs is what makes them unique. Despite being updated and rebuilt, many homes still feel like worker cottages and Queenslander-style architecture despite the invasion of high-rise buildings. Preserving Brisbane's inner city areas' historic character is a constant subject of debate and frequently causes conflict with the city government and potential developers. As it is a Brisbane inner area, this makes South Brisbane one of the best place to live in Brisbane. 

  1. Springfield Lakes

Even though Springfield Lakes is 33 kilometres from the CBD, it receives excellent marks on the life and work measures. This is because Springfield, a satellite city of Brisbane that offers reasonably priced suburbs and unique career options, is where it is located. Given all of these advantages, it makes sense that some consider it to be the most excellent neighbourhood in Brisbane for young professionals to reside in. Which also makes it one of the best place to live in Brisbane.

  1. Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley can be called one of the prime neighbourhoods to live in Brisbane. There are many amazing restaurants and promotion of the art culture. There is a variety of nightlife with amazing clubs and pubs for you to have a splendid evening. The community in Fortitude Valley is also very diverse. This is also why Fortitude Valley is one of the best place to live in Brisbane. This area in Brisbane is also sets trends for the whole city because of how many fashion brands are present in this neighbourhood. 

  1. Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove is one of the popular places to live in Brisbane because of its close proximity to QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus. It is also just 3 kms away from Brisbane CBD. The neighbourhood is famous for its eateries and their farmers markets every weekend. There are many gyms and parks in the area which is a boon for people who like to go to the gym and like walks in the park.  This makes Kelvin Grove one of the best place to live in Brisbane. 

5 Things you should look for before moving in 

  • Proximity to Universities: If you are a student looking to move to any area, then your priority has to be how close the area is to your university so that you don’t spend extra bucks and time travelling. 
  • Safety of the locality: the security of your area is a given. Before moving anywhere, make it a point to ask your classmates who live in that area about the whereabouts of it. Also, cross-check the crime rate in that particular area. 
  • Lesuire places nearby: The answer to what to do on weekends should not be difficult to answer. Make sure the area you are looking to reside in should have friendly clubs, cafes, and parks for you to chill and hang out after lectures. 
  • Health-care facilities around: Health-care facilities are something you might not need daily, but you will need health-care assistance sometime during your stay there. So, make it a point to check there are good healthcare facilities around. 
  • Groceries and laundry facilities: No one wants to go 5 km to get groceries, right? That's why we recommend checking for groceries shops and laundry facilities nearby. 

A beautiful, adventurous and fun city to live in, Brisbane is everything you could ask for in a stress-free yet fantastic city for you to live in as a student. Don’t wait anymore and find your perfect student accommodation in any of the best place to live in Brisbane that we have mentioned. As you will have a lot to explore in the city of Brisbane, to make the process more seamless for you, we have made a list of best tourist attraction in Brisbane and some best things to do in Brisbane.

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Best Areas to Live in Brisbane
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