15 Best Time Management Apps 2023
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15 Best Time Management Apps 2023

12 min
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Mar 21, 2023
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Apr 17, 2023
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Mar 21, 2023
Last updated on
Apr 17, 2023
Time management apps
Oh no, more deadlines!

In today's world, time is the most important element .And we are pretty sure you have come across this multiple times, be it submitting an assignment or that due date for the project. Sure.The rush is there, and this is partly due to the various distractions that appear in the form of social media, or just simply zoning out. So how do we get on the timeline? The answer is pretty simple, with the use of time management apps. 

What are time management apps?

Time management apps are rather simple tools that will help you organize your tasks.Track your time and even prioritize your work for you, making it rather simple to meet those deadlines. In essence.These apps will help you increase your productivity, achieve your goals while reducing stress since, well, you are meeting a timeline.
Obviously, there are multiple types of time management apps, be it simply apps which make to-do lists or some rather complex one which involves task tracking, making reminders, time tracking, calendar integration and even collaboration with other apps.

Top Time Management Apps

It's time to dive right into the top time management apps that exist out there to make sure that you never miss a deadline or any of the problems that students face.

1. Rize

With artificial intelligence taking over the world. It's about that time management app utilizing artificial intelligence should be there and Rize is the solution. Using artificial intelligence, the app helps you stay focused on being productive. The app does this through several features wherein it will manage your time, make a doodle list, have a time tracker, and even a calendar. Another feature of Rize is it's providing you a Pomodoro timer, Wherein you work in 25 minute increments while taking short breaks in between from time to time. Of course, the app also lets you analyze your time management techniques by providing you with insights and analytics on your productivity, your progress overtime and even identifies areas where you can improve.
Unique Feature:
Or rather unique feature which sets Rize apart is its AI powered scheduler. It utilizes machine learning algorithms, which help you plan your day more efficiently. Kind of like having your own Butler. This app will literally analyze your schedule, your tasks and even habits to give you optimal times that you need to work on different tasks and take breaks so that you're always working efficiently.

2. Forest

A forest is a magical place and just like that t`he forest Time management app is a rather magical place as well. The app is unique in the sense that it uses gamification to help you stay focused and avoid distractions. Imagine using gaming to avoid distractions! This makes up for a rather fun and interactive way to go about your time management techniques.
The concept that Forest utilizes is that you plant trees when you want to focus on a task. Now obviously this is confusing. Basically, the longer you stay focused, the more the tree grows. But if you leave the app before the time is up, the tree dies.Sure, this gets dark, but it does create a sense of responsibility and accountability for you to stay motivated and avoid distractions at the same time. Forest also has a pomodoro timer, and provides statistics and analytics on your productivity, tracks your progress and identifies areas for you to improve. 
Unique Feature:
A rather unique feature of forest is that the app is partnered with trees for the future, which is a nonprofit organization that plants real trees in developing countries. So when you use the app, you own virtual coins that can be used to plant real trees. This only adds on to the fun.

3. Notion

We usually have the notion that we would be able to complete assignments on time and it's OK if you watched a show for maybe an hour or two before we got down to work. And this notion is usually our downfall. Introducing notion which is a productivity and a project management app that can also be used as a time management tool. Notion is highly flexible, customizable, which makes it a rather versatile app that can be used in a variety of ways.You can even create a Kanban board to manage your tasks, a database to track your time, or even a calendar to plan your schedule. This can be done on a personal level or can even be shared among the group. If you wish to get started real quick, no should also offer a ton of templates for you to make sure your time management is not delayed.
Notion also has a powerful search function where you can find information quickly And conveniently, and this will help you in the long run when you have a lot of tasks and projects to manage. There is a downside to notion in the sense that it has a slightly higher learning curve as compared to other time management apps.
Unique Feature:
The unique feature of notion is that it is able to integrate with a variety of other apps and tools like Trello, Slack and even Google Drive. This makes it super easy to collaborate with others and streamline your workflow for you.

