How To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Australia
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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Australia

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Jan 31, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 31, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 13, 2023
How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Australia
Celebrate love the Aussie way!

Valentine's day is a holiday cherished by lovers from all over the world, and it is no different in Australia. Everyone has different love languages and ways to celebrate this romantic day and with our busy work schedules taking time off to celebrate is what makes it even more special. Celebrated on 14 February every year, it's a day to show your significant other just how special they are. The celebrations for valentines day have just been increasing over the years as the couples view this as a day to appreciate each other and make their bond stronger. The people know how to celebrate Valentine's day in Australia, from buying each other gifts to chocolates and flowers and taking trips with your lover. There is just so much to do!

1. Candlelight dinner date at Africola

What could be more intimate and fulfilling than a great meal at a fancy restaurant where you can dress up as extra as you want? Trying a new restaurant you have wanted to visit for a while or an old favourite, the fact that it could not get any more romantic. Having a soft, warm glow from the candle while enjoying some good food is all anyone can wish for this valentines day. There are some amazing restaurants you can visit to spend valentines day in Australia with your lover. Africola is one of the best restaurants in Australia; located in Adelaide, it has an impressive selection of local and international wine along with great food and amazing 3 ingredient cocktails.

2. Scenic drive and a nature walk at Blue Mountains

You don't need to have a destination to enjoy the ride. Spending quality time together is the only thing that matters, and what better way to do so than going for a scenic drive? You and your partner full of love and conversation, and the empty road ahead sounds like the perfect day. Make some romantic playlists for each other, pack some yummy snacks and hit the road to discover new spots all around. You can also stop along the way, be a little adventurous and find some nature trails that may lead you to the most beautiful of places. Nature tends to make everyone feel refreshed and alive, and the breathtaking scenery is always a treat. The Blue Mountains is the perfect place to visit with their ancient rocks and beautiful waterfalls. The majestic cliffs and canyons covered in eucalyptus will leave you breathless. This is becoming one of the more popular ways to celebrate valentines day in Australia. 

3. Touch the Sky at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

What better way to celebrate valentines day in Australia than from on top of the rest of the city? A climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, especially at sunset, just spells out romance. There's no feeling like being in love, and the same can be said about tkings he view the couples can get from the top of the bridge. This is an experience that you can your lover will cherish forever, and you can also capture this precious memory with the perfect sunset Sydney Harbour Bridge picture.

4. Picnic at King’s Park and Botanical garden

Having an intimate, quiet and fun picnic in a park is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine's day in Australia. Having so many parks, botanic gardens and hidden nature spots, it's no surprise that picnics on bright sunny days are quite popular. Valentine's day picnics are special, with your favourite cupcakes and fruits, wine and savoury treats and pillows to make you comfortable. King’s park is one of the world's biggest inner city parks with over 3000 species of the state’s flora. The beautiful views of the Swan and Canning rivers, along with the city skyline and Darling ranges, will help you make a memory you won't forget. 

5. Recreate your favourite date

I'm sure we have all gone on plenty of dates with our partner, from all-out fancy ones to the most mundane stay-at-home dates, but there's always one date that holds a special place in our hearts. Recreating that special date on valentines day in Australia is something everyone should try out. It will bring that spark to the night, and you are sure to have the loveliest time. Bring back pleasant memories from the past, and recreating them always leaves you feeling special and appreciating them more.

6. Rom Com marathon

Some of us prefer staying in on this romantic day instead of going out, and  I would argue it's the better option. Getting cosy in the warm blankets, making some buttery popcorn and grabbing some chilled cola sounds heavenly. Watching movies is something you can do any day of the year, and so to make it special, you can binge some of your favourite RomComs of all time. You can pick one and let your partner pick the other and cuddle up on the sofa. I don't know how other people celebrate valentines day in Australia, but I'm surely going to be home watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

