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Most common UK student visa rejection reasons
5 min

Most common UK student visa rejection reasons

Apr 29, 2022
5 min

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UK student visa, here we come!

The UK student visa is important for all international students planning to study in UK for higher education. Students who fill out UK visa applications to study at their dream university often have to stay back in the country because their application gets rejected. 

Being one of the top international destinations to study abroad, getting UK visa rejected causes a lot of concern among students. To avoid such shocks, one must be wary of all the visa rejection reasons before applying to study abroad in the UK.

Here are some of the most common mistakes students face as UK student visa rejection reasons. 

Important Update:

Reinstatement of the two-year post-study work visa 

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The UK government has announced the reinstatement of the two-year post-study work visa for overseas students. The new immigration rules will benefit those international students planning to pursue their higher studies in the UK starting from 2020-21. 

Currently, international students pursuing Bachelor's or Master's degrees in UK can stay back only for four months. Only international students studying in 27 universities can stay back for six months which is part of the pilot scheme. 

Prospective Indian students are also going to benefit from this new rule.

Common reasons for UK Visa Rejection

1. Providing inaccurate information

The most common rejection reason for a student visa in UK is providing inaccurate information in your visa application. Often, candidates provide inaccurate or old information which is now updated, such as your address or change in name initials. Such information becomes a valid reason for UK Visa rejection for students. 

For first-timers, filling out an application form could be complex and, therefore, tedious if your application is rejected many times. Hence, you can avoid such problems by consulting a student help portal which can help you learn more about UK intakes. Additionally, you can refer to visa application blogs which can clear all your doubts related to UK visa application.

2. Falling short on academic achievements

Another primary concern around candidates looking to apply among the top universities in the UK is the requirements of a list of academic achievements. To meet such stringent requirements, many students cannot meet the exceptional academic standards maintained by the institutes.  

Students cannot match such standards leading to the cancellation of their UK student visas. The student visa could also be rejected if the issuing administration feels the student would not be able to cope with the overall education system, or the student could experience a language barrier once in the country.

3. Insufficient funds

Insufficient funds are also among the top Visa rejection reasons in the UK. If you're planning to study abroad, you must show a minimum balance that covers your tuition and living expenses for a year or for the entire duration of the course (whichever is longer).

Additionally, the law also mandates that such funds must be 28 days old in the bank account of which you will be attaching the details. Students often experience UK visa rejection by minute details that can be avoided with little bits of information. 

4. Inadequate documents

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Submitting inadequate documents can also lead to a visa application rejection in the UK. Students filling out their visa applications are expected to promptly submit all the supporting documents in the UK student visa and immigration matters to make their application more robust. 

But as times have changed and many documents are readily available online, candidates underplay the importance of this vital documentation. You must thoroughly check all the visibility of documents and proper arrangements and should attest if necessary. 

Note: Visa application documents must be in English and as per the international standards.

5. Lack of interview skills

The interview round for students also critically evaluates UK Student Visa approval. Many students who come un-prepared or deliver hesitant answers are prone to be faced with visa rejection reasons. 

This can also hamper the number of chances they can apply if they fail multiple interviews. To avoid any situation, you must be prepared with all the major tips for student visa interview. Some of the basic questions that an interviewer expects include: 

Some of the essential information to prepare for UK visa application interviews include:

  • Awareness of the country, state, city
  • Information about your enrolled university
  • Study programs
  • A background check
  • Basic information related to studying abroad. 

6. Gap years

Career gaps are also one of the most common Visa rejection reasons while studying abroad. Such years are when you took a gap or didn't do well academically. Such instances create a moment of doubt in an interviewer about the same happening again once you move abroad. 

To tackle gap years and avoid such prominent visa rejection reasons, you should always opt to define why you did it. Were there any personal reasons or professional ones? You can also show the presence of your work like an internship or any learning period that can be counted as relevant in your career ahead.

7. English Language proficiency

English proficiency is among the top UK visa rejection reasons. If you're applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa, it is vital to meet the English language criteria. Such criteria are set by the institution you're enrolled in and are to be submitted with an IELTS/TOEFL score. While you can always study in UK without IELTS, it is worthwhile to learn about the basic details of such testimonials.

What to do after UK student visa rejection? 

In case of UK student visa rejection, one great thing is the absence of a limit on the application you can fill. Even if you had your visa application rejected per the immigration rules, this served well.  

After getting a visa rejection, you must check the reason for such rejection and ensure that you immediately rectify it. After thoroughly analyzing your mistake, you can opt for the following process:

  1. Reapply once there is a refusal of an entry clearance application.
  2. Choose reconsideration: This comes with a limited scope and is only available for specific types of leave to remain applications)
  3. Appeal if there is eligibility: You can file an immigration appeal on various grounds for separate instances. Make sure you consider the immigration appeal time limit.
  4. Register an Administrative Review (AR): This is available after refusal of point-based (PBS), leave to remain, and ILR application with no right to appeal. Such features are also unavailable for visitors, spouses, and family settlement applicants. The deadline to file an Administrative Review is 28 or 14 days after the UK visa rejection.
  5. Go for Judicial Review (JR): This can opt if there is no right of appeal and errors in the decision. You can only file a judicial review after AR. This should be done within 3 months of the visa rejection.

Tips to Avoid UK Student Visa Rejection

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  1. Calculate the rough estimate of the number of funds used for your visa application.
  2. Ensure that the required amount is present for at least 28 continuous days in the reported bank account.  
  3. Maintain the minimum balance required before filing your visa application. 
  4. Attach all the latest documents with clear images, if sent digitally. 


Q.1 Can I stay behind to study in the UK?

This can be attributed to the reason that your visa application got rejected. If you're applying for visa renewal while studying in the UK, and your current visa has expired, you may have to return home. You can get in touch with the required management to solve the query.

Q.2 Will my visa fee be refunded?

No, this is currently non-refundable. However, the fee paid towards the Immigration Health Surcharge is refundable, if applicable.

Q.3 Can I appeal against the decision?

In general, every applicant is given the right to an AR. If you believe your UK student visa rejection is unfair, you can request that UKVI look at the application again. You will be given further instructions on applying for an AR.

Meanwhile, you can always contact the relevant UKVI department by phone. The contact center (0300 123 2241) is available from Mon to Thurs, between 9 am - 4:45 pm, and on Fri between 9 am - 4:30 pm.

Q.4 What happens to my offer or course?

If you're studying in the UK, your course will be withdrawn until the reasons for a new visa sanction are made available. If you haven't reached abroad, your offer can be withdrawn. The Home Office scrutinizes each application and updates the respective applicant once done. 

Applied outside the UK – You must complete the AR form included with your decision letter. This must be posted to the address on the letter within 28 days of receiving your rejection. The service is free of cost. 

Applied inside the UK – An online form must be filed within 14 days after receiving your rejection notice. The cost is £80 and is refundable if the decision to refuse an application is overturned.


We mentioned all the numerous UK student visa reasons. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before making the decision and thoroughly research the process beforehand.

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