Best cafes in Lancaster
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Best cafes in Lancaster

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Sep 12, 2022
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Oct 20, 2022
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Sep 12, 2022
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Oct 20, 2022
Café in Lancaster
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Every student needs a caffeine fix, and fortunately, Lancaster is home to several fantastic cafes! When it comes to coffee and cake, students who live and study in the charming town of Lancaster are genuinely spoiled for choice. Even better, you don't have to travel far to get your coffee fixed because the cafés are very close to your luxurious student accommodation

We've done our homework, sampled every cake, tasted every cup of coffee, and identified the top ten cafes in Lancaster for you!

The Whale Tail 

The Whale Tail takes the top spot on our list of the best cafés in Lancaster, whether you're looking for a delectable breakfast or a filling lunch. They serve delicious cuisine from the finest local, seasonal, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan ingredients. Additionally, they prefer to utilise organic and fair trade ingredients whenever feasible, which is a huge plus!

Want to get your day off to a great start before lectures? They have a complete breakfast offer that includes organic smoked tofu, Lincolnshire sausage, fried eggs, and a tonne more, which we highly recommend. If you want to get creative, you may even assemble your breakfast, which can be enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee.

Vincenzo’s Coffee House

Have you gotten your fix of coffee for the day? One of Lancaster's most fabulous coffee shops, recognised for its Italian-inspired cuisine.

This privately owned coffee shop is situated in St Nicholas Arcades, close to the Arcades' parking lot, and is open seven days a week.

The menu includes breakfast items, paninis, salads, fresh pasta dishes, and even homemade pizzas. What's this? Additionally, they provide a variety of homemade sweets, cakes, and their renowned homemade scones, which are excellent with coffee.

Your luxurious accommodation is only a 2-minute stroll from Vincenzo's, making it the ideal location for an early-morning breakfast

The Old bell

Character is what The Old Bell brings. If you are still trying to find a café in Lancaster, a  charming independent café with a strong sense of personality is The Old Bell.

Customers rave about their complete meal, not to mention its affordability.

You can visit The Old Bell for a quick coffee and then proceed to your lectures just four minutes away from your luxurious student accommodation.

Sometimes, a delicious traditional breakfast is the most significant way to start the day off correctly. The ham and brie bagel is a standout item on their menu, and you must order it at the Old Bell brunch; it is excellent.

Cafe Dolce

Of all the coffee shops in Lancaster, Cafe Dolce has possibly the most devoted following, building a mountain of anticipation. If you like Starbucks' version of the flat white, it might have tasted more like a latte. Although not as strong as others on this list, it is pretty milky and creamy. You might prefer a different option if your coffee has a more intense aroma. But this may be the ideal beverage for those who adore pumpkin spice.


The food and drink served at this café are influenced by its amiable owner Bruno, a native of Rome, and his culture. Their fresh, light, flavorful, and delectable products are for Italian and Mediterranean lifestyles! The delicatessen offers a wide variety of goods, including pasta, sauces, coffee, cured meat, cheese, and vegetables. Get ready for the best pastries in town—just a 3-minute stroll from your Prestige luxury hotel!

The Cornish Bakery

What more could a Lancaster student want in two words: cornish and bakery? People come here for their hand-roasted coffee, gourmet bread, and freshly baked, buttery pastries. They bake their pies the same day they are created, so they are incredibly fresh and available.

You should visit this place for a sweet treat if you want to unwind and escape the busyness of university. I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for your coffee break! There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee and a pastry. Students must unwind and concentrate on their health, therefore visiting these locations.

The Herbarium

Are you up for some unusual tea? Another unique café we recommend in Lancaster is called The Herbarium. The two-story plant-based café and bar offer coffee, smoothie bowls, breakfast items, and various pastries and desserts.

The meal is delicious and served by a helpful staff, which is ideal for a tired student after a long day at the library. We heartily recommend the vegan breakfast and the mushroom cheese toastie because of the place's pleasant, laid-back atmosphere.

The Hall

The Hall, one of the best cafés in Lancaster serving freshly baked cakes and delectable sweets, is open from 10 am to 4 pm. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, this location serves savoury dishes and beverages until 9:30 p.m., making it more than just a café.

They receive their seasonal coffees from the neighbouring Atkinson's Vintage Roasters and even made it to the UK Barista and Latte Art Championships semifinals! After a long day of university research, The Hall is the ideal place for a change of scenery. It is nothing short of bizarre. You may get your caffeine fix in no time, only a 3-minute stroll from your luxurious student accommodation!

The Music Room

You're sure to adore The Music Room as a student because it's such a hidden gem! It embodies cuteness personified, along with a gorgeous mezzanine and excellent coffee.

This charming little off-the-beaten-path nook has a terrific atmosphere and a great vibe! The Music Room is the best spot to go if you want excellent coffee in a calm setting.


Cafes are a place for much more than to have a cup of coffee, and it is a place where you can calm yourself down and have a moment of ease. We have provided you with a list of the best cafes in Lancaster, and we hope you have a gala time with your friends. You can also have an overall look at the cafes and see which one is close to your student accommodation.

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