How to Deal With Homesickness At University
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How to Deal With Homesickness At University

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Uploaded on
Feb 17, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Feb 17, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 5, 2023
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Make the world your first home!

The busier you are, the less time you have to think.

It's not unlikely that you've often compared your present living situation with a place far away from it. An initial reaction like this is normal, especially if it's your first time away from your parents and homeland. Despite having already travelled to different continents, feeling homesick can still be overwhelming.

You shouldn't feel guilty about it. The essence of your safe place is what you miss, so it is pretty natural to feel that way again and again.

Many writers have written about grief, nostalgia, and longing for home at different times in their lives. Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience, but homesickness can keep you from savouring it.

Keeping an optimistic attitude is crucial in this situation.

It is normal to feel homesick at first. Do not panic. Things will improve; a bit of sadness is fine. You can use helpful tips to ease the transition away from familiar surroundings faster and enable yourself to enjoy independence painlessly.

Accept the fact that you are not at home

Strangely enough, homesickness has its advantages: You start to appreciate your mom's delicious meals and quality time with your family. Tell your parents and friends what's new each week, and tell them how much you miss them.

The culprit behind homesickness is often guilt for leaving, even if everyone supported your decision.

You can overcome the feeling of longing by writing what you miss about home on a piece of paper. Maybe you want to return, or are you changing your lifestyle suddenly? Consider your motives. Most often, it is a fear of starting something new that causes such trepidation.

Defeat the Melancholy!

Overthinking situations can be reduced by staying busy. In other words, the less you think, the less likely you are to become discouraged.

Consider making your day eventful: visit an amusement park, go on an excursion, meet new people. This will make you create many new memories, diversify weekdays and weekends, and make it easier when you feel homesick.

One of the most helpful ways to overcome homesickness is to have a busy schedule. Make a plan and try to stick to it:

  • Get up early.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Have a coffee.
  • Visit the library.
  • Attend classes.
  • Meet friends.

In addition to not missing your family, this practice will also help you get accustomed to your new life and accept it.

Make yourself at home.

This is one of the most suitable options for dealing with homesickness, but it can take some time to get used to it. Build a new life for yourself, find suitable student accommodation, in a nice neighbourhood, with multiple student facilities. Setting your room and decorating it with things that hold sentimental value will make you comfortable in your new space.

If you have a roommate, make conversation with them, learn more about their culture, and exchange recipe ideas. Celebrate their festivals, make them feel special, and they will do the same for you.

Discover your favourite places!

The importance of a favourite place in a foreign city cannot be overstated. A bench in a nearby park, a cosy coffee shop near your college, an excellent spot with a fantastic view could be the perfect spot.

It won't be long before you start meeting the same people more frequently and forming your friend circle. The barista will know your favourite drinks and what you'd like to order. Before you know it, you will feel like you are in a homely environment again.

Take a risk and step outside your comfort zone

Attempt something strange or new: learn a different language, go diving, or join a dance or salsa class. Your life will take on a new direction, and you won't miss home as much. Creating new tasks and goals and motivating yourself to complete them is another excellent way to keep your nostalgia at bay.

Pretend not to miss home!

Try to pretend that you are the happiest and most alive person in the whole world if no other approach helps you cope with feelings of sadness and discouragement. Start a conversation with new people, smile at others, and take part in a new project. Eventually, you will become happy without even noticing. Your new state will allow you to accept life without having to pretend.

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