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10 Best Universities in Manchester in 2023
6 min

10 Best Universities in Manchester in 2023

6 min
Uploaded on
Dec 1, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 27, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 1, 2022
Last updated on
Aug 27, 2023
Universities United!

Home to Manchester United and Manchester City, it's difficult to say 'Manchester' without your mind immediately wandering to football. The city is so much more than just sports; it's also a popular student destination with several of the best universities in Manchester and more than 100,000 students. It welcomes around 41,000 students worldwide.

With entire neighbourhoods dominated by students, Manchester has become a "student city," notably in places close to institutions, like Oxford Road (near BPP University) and Fallowfield. Choosing just one university in Manchester is challenging because there are so many! 

Why Study in Manchester?

Manchester, which rose to become the UK's top manufacturer of cotton and textiles, was at the epicentre of the Revolution. The city is also renowned for being the world's first industrialised metropolis. In 1761, Manchester built the nation's first operational canal; in 1830, it had the first railway line.

The city and its surroundings cater to students everywhere because of the many students living there. With street markets and unique cafés all over the city and plenty of student discounts available, you may explore Manchester's various cuisines. Excellent food is accessible and reasonably priced.

There are many good reasons to choose Manchester as your next study destination. Some of them are

  1. It is student-friendly.
  2. It has a lot of tourist attractions.
  3. Manchester has some of the best football cultures in the UK.
  4. It houses some of the best universities in the world.
  5. The city itself is very easy to navigate in terms of transport.

Student Life in Manchester

The city of Manchester offers a dynamic vibe and is one of the bustling cities worldwide. Manchester captivates the essence of vibrant nightlife by offering several clubs and restaurants you can visit. The students can visit the venue nightclub, which is located near the city centre, and groove on the trending beats. The students can visit places like Gaucho and Scottish Steakhouse that offer fine dining experiences. The Museum of Science and Industry and the People's History Museum are where the students can explore the city's culture. The thriving student life offered in the city attracts students from all over the globe!

Best Universities in Manchester

The Universities in Manchester offer a high-quality education along with an attractive student life on campus! We have listed the 10 best Manchester Universities, along with the fees, popular courses, and so much more!

1. University of Manchester

Location: Oxford Rd

Type of University: Public

Fees: £19,000 per year

World QS ranking: 28

Acceptance Rate: 59.3%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.5

Established in the year 1824, the University of Manchester is one of the largest and best universities in Manchester as well as the UK, no doubt earning its spot among the prestigious Russell Group, with 40,000 students studying here and at least 25 Nobel laureates part of its faculty or students, like Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, John Hicks, and AV Hill. As one of the top universities in Manchester, it has a lot to boast about regarding its student population. People from all around the world aspire to study at this revered university. The University of Manchester offers more than 1000 degree courses and holds a global reputation for the highest level of teaching and research in Management, Business Administration, Data Science, and Law. 

2. University of Salford

Location: Prestwood Road

Type of University: Public

Average Fees: £11,100 per year

World QS ranking: 101

Acceptance Rate: 4.8%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.0

Started in 1967, the University of Salford has the reputation of being one of the best universities in Manchester. This is one of the Manchester universities located less than two miles away from the city centre. The university offers over 190 courses like Business Administration, Biotechnology, Aerospace Engineering, and Public Health to its 3000 international students under 7 schools. On-campus facilities include a human performance laboratory, a fully climate-controlled energy house, the first of its kind, a THINKlab and New Adelphi, the creative heart of the University of Salford. Some famous graduates from one of the best universities in Manchester include David France, Jim Sturgess, Jason Manford and Peter Kay. Find the best student accommodation near the University of Salford with amber!

3. University of Bolton

Location: Deane Road

Type of University: Public

Average Fees: £11,250 per year

Country ranking: 121

Acceptance Rate: 68%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.0 

With a history of 40 years, the University of Bolton stands tall as one of the top universities in Manchester that is favoured by many students because of its standard of excellence in teaching. Recently it was awarded the Silver Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) award; the University of Bolton offers 30 courses professionally accredited, including traditional degree programmes such as Maths, Engineering and Law, along with innovative and emerging subjects, such as Special & Visual Effects, Motorsport Engineering and Dental Sciences. Some of the top courses at the university include Civil Engineering, Animation & Illustration, International Management, and Business Management. Lastly, the University of Bolton also has some of its brightest alumni, like Amir Iqbal Khan (Boxer), Sam Allardyce (Football Manager), Pete Shelley (Singer), and Chris Eagles (Footballer) are making big waves in their respective fields, making it one of the best universities in Manchester.

4. Manchester Metropolitan University

Location: All Saints Building

Type of University: Public

Average Fees: £15,500 per year

UK ranking: 54th

Acceptance Rate: 80% 

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 5.5

Manchester Metropolitan University has held a very proud heritage and prestigious reputation since 1970 and has been known as one of the best universities in Manchester. By being one of the top universities in Manchester, this university welcomes more than 40,000 students from 130 countries worldwide yearly. Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the most popular choices in Manchester because it has a wide array of courses like Art, Business, Marketing, and Technology. One of the biggest highlights of this university is the campus facilities like fully equipped theatres, radio and TV studios, plus a Manchester Poetry Library. Not only this, but some famous faces like John Bishop (Comedian), Sarah Burton OBE (Fashion Designer), and Steve Coogan (Actor) have also studied here. Now, we all know why it is one of the best universities in Manchester.