4. Serene

One word to describe how we feel after we turn in our project or assignment and the word is serene. Serene is a time management app which is dedicated to helping you focus on your work and avoid distractions. The app makes this distraction free environment a possibility by blocking access to social media, emails and other websites as well as apps during your work sessions.
Some other features that Serene has are a Pomodoro timer along with guided meditation exercises, and AI part scheduling feature to help you plan your day more efficiently, analyze your tasks and habits to suggest optimal times to work on different tasks and even take breaks.
Unique Feature:
Sitting really sets itself apart when it provides guided meditation exercises to help you reduce your stress and improve your focus. Truly a Serene experience. 

5. Spark

Completing work is all about having that spark in you. Spark is an e-mail management app that helps you save time and even increase your productivity by prioritizing and organizing your emails for you. Sure, it may not be the traditional time management app, but it's still a rather helpful tool to help you manage your time. 
Some features of spark include the quick reply function, where you can quickly respond to emails with prewritten messages for common emails, or schedule emails to be sent later.
Unique Feature:
Spark and its Smart Inbox feature are what really sets it apart.The Smart Inbox automatically categorizes your emails into a variety of sections like personal newsletters, notifications, or even spam, and this allows you to prioritize what email you really need to see.

6. Fathom

Can you fathom the thought of missing out on your favorite TV show just because you had to do overtime and complete your work? Neither can we. Father is a time tracking app that will help you manage your productivity and track how much time you spend on different tasks and activities as well. The user interface is rather simple and intuitive. 
This time management app also offers the Pomodoro Timer feature and has the capacity to integrate with other Productivity Tools such as Trello, Asana and Zapier.
Fathom is a time tracking app that helps you manage your time and increase your productivity by tracking how much time you spend on different tasks and activities. The app provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to easily track your time and analyze your productivity.
Unique Feature:
Fathom's ability to automatically track your time based on the apps and websites you use allows you to really identify how much time you spend on different activities such as work, social media, and entertainment. 

7. MyLifeOrganized

We wish we all could say our life is organized. To overcome this shortcoming, MyLifeOrganized is the time management apps that you require. The app allows you to create and manage tasks and project track progress as well as set priorities. Some other features that really set apart this time management app is its ability to connect with other Productivity Tools like Google Calendar, Evernote, and Dropbox.
Unique Feature:
This app is one of the few time management apps that offer the feature called Smart lists, where you can automatically generate lists of tasks based on the criteria of context, priority and due date. Another popular feature of this app is its ability to break down complex tasks into smaller and more manageable ones.This allows you to create a hierarchical task list wherein you can complete your work in a rather easy manner.

8. Alarmy

Alarmy otherwise known as "Sleep If U Can" is a unique time management app that helps you wake up on time and start your day off just right. Alarmy provides a ton of features like its alarm clocks which allows you to set up custom alarms which can be used as task timers, Alongside a variety of customization options allowing you to choose from a range of alarm sounds and themes so that you can have a personalized wake up experience that suits your preference needs as well as comfort in the morning.
Unique Feature:
What really sets apart Alarmy is its ability to create a sleep diary? The app tracks your sleep patterns and identifies areas where you can improve upon your sleep quality.This will eventually help you manage your time more effectively by ensuring that you are rested well enough every night. After all, starting your day right, means getting your tasks done right.

9. Focus@Will

We all wondered what was going on in Chris Rock's head when Will Smith popped up on stage. Pretty sure, it wasn’t Focus@Will and we all know how that went down. And that is precisely why you need this time management app, as it will help you increase your productivity by providing you with music designed to improve your focus and concentration and also, well, keep you safe from Will Smith. 
Of course, that's not all. This time management app also allows you to track your productivity and identify patterns of your work habits. And therefore using those statistics reports you can implement changes in your behavior, task management and much more! There is also a timer feature which works for a short burst of time in order to avoid burnouts. All in all, Focus@Will is not only a time management app, but also a task management app.
Unique Feature:
This time management app utilizes a neuroscience-based music technology which creates music specific to focus enhancements. Of course, the music is pretty diverse. There are over 50 channels of music and a variety of genres such as jazz, classical and even ambient, so you can customize your music to your needs. 

