15 Best PowerPoint Presentation Tips

15 Best PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Uploaded on
Jan 5, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 10, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 5, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 10, 2023
15 Best PowerPoint presentation tips
Make every slide count!

Have you ever delivered a PowerPoint presentation after pulling an all-nighter, putting in your blood, sweat and tears and did not get enthusiastic applause? It's alright, champ; we're still proud of you. Presenting a PowerPoint presentation is as important as making it. Keep in mind that the PowerPoint presentation is an ally helping you get your aims and ideas across to the audience, so they must be presented well. So to help you in your journey for enthusiastic applause, we've put together 15 best PowerPoint presentation tips.

What makes a PowerPoint presentation effective?

As a student or a working professional, it is useful to be quick and skilled with PowerPoint. Making a strong presentation that achieves all of your objectives and aims is crucial. Some of the best traits of PowerPoint presentations are:

  • Plan, research and prepare your presentation. It will help you communicate with your audience better 
  • Your graphics should not distract the audience from your message.
  • Practice your timing and delivery with a live audience so that you land good points.
  • Give off a calm, relaxed aura while projecting confidence and give your audience a sense of warmth and excitement.
  • Avoid mistakes like reading straight out of your presentation.

The Golden Rules of PowerPoint Presentations

The 10-20-30 rules of PowerPoint

The 10-20-30- rule, developed by former Apple brand ambassador Guy Kawasaki, states that a PowerPoint presentation should include no more than ten slides, should finish in 20 minutes and use a font size that is at least 30. Even if you have to complete an hour to present, the "20" in this rule says that you should keep your presentation to a maximum of 20 minutes. While this may look like it extremely at first, the idea is that you can use the remaining 40 minutes to create a relationship with your audience in a discussion or a Q and A session. This  PowerPoint presentation tip will help you stand out from your rivals 

Five by Five rule 

You should keep the texts on each slide brief and to the point to save your viewers from feeling overwhelmed. Some experts advise following the 5/5/5 rule, which states there should be five words per line, five lines of text on each slide and five straight slides with a lot of content on them.

The rule of 2-4-8

The 2-4-8 rule is widely agreed upon and stressed by experts and practitioners as it is an effective rule that helps put a good impression on the audience. The 2-4-8 rule states a presentation must give 2 minutes per slide, and it should have four bullet points per slide and eight words for every bullet point.

PowerPoint presentation Tips

 Best Power Point presentation tips

1. Keep your audience in mind.

Your first and main Powerpoint tip is to keep your audience in mind. You should greet a room full of young entrepreneurs differently than you should a room full of medical professionals. It varies from group to group. The style in which you present, the topic and the examples you provide help to convey your points, and your PowerPoint presentation will be judged by the audience. So your target audience should be front and centre when you craft the humourous witticisms.

2. Know your topic

Your PowerPoint presentation is more than just the slides you've created. The main purpose is to deliver your points in a way that creates an impact on the audience you're presenting. Consider how you'll present it, why it will be discussed and in what order you'll place your points, facts and figures. These PowerPoint presentation tips are important.

3. Make a script

It's always better to make a script beforehand and practice. It will contain the details of your presentation, your thesis, all the relevant points, how you want to deliver it, etc. In fact, making a script will help you understand your aims and views on the topic you're presenting and keep track of the points you want to convey to the audience. You should keep this PowerPoint tip in mind.

4. Use high-quality images

This PowerPoint presentation tip is gonna be a saver! It is time to add visuals to your presentation once you've cut down on the text to convey your point better. Make sure that the images and gifs you add to your PowerPoint presentation are of high quality, as your presentation will be displayed on a screen bigger than your laptop. At times the image can look clear on your laptop screen but look blurry on a bigger one. So it's safer to use HD-quality images. 

5. Keep it simple

We understand the urge to fill the slides with a lot of information, trust us, most of us have been there and done that, but it did not bring us enthusiastic applause from the crowd. So keeping things simple is one of the most crucial PowerPoint tip to keep in mind while creating slides. In this situation, less is more effective. A cluttered presentation is difficult for viewers to understand and is distracting. They take more time debating which to prioritize: the slides or the presenter. So it's always suggested to keep your PowerPoint presentation simple.