7. A night under the stars at Warrumbungle National Park

Watching the stars under the open sky is something that anyone would die for. You don't need a telescope to enjoy the view; just lay down a blanket and get under another one, and cosy up watching the beautiful stars and the constellations above. Warrumbungle National Park is one of the best places to stargaze as it is Australia’s first dark sky park. Here there are crystal clear skies which is every astronomer and stargazer’s dream. You can also have your own little candlelight dinner under the stars. If it's too cold or it's a cloudy night, you can always visit a nearby planetarium and watch that night sky instead. As long as your partner is with you on this special day, nothing else matters. 

how to celebrate valentines day in australia

8. A romantic cruise in the Sydney Harbour

A romantic crusade on the water away from the noise of the city is the perfect way to celebrate valentines day in Australia. There are plenty of cruises, especially in Sydney, that you could go to. Perfect soft lighting with a cool breeze and 360-degree water views is all you need. Sip champagne and enjoy the perfect night watching the Sydney Opera House from a distance. The cruises usually have amazing food, premium wines and late-night cocktails to keep you satisfied. Dancing to live music also adds something special to the night. The Iconic Harbour Cruise, Deluxe Sunset Cruise and Sydney by Night cruises are some worth trying.

9. Pampering Spa Day

Having a nice relaxed day with your partner at a spa is welcome after a long week. Getting an amazing nutritious facial, taking a nice long steam in the steam room or the sauna, and getting relaxing deep tissue massages all sound very heavenly, and they are! Be sure to book something relaxing, calm and romantic, and many spas offer valentines day special packages. If the spa gets too expensive, take a long bubble bath at home, put on a facemask and watch a movie in your comfiest PJs. Treat yourself to some of the best spas in Australia like Qualia, Chi Spa and Injidup Spa Retreat this valentines day. 

10. Picking out gifts

Getting gifts and chocolates for your lover is very common when celebrating Valentine's day in Australia, but to make it even more special, you and your partner can go to your favourite store together and fix a specific budget and set a time limit, and get some surprise gifts that you think the other might like. This will be thoughtful but also equal, so you won't have to worry about getting something too big or too small. 

11. Cook for each other

The way to your lover's heart is definitely through their stomach! Cooking for each other is probably the nicest thing you can do on valentines day. A lot of couples like to cook for each other to celebrate valentines day in Australia and you should too. Make your partner's favourite meal at home while they make your favourite dessert. Just be careful not to burn anything and remember this is not a competition, it's to make the day special for each other. If you have trouble cooking, you can also take an online cooking class and make this dinner date less traditional.

12. Catch flights and feelings

Vacations are always the perfect valentine's day gift, but during COVID, no one could go anywhere. Now that travelling and going on vacations is back and better than ever before make sure to book the perfect getaway for this valentines day. You can take a staycation in your own city if you don't have the time to go away for longer and book a nice hotel where you can get the same feeling of a vacation without actually going on one.

13. Yes day

Yes day is the most fun gift you can give your partner this valentines day. For the 24 hours of valentines day, you have to say yes to anything they ask you to do or get for you. So this year, your valentine could ask you for a bouquet of roses, to have ice cream for dinner or even a vacation, and whatever it is, you have to say yes! 

14. Get lost in the waves at the Whitehaven Beach

Going to the beach for a tan and a swim is the perfect way to celebrate valentines day in Australia this year. With the warm sand under your feet, hot sun on your face, and a cool drink in your hand, spending the day at the beach with your lover is one of the most relaxing and romantic things to do on valentines day. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, with pristine water and a long stretched coastline along the great barrier reef. With plenty of beautiful Australian beaches and perfect weather, don't forget to take a nice cool dip in the ocean and, of course, lots and lots of sunscreen! 

15. Sing your heart out

Although intimidating for some people, Karaoke is the best way to open up and bond with your partner. Stepping out of your comfort zone and showing them the real you, even if the real you can't really sing, is very intimate and romantic. Sing some throwbacks or get romantic with the romance playlist, and sing your heart out. 

So here is how to celebrate valentines day in Australia. From adventurous hikes and stargazing to romantic dinners and spa days, this list has a little bit of everything for everyone to have a good Australian valentine's day

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