Dual Degree: Best Programs and Top Universities
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Dual Degree: Best Programs and Top Universities

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Oct 27, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
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Oct 27, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Dual Degree: Best Programs and Top Universities
Takes Two To Tango


If you want to gain diversified knowledge and expertise in two distinct subjects, a dual degree is the perfect solution. Dual degrees, which are currently being given by many colleges in various fields or levels of study, are an emerging trend. Due to the massive surge of students who have demonstrated an unusual interest in dual degree programmes and the growing need from employers for professionals with numerous specialities, dual degree programmes are in high demand. Today, this blog will go through everything about dual degree programmes in depth.

What is a Dual Degree?

With a dual degree or double degree programme, a student can simultaneously pursue two separate degrees from the same university, two other universities, or even two different nations. The two degrees could be in the same field of study or not.
For instance, let's say you enrolled in a dual degree programme for media and business. You will then be awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism, respectively, upon graduation. The many benefits of a dual degree in the current fast-paced and intensely competitive times account for this popularity.

Dual Degree vs Double major

  • Dual Degrees: Results in two equal degrees
  • Double Major: Results in one degree, with two areas of specialization (majors)

With so many types of degrees available in the UK alone, a dual degree can be the best choice for you if you know what occupation you want to pursue before you even start college. It can accelerate the completion of more advanced degrees or degrees that are complementary to one another. Either choice can make an impression on potential employers by demonstrating to them your high level of motivation and education.
However, a double major is a choice you can make later in your academic career if you are less certain about your job aspirations. Additionally, this will let you take a variety of directions.
Some common Double Major combinations include

  • Foreign Language and International Studies
  • Economics and Political Science
  • Criminal Justice and Psychology
  • Any combination of Business degrees

Benefits of a Dual Degree

The main benefit is the time savings. Compared if you had pursued two degrees individually, you would spend less time. You get more talented due to learning about various specialities and subjects, giving you an advantage over others. There are several benefits to choosing a dual degree programme if you can maintain academic rigour. Earning dual degrees might be very useful for your work success.

  • Accelerated education. Earning a bachelor's degree first, followed by a master's degree, may take six or more years to complete sequentially, but if you can work on both at once, it might only take four. It is also possible to accelerate the process of obtaining two bachelor's degrees or two higher-level degrees. Faster degree completion can save you time and money.
  • Improved skills. You can become an expert in two subject areas. This may provide access to new employment alternatives, set you apart from rivals, and increase your earning potential.
  • Potential employers may be impressed by dual degree programmes because they can be highly prestigious and competitive.

Types of Dual Degree Programs

As mentioned earlier, there are various sorts of dual degree programmes. They may be undergraduate, master's, or doctoral degrees, among others. These are four main categories.

  • Associate’s and Bachelor’s Program.
    Here, students earn an associate degree from a community college and a bachelor’s degree from a university. For example,
  1. Associate’s in Accounting and Bachelor's in Accounting
  2. Associate’s in Graphic Design and Bachelor’s in Graphic Design
  3. Associate’s in Business Management and Bachelor’s in Business Management
  • Dual Bachelor’s Degree Program.
    Two bachelor's degrees are available to students in this programme. Examples include
  1. Bachelor’s in Biology and Bachelor’s in Chemistry
  2. Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science
  3. Bachelor’s in Biology and Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  • Dual Master’s Degree Program.
    The most common type of dual degree programme awards two master's degrees in various fields. There are several degrees to select from
  1. Masters in Business Management and Masters in Business Analytics
  2. Masters in Anthropology and Masters in Public Health
  3. Masters in International Affairs and Masters in Social Work
  • Dual Graduate Program.
    A variety of graduate degrees, including the Master of Arts (M.A. ), Master of Science (M.S. ), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Medicinae Doctor (Doctor of Medicine — M.D. ), and many others, are combined into this degree. These consist of
  1. Juris Doctor and Masters in Middle Eastern Studies
  2. Medicinae Doctor and Juris Doctor
  3. Juris Doctor and Master’s in Social Work

Top dual degree combinations

There are several dual degree combinations available. These include dual-degree programmes in business and medicine, business and the humanities, and a mix of related programmes. Various famous schools' in-person and online degree programmes are also offered. Students are always searching for the best majors for a better future, so here are a few combinations they can think about.

  1. Medical Sciences and Business
  2. Business and Other Specializations
  3. Public Administration, Politics, and Other Specializations
  4. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  5. Education Sciences and Religious Education and Management
  6. Social Sciences, Art, and Humanities
  7. Law and Other Specializations

Best dual degree programs and top universities

Online dual degree programs

There are numerous dual degree programmes offered online. But nowadays, getting a degree online is very common. As colleges broaden their offerings in the digital sphere, online education is one of the most popular trends in online education. In addition, the epidemic has typically increased the quality of online learning tools and practices. The necessary tools and methods are now more widely available for teachers and students to enhance online teaching and learning experiences.
Additionally, it is important to locate recognised dual degree programmes online. Enrolling in an authorised programme increases your chances of landing a job and ensuring the quality of your education. You can rapidly search your preferred search engine or easily check the school's website to see what kind of accreditation your prospective programmes have.

Is a Dual Degree Program the right choice for you?

How would you know if a Double Degree is a better choice for you? If you wish to pursue a dual degree programme, you must consider two major factors. Your great deal of interest in both of your chosen fields comes first and is likely the most essential. This is because a strong interest will motivate you and keep you focused on academics. One degree could be difficult enough to complete. A student may get more worn out if they pursue two degrees concurrently. Course requirements and materials may vary slightly from one course to the next. You'd have to focus and have a lot of willpower to stay on track.
The second crucial factor is feasibility. This applies to both time and money. Many graduates still owe money on their loans, as you would have surmised from the data on average debt in the United States. A dual degree programme would undoubtedly help you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, you will be able to earn your degrees faster than if you pursued them independently. You might need more time to complete your degree than someone who simply pursues one.
Getting two degrees separately can be the best option if getting a good job immediately after graduation (or even while you're still in school) is a top priority. To be able to afford a second degree, you might need to start saving money. There are businesses that do not require a degree as well. You might as well obtain a job and pursue part-time education if you are naturally talented and passionate about the type of employment they offer. Further along in your career, it could be simpler to earn a second degree in a different or related profession.


As you explore and apply to dual degree programmes, it's important to think carefully as to what you hope to accomplish from your grad school experience. We hope this blog has helped you better understand all about Dual Degree Programs and the whole world of opportunities it brings along. You can take advantage of these programs as you consider your next steps to boost your career! With amber you can find more such information on a varied range of topics to help make your university lifestyle fun and a lot simpler!

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