Introducing the Amber Ambassador Program
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Introducing the Amber Ambassador Program

3 min read
Uploaded on
Mar 24, 2023
Last updated on
Apr 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Mar 24, 2023
Last updated on
Apr 5, 2023
Introducing the Amber Ambassador Program
Be a part of the ambertribe!

A student ambassador is someone who represents an organisation to relevant audiences like prospective students. As a representative of a company, an ambassador promotes the company’s products and services to a wider community. Student ambassadors who work for organisations or companies generally engage with tasks like creating content on social media, promoting the brand, and developing promotional strategies to help students gain valuable experience and an opportunity to build professional skills.

What is amber Campus Ambassador Program?

The amber Campus Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for university students to gain real-world experience, help their peers find student accommodation through amber and make some money while they are at it! Studying abroad can be an exhilarating journey, so amber helps students find the accommodation of their choice hassle-free and instantly. amber believes in creating a strong community of student ambassadors who are reliable and entrepreneurial.

The #ambertribe consists of 50+ student ambassadors across the UK and Australia, working to help students find their home away from home while earning monetary rewards and goodies!

Who is eligible?

The amber ambassador program is crafted for individuals and university students who have a substantial reach on social media and on campus. Students who are interested in building a career in the fields of marketing, communications, and sales can really benefit from the ambassador program. That being said, here is a list of things we look for in our student ambassadors before they join the #ambertribe

  • Creative Thinking - Come up with new and fresh ideas to help promote our brand in unique ways
  • Out of the Box Thoughts and Ideas - The scope for student accommodation and study abroad is large; the best ideas always win!
  • Ambitious and Career Oriented - The student ambassador program is crafted in such a way that it helps the students grow professionally, so we would like someone who can align their goals with what the #ambertribe provides
  • Learn New Skills - Students who want hands-on experience and want real-world job experience can truly benefit from the ambassador program
  • Aspirational - It is always a good feeling to have someone look up to you, maybe even follow in your footsteps! We want students who aspire to grow and explore new careers

Role of an ambassador

An amber student ambassador has an all-rounded approach towards helping students find accommodation. From guiding through the housing process to meeting personal goals using soft skills and hard skills, in turn, earning some extra cash, the #ambertribe has a set of goals to meet.

As a part of the #ambertribe and a student ambassador, here is what you will do -

  • Guide fellow students towards finding their ideal homes close to their universities in countries like the UK, USA, Canada and Australia 
  • Promote the amber brand among relevant audiences, i.e., students, on social media communities/groups
  • Help with the growth of the amber brand through sales and boosting brand awareness

What are the benefits?

Joining the #ambertribe can help with the growth of university students, as you develop soft and hard skills as you interact with students from different backgrounds and help them find accommodation. Several skills like influencer marketing, communication, leadership and a sense of community are met with the ambassador program, which helps with the student's overall development.

  • Earn - Monetary rewards for leads and bookings, and goodies from amber
  • Explore - New career opportunities and real-life work experience
  • Grow - Build a super powerful personal brand with the help of amber
  • Upskill - Get PR and Marketing experience, and certifications for meeting goals and milestones
  • Network - Reach out and meet new people
  • Hustle - Work closely with amber leadership and tick all your goals


The ambassador program is extremely rewarding in more ways than one, with a focus on monetary incentives and personal growth; the work of the #ambertribe is recognised in several ways -

  • Referrals and Leads - When a student ambassador refers other students and potential leads for student accommodation, they get rewards such as a hamper with goodies for the first ten leads and Amazon vouchers for every 25 leads!
  • Leaderboard Ranking - Ambassadors earn points for activities on a fortnightly basis. The gamified version of the leaderboard makes it interesting for the #ambertribe to keep track of their activities and motivates them to be active. Ambassadors are eligible for cash rewards based on leaderboard ranking.
  • Bookings - Bringing in bookings for student accommodation on amber can help you bring in commissions worth up to £60, based on the duration of accommodation.

What do our ambassadors have to say?

“I feel privileged to have been given an opportunity to work as Brand Ambassador for them, as I believe I can use my skillset to make a notable contribution to the company’s growth.”
- Anshika Gupta (Bayes Business School)

“Being a brand ambassador has given me the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of amber's operations, which has been exciting!”
- Remi Zhu (University of Liverpool)

How to apply?

Applying for the amber ambassador program and joining the #ambertribe is at the click of a button; apply now and start your journey with us!


  • The leads that the ambassador brings must be cater-able ones, i.e., the leads must be legitimate, and amber must have availability in the cities where the leads are seeking accommodation
  • The ambassadors must be students studying in universities in destination markets like the UK and Australia
  • Commission payments would be credited within two months of booking to account for possible cancellations and other uncertainties
  • Rewards for the top 3 leaderboard rankings will be credited in the first and third weeks of every month
  • Rewards for referrals will include only cater-able leads

Frequently Asked Questions