10. Habitica

Time management tools are rather important and sure, it can get boring with just timers. That’s why Habitica turned to a gaming approach to productivity. This app allows you to build good habits and manage your time by making your daily tasks and goals into a fun game.
In a game format this time management app. Allows you to create and manage tasks, habits, track your progress, and set reminders as well. Obviously these reminders do not have to be for your daily tasks. They can also be about habits you want to form or break, or even long term goals. Oh, and the best part? Out of all the time management apps Habitica has a social aspect, You can join or create groups called gills.All parties and work on tasks as well as goals with others, which may even be your friends or just random people that you would like to interact with.
Unique Feature:
What really sets apart habit taker from all other time management apps is its avatar system, which allows you to create a personalized character that represents you in the application game. And just like a game, as you complete tasks and achieve your goals that you set out to do, you will gain experience points and level up, and this level up eventually helps you level up your character.

11. Alfred

Alfred, ready the Batmobile. We all wish we could say that line one way or another. However, for now, we'll settle with Alfred. Time management app designed for Mac that will help you increase your productivity and save your time by automating your tasks and letting you quickly access your frequently used tools and applications, alongside searching the web, creating shortcuts as well as automating hotkeys and keywords.
Some other features that make Alfred one of the best time management apps is its ability to create custom workflows where you can create a series of actions that can be triggered by either a keyword or a hotkey, and combine that with its ability to create a clipboard history where you can access items you have copied or pasted, you can save up a ton of time. 
Unique Feature:
While this may be similar to notion, Alfred and its search bar is very in depth. The search bar allows you to search for files, folders and even applications on your mac using your keywords and you can further use this to search the web or specific websites.

12. Quire

Quire is a simple time management app that has an intuitive user interface, designed to assist you with managing your projects and tasks in a much more efficient manner. The best part about this time management tool is that it lets you organize your work set priorities as well as collaborate with others. 
As a task management app Quire makes it really simple. Utilizing the various project management tools, you can create projects, assign tasks to team members as well as set deadlines or even track progress, create custom reports, communicate with members and  offer a Kanban board view as well.
Unique Feature:
One of the key features that sets Quire apart is its task management system. This task management system allows you to create tasks, subtasks, said due dates, assign priorities as well as track progress. You can even add notes and attachments to these tasks, making it really easy and keeping all the relevant information in one place, safe and secure.

13. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular time management apps that helps you organize your tasks, set priorities, and stay focused on what matters most. The reason for this is simple, quite literally.
The app offers the basic task management system along with productivity tracking tools to track your progress and becomes a one stop solution for all your information. Of course, alongside all the task management features Todoist also helps you interconnect with other applications as well, and this makes it easy to manage  your workflow. 
Unique Feature:
The ability to integrate your schedules with the calendar along with the flexibility it offers when it comes to task management make it a top contender!

14. Toggl Track

When it comes to effectiveness,Toggl Track is one of the most effective time tracking apps that can help you manage your time. Along with  the user-friendly interface, it offers a variety of time tracking tools which can range from creating time entries manually or using the app's automatic time tracking feature, Integration with other apps and services such as Asana, Trello and Slack.
Using this time management app you can categorize time entries by projects, tags, clients and make it really easy to see how much time you have been spending on various tasks and projects and implement good changes.
Unique Feature:
Features like reporting tools really help this app become a wonder, as you can generate custom reports in order to show your time spent by day, week or month, and you can also view reports by either project or client. As such, it becomes really easy to get an overview of the various items you have going on.

15. TimeTree

Ever come back after a long day to multiple tasks at hand with deadlines closeby? Of course, you won't be the only one, and as such stress management is also a factor at hand. TimeTree is the app for it all and provides a shared calendar that allows you to easily schedule and manage events within the family or with friends and even coworkers. 
This application's features include being able to set reminders for events, adding notes, attachment, keeping all the relevant information in a singular area as well as coordinating effectively and integrating with various other apps.
Unique Feature:
In order to better communicate with members of your team. This app also offers a chat feature where you can discuss even details or share information or just have a chat. 

Time management is really important, be it in the professional sphere or as a student. And as a result, the hunt for brilliant time management apps as well as time management tips is always on.We hope that utilizing these time management apps are going to help you become more organized, focused and eventually improve your productivity, performance and go to greater heights while maintaining a healthy work study balance! All the best!

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