6. Choose the appropriate font, size and colour. 

When people choose an aesthetically pleasing font, it may not always check the box for being entirely clear. This might cause issues with the font and its size. Choosing the appropriate fonts plays a major role in drawing the audience into the presentation and an important PowerPoint presentation tip. The typography, fonts, font size and font colour play a subconscious impact on the viewers. They either positively or negatively impact the credibility of your presentation. So keep in mind to always choose a font that is visible and understandable to your crowd. 

7. Engage your audience 

Presentations shouldn't be biased in any way. So why not switch things up and ask a question or two to your audience? You can also make a dedicated slide for just the Q and A section. But keep in mind that the Q and A fit in the time allotted to you, and it does not have a ripple effect on your presentation. Engaging with your audience will make your presentation more captivating, thus making it more interactive. So better keep this PowerPoint presentation up your sleeve.

8. Highlight important points

One of the most important Powerpoint presentation tip is to highlight important points. Only the most important details must be covered in the presentation. It is not necessary to share the entirety of whatever you were working on before this, like a paper, a work project, or a new project design, in order to get to your point through. Highlight only the points that will help you to deliver your presentation better. 

9. Keep a colour scheme.

The Presentation colour scheme, just like the choice of font and its size, should influence the viewer's subconscious perceptions in a certain way. Using an outdated colour scheme will prove ineffective, so try to choose colours that go with the type of topic. For, e.g. use high contrast colours or consider colour associations like blue, which for some people represents trust, reliability, and calmness, making it a safe colour for business presentations. This Powerpoint tip will help you please your aesthetic side as well.

10. Use transitions that work with your presentation

Don't get influenced by the viral reel memes that go around the internet, your topic won't be Drake or a capybara all the time. So using flashy transitions won't work with your school or business presentations. Even though these features sometimes seem impressive, using them constantly in your presentation will cause annoyance and become tiresome to watch. This PowerPoint tip is a must.

11. Make the charts and graphs understandable 

Charts and graphs are a good way to show the number, growth and development of things as it allows the audience to see the meaning behind them and make it easier to compare. But if used more than required, charts and graphs can be distracting as your viewers will spend more time understanding what the Y axis means than paying attention to what you're speaking. So use them only if necessary in a straightforward and clear design. 

12. Use infographics

The use of infographics is one of the most effective PowerPoint presentation tips. The correct kind of infographics can make a slide come to life by replacing words with graphics. Infographics assist in using images and information. So, it's easier to express complicated ideas when you use appealing graphics formats.

13. Use fresh templates

Have you used the Powerpoint template with splattered ink and worn-out paper template before? Feels old, right? Of course, it does; that was back when windows 7 was trendy. It's the age of a widow's 11 now, so surely there are new templates in the store. Outdated templates can be a distraction and your viewer's new gossip topic, so make sure you use fresh templates to make your PowerPoint presentation look professional. So dodge these by following this PowerPoint presentation tip.

14. Make sure all your objectives are aligned.

Making sure all items on all slides are carefully aligned is a simple technique to create a well-designed presentation. Hold down Shift while selecting all the things you want to align. Then finally, select Alignment Type and Arrange from the option box. This PowerPoint tech tip will help you loads.

15. Make a strong ending

Your conclusion will look very much like your starting point in both appearance and tone. The main difference is that while your introduction serves to arouse interest, your conclusion serves to urge your audience to take action. While ending your PowerPoint presentation, don't water down sentences and give suggestions and tips as part of the suggestion; you're presenting the PowerPoint to the audience and letting them form a personal opinion. Instead, make an impactful summary with direct language. While ending your presentation, focus on what you want your audience to remember and act upon after your PowerPoint presentation. Make sure to use this PowerPoint presentation tip to make an impact on your audience. 

What not to do while giving a PowerPoint presentation?

Here are some things that you should avoid doing during a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Don’t read from your slides
  • Don’t overload your slides with text.
  • Don’t use too many animations or special effects.
  • Don’t speak too quickly.
  • Don’t stand in one place.
  • Don’t ignore your audience, and ensure you make eye contact with them.
  • Don’t go over your time limit.

Build a good PowerPoint presentation with less work than ever before. We hope your PowerPoint Presentation tips help you get that enthusiastic applause. Along with learning the PowerPoint tips and tricks, also make sure that you learn how to give a presentation in class. It won't take you much time to learn these PowerPoint presentation tips so that now you’re a pro, check out these tips and tricks to network like a professional so you can flex your presentation on a new level.