Cost Of Living In Florida: Is It Affordable? Or Expensive? 2023
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Cost Of Living In Florida: Is It Affordable? Or Expensive? 2023

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Mar 18, 2023
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Mar 18, 2023
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Apr 4, 2023
Cost of Living in Florida
"Save money, tan faster!"

There is a very huge buzz around moving to Florida! Many people want to pack their lives and move here because of its year long sunny days, fusion cuisine, and theme parks. The ultimate question on everyone's mind - Are living expenses in Florida wallet-friendly paradise or a budget-busting nightmare? Let's dive into the facts and figures to uncover the truth and help you decide if the Sunshine State is right for your bank account. Let your expectations exceed, not your cost of living in Florida.  

About Florida

Florida is a southeastern state in the United States known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and diverse wildlife. It has a population of over 21 million people and is the third-most populous state in the US. The state's economy is driven by industries such as tourism, agriculture, and technology, with major cities including Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. In terms of its lifestyle, the cost of living in Florida is high as compared to other parts of the USA. 

Tuition fee in Florida 

“Tuition fee” is a looming thought that passes every international student’s mind and is a primary part of your cost of living in Florida. Here are some of the top institutes in Florida with their detailed cost of tuition. 

University of Florida Tuition Fee

University of Florida basks in the glory for being one of the top and prestigious universities of Florida. By establishing a strong ground in innovation and research, UoF offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for its students to excel in the field of business, engineering, agriculture, veterinary medicine, etc. Usually, the average tuition fee for studying at UoF ranges from $6,381-$28,659 per year. As a public institution, it is best for students who are aiming to maintain a low cost of living in florida. 

University of Tampa Tuition Fee 

The University of Tampa stands under the sunny skies of Tampa, and is another well sought institution for international students. For decades, University of Tampa has proven its excellence by churning out some outstanding talents in the field of business, criminology, communication, and entrepreneurship. Studying here can leave with a budget of around $21,810 to $29,820 per year depending on your programme and course.

University of Miami Tuition Fee 

Maimi is not only a perfect destination to kick off your summer break, but also a great place to kickstart your career. The University of Miami is a brand name that hosts talents and innovative minds from different parts of the world. If you are climbing your career ladder to be a lawyer, entrepreneur, businessman/ businesswoman, musician, or marine scientist, this place would be a wonderful start to launch yourself. On an average, students attending University of Miami spend around $55,036 to $75,330 per year on their courses, this highly depends on the type of course and programme.

Check out 10 Best Colleges in Florida 2023 to have more options on your target college list!

How can we save on tuition fees?

You might cut your cost of living in Florida in half with a significant reduction in your tuition fees. In order to make this big save, you can apply for different merit or need based scholarships offered individually by the universities, state government, or the US government. Another option, can be to apply for financial aid. Many universities like the University of Florida provide need based grants for aspiring students who don’t have enough money to shell out from their own pockets.

Student accommodation in Florida

It goes unsaid that student accommodation is one of your primary expenses while summing up your cost of living in Florida. Students usually have the option of choosing your own choice of housing while being away from home. You can either choose to stay on-campus, off campus, private rentals, or PBSA i.e. purpose built student accommodation. PBSA are residential complexes that are built for students by keeping their requirements and necessities in mind. They are one of the best types of housing for students because it is affordable, furnished, and includes all the utility bills in the rent. It is recommended for students who want to enjoy a stress-free student life and are looking to cut their living costs in Florida. If you are looking for some of the best PBSA in Florida that amber provides for students.

Your living expenses in Florida will heavily be dependent on the type of student accommodation you want to move into. 

How to save on accommodation costs in Florida?

If you are on a tight budget and want to cut down your cost of living in Florida, you can try staying in a shared or a double occupancy apartment. By doing this, you will be able to split your rent and utilities costs, which saves you a lot of money. 