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5. The Royal Northern College of Music

Location: Oxford Road

Type of University: Public (Conservatoire)

Average Fees: £26,600 per year

Country ranking: 139

Acceptance Rate: 18%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 5.5 

Do you have a zest for music? or Want your breakthrough in the music industry like Carly Paoli (Singer), Alice Coote (Mezzo Soprano), HAUSER (Band) and Stephen Hough (Classical Pianist)? Then, you should check out one of the best colleges in Manchester for music, i.e. The Royal Northern College of Music. Best known for classical music and art studies, The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) is a famous international musical college in the heart of Manchester. Attracting talent from different parts of the world, the college is well known for its faculty and student population composed of composers, artists and conductors worldwide. More than 800 students are mentored under the best teaching faculty from around the world to share and bring their knowledge and experience of the music industry to the table. Some of the most popular courses that run in this college include Music, European Chamber Music, Philosophy, and Performing Arts.

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6. The Manchester College

Location: Several campuses in Manchester

Type of University: Private

Average Fees: £9000 per year

UK ranking: 6th 

Acceptance Rate: 56.1%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.5

Manchester College is one of Manchester's new,  best colleges, established in 2008. Since its establishment, this university has seen drastic success and high student satisfaction rates in courses like Arts, Science, Engineering, and Law, ultimately making it one of the largest Further Education colleges in the UK and the best universities in Manchester. On campus, Manchester College students are given amenities like a box office to watch incredible performances, on-site training restaurants where they can grab a bite at exceptionally low prices, and some outstanding training salons to try new haircut styles. Moreover, some pretty elite crowd like Johnny Marr (Musician), Brooke Vincent (Actress), Saoirse Monica-Jackson (Actress), and Matt Greenwood (Actor) proudly call this college their alma mater.

7. BPP University

Location: Oxford Street

Type of University: Private

Average Fees: £15,000 per year

Russell Group ranking: 24th

Acceptance Rate: 98%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.5

Part of the BPP Professional Education Group, Started in 1992, BPP University provides programs and professional education courses to around 21,000 students across 13 centres. BPP University students are taught through lectures by experienced faculty members, industrial visits, and internships. They are provided with ample knowledge and exposure. Some of the top courses include Law, Business & Technology, Health, and Nursing. Students can find a library with study zones, mock courtrooms, a pro bono centre, and a student lounge at the Manchester study centre. Afua Hirsch (Writer), Hammad Azhar (Politician), Chris Holmes (Musician), and Jonathan Neil Reynolds (Politician) are some of the notable alumni of this top university in Manchester

8. University of Law

Location: New York Street

Type of University: Private

Average Fees: £14,600 per year

World QS ranking: 28

Acceptance Rate: 20%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.0

Are you a law aspirant looking for the best university in Manchester law? Well, the University of Law might just be the right place. Started enrolling students in 2012, The University of Law is dedicated to preparing its students in the fields of law and business not just academically but also professionally, offering them employability services such as CV advice, interview preparation through mock interviews and finding pro bono opportunities. The University of Law students can find workshop rooms, library resources, and a cafe and games area on site. Students will have many opportunities to get involved in activities and events beyond their studies at the Manchester campus and even have the option to start a society themselves. 

Some famous lawyers like Alex Gays (Corporate Lawyer) and Amber Melville-Brown (Lawyer) have studied within the four walls of this university.

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9. Arden University

Location: Minshull Street and Dickinson Street

Type of University: Private

Average Fees: £12,150 per year

Country ranking: 182

Acceptance Rate: 64%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.0

Arden University was set up in 2015 as one of Manchester's specialist online learning best universities to launch in the last 50 years. With more than 23,000 students studying at Arden University globally, both online and at study centres, The university has campuses all over the country, including cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds and one in Berlin, Germany. Arden University has some of the best courses in business and Management, Computing and IT, Psychology and Sociology. Some notable alumni of Arden University include Johnson Muthama (politician and businessman) and Maria Bird-Browne (politician). 

10. BIMM

Location: Great Marlborough Street and Bank Chambers

Type of University: Private

Average Fees: £14,250 per year

World QS ranking: 71

Acceptance Rate: 83%

Eligibility: IELTS Score of 6.0

Since 2001, BIMM University has been offering a wide range of courses to over 9,000 students at 15 colleges in the UK, Germany and Ireland. With top courses like Modern Music, Performing Arts, and Filmmaking, the university has been one of the best universities in Manchester for music and creative education. With students of over 60 nationalities, BIMM Institute can rightfully boast the diversity of its international student population. BIMM's global reputation attracts renowned artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Metallica to give masterclasses here. BIMM students can attend student events such as industry sessions and live gigs. Some famous artists like James Bay, Ella Mai, and George Ezra also graduated from here. 

best universities in Manchester

We hope this list helps you make an informed decision about studying at the most ideal of the universities in Manchester. If you've already got your heart set on one, the next step would be looking for student accommodation nearby. The earlier you do this, the higher your chances are of getting your perfect home away from home. Its relatively low cost of living makes Manchester an incredibly convenient student destination, along with its array of clubs, restaurants, museums and much more so that students always have something to do in Manchester. If you are planning on moving to Manchester for your further studies, then you might be worried about the accommodations. Check out these amazing student accommodations in Manchester, which students prefer the most.

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