Travel Expenses in Florida

As a student, commuting becomes an indispensable part of your everyday life, and also while budgeting your living costs in Florida. There is no doubt that Florida has one of the best and student-friendly transportation systems in the USA. The transport system across the state consists of buses, trolleys, taxis, and bicycles to help students conveniently get to their destination. Consider the following modes of transport while calculating your cost of living in Florida


Investing your money and time by travelling in a bus would seem like a good idea while living in Florida. They are affordable and have an extensive network, which makes it extremely comfortable for travelling in big cities like Maimi and Orlando. The average bus fare in Florida changes based on the transit system and location, but it can be anywhere around $1.76 for a one way route.


Even though Trolleys are a rare sight across the United States, Florida is one such state that is home to this unique mode of transportation. Trolleys are an excellent and fun way to travel and get to know about the lifestyle of Floridians. Mostly these are free to access and use, but if charged it would go anywhere below $2.


Taxis are a boon especially when you are in a rush or want to be punctual for an important lecture or event. For an average hailing a cab in big cities like Miami, Orlando, or Tampa will go from $2.70 per mile. Even though it might not be the best for an everyday hire, it can surely do some damage control for your reputation as a “late comer”

How to save on transportation costs in Florida?

Florida is a generous state; especially with its concessions and student discounts on transportation. Many areas have specialised go-pass or easy cards that help students to hop onto any transport mode at a subsidised rate or for free. This can considerably reduce one’s cost of living in Florida and makes your commuting and transportation costs to none. 

Groceries and Food

Stocking up your fridge while living in Florida might bring a little strain on your wallet. Compared to other parts of the United States, the food prices in Florida are a bit more expensive. But let this cost alone not cost your dreams of moving to this beautiful place. In Florida, your grocery budget will heavily depend on your location, food preferences, stores, and food brands. On average, if you are a student studying in Florida, you would pay roughly around $300-350 per month to satisfy your appetite. Even though it may sound like a lot, all this cost is worth its fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and Caribbean-Latin-inspired cuisine.  

How to save on food costs in Florida?

Unfortunately, Chinese takeaways are not an answer to all your food crisis and cost problems. The solution has to be much bigger and concrete i.e. proper planning. There are many ways to save thousands of dollars in food and groceries. Students can bulk buy their groceries, purchase in-season items, check store circular ads, and try on getting coupons to save more. Furthermore, the most overlooked yet effective way to save is to cook some comforting home cooked meals. This will not only save your cost of living in Florida but have a new skill under your belt.

Utility costs in Florida

Don’t be shocked if you see big figures on your electricity, gas, internet, or water bills during your stay in Florida. Like groceries, utility bills are also a bit pricey in the sunshine state of Florida. But depending on where you choose to live, the utility costs might fluctuate accordingly. For example, A student in Miami might budget around $172 per month, whereas an international student living in the bay city of Tampa might have a bill of $167 per month. These costs are unavoidable, and so are the horrors of cold showers, candlelight dinners, and no Netflix, with a little budgeting trick given below to reduce your cost of living in Florida.

How to save on Utilities? 

In order to eliminate excessive spending on utilities, you should consider living with a housemate. By living in a shared apartment, you will considerably reduce your cost of living in Florida. Other conscious efforts like using electricity, usage of water, and time on the internet will also help cut the costs. 

Miscellaneous Expenses

A cost of living in Florida budget is incomplete without mentioning Miscellaneous expenses. There are so many things to do across Florida that will make you unleash your inner wanderlust bug. As a student, you should explore various places, challenge your tastebuds, scan over party scenes, and have a fun experience. Hence, it is important to include all the “fun” things in your budget. Here is a table that roughly estimates your miscellaneous expenses. 

In conclusion, even though Florida might seem like an expensive affair you can considerably make a few adjustments and use the above tips and tricks to save a lot while living here.  We hope this cost of living in Florida comprehensive guide helped you make your budgeting moves stronger.

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