Student Housing Guide: Coventry 2023
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Student Housing Guide: Coventry 2023

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Nov 17, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Nov 17, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Student housing guide: coventry 2023
Marvel at the cathedral view

Coventry, the city of mesmerizing cathedrals, is ranked 47th out of 50 cities worldwide according to QS Best student cities ranking. The Coventry population is filled with students and the  entire student population is approximately 8.1 per cent of the city's total population. Coventry earned the title “city of culture” in 2021. Coventry is a culturally varied city worth exploring, with Instagram-worthy scenery and truly super interesting facts. This Coventry student housing guide will cover all a student needs to remember before choosing student accommodation and moving to a new city.

When to start looking for student accommodation?

When should I start looking for accommodation for myself? This is a crucial part of any essential student housing guide. Since your student accommodation significantly impacts your educational experience, we advise the following:

  • To avoid any last-minute problems, try not to wait until the last minute to reserve your student accommodation and obtain student housing as soon as possible.
  • You'll get the best bargain if you reserve your Coventry student housing early because rates could increase based on supply, and there might also be discounts and incentives.

You can read the 5 benefits of booking student housing early in the blog to know more about this topic. 

Things to keep in mind regarding student accommodation

There are several things to consider when it comes to student living, and this student housing guide will help you out. To enjoy your university experience, you must find your home away from home. When searching for student housing in Coventry, keep the following points in mind:

  • Value for Money: Analyse your rent and assess whether it justifies all of the amenities listed in the property.
  • What is in the area: Take note of whether there are essential services you would regularly require, such as grocery stores, vegetable vendors, and so on.
  • Transport Nearby: We recommend that you always choose student housing near reliable transportation services so that you can be confident that if you need or want to go anywhere, you can do so without fear or spending too much money.
  • Extra Amenities: Many student housings in Cardiff provide extra amenities such as free wifi, laundry facilities, gym etc. So make sure you check and enquire about the amenities the student accommodation provides.
  • Contract Terms: Have a qualified attorney evaluate your contract before you sign it so that you may make an informed decision. 

To know more, you can read 15 things to look for when looking for student accommodation.

Types of Accommodations for Students 

It's no surprise that types of accommodations for students are included in this student housing guide, as students prefer to reserve accommodations in shared rooms since it saves money. Gas, water, and electricity bills are frequently included in the rent. The cost structure varies depending on the region and the type of dwelling. You can choose a studio apartment, an en-suite room, or a single room, depending on your interests. The monthly rent begins at £81 and increases from there. Popular options for housing students include

On-Campus Housing

Students can stay on campus in university dorm rooms or hostels that many universities provide. The dorms usually include features like dining, laundry facility, wifi and other services. Students have to pay to live in the dorms, but the amount depends on the type of accommodation they plan on staying in. Additionally, students experience the complete University experience, which is limited and costly.

Off-campus Housing

Off-campus accommodations are usually located close to the university. This type of accommodation saves a lot of money, so students usually prefer staying in shared rooms and housing. The cost structure varies depending on the locality and the housing type. Off-campus housing includes water, gas and electricity bills in the rent itself. Students can choose between an ensuite room, a studio apartment or a single room, depending on their interests.


Purpose Built Student Accommodations or PBSAs are residences created for students like you studying at a university. A standard feature is an all-inclusive price, as well as additional advantages including furnished apartments, 24-hour security, laundry services, study rooms and common areas. 

These rooms provide you with your sleeping area and a private bathroom. You do not, however, have access to a kitchenette or cooking facilities. The ensuite room features a communal kitchen with the other inhabitants.

You'll get your private room with a shared bathroom in this category. It's not the same as an ensuite room. You will have a bed and a secure space, but you will have to share the bathroom with one or more of your housemates.

It's a single versatile area with the main room that doubles as a study, living room, and bedroom, as well as a separate bathroom and toilet.

Coventry student accommodations

Best Areas in Coventry

A Coventry student housing guide is complete with mentioning the best areas in Coventry. Check out the areas listed below:


Earlsdon, a popular neighbourhood among students, is among Coventry's most incredible places to live. Coventry University is the perfect location for students who want to further their studies there because of its proximity. The accessibility of numerous restaurants and grocery stores makes the area convenient for students. The busiest area of the neighbourhood, Earlsdon High Street, is lined with restaurants and bars that are perfect for a night out with friends.

Barras Heath

Barras Heath, located north of Coventry, has a healthy student population and young working people. For those students who appreciate the outdoors and the fresh air, the neighbourhood boasts many open spaces, gardens, and parks. On a sunny day in the city, Barras Heath Park, which is nearby, is the ideal location for a picnic. Barras Heath is one of the best areas to live in Coventry due to the area's inexpensive, competitively priced, and quiet homes.

Royal Leamington Spa

One of the best places to live in Coventry is Royal Leamington Spa, which is on the city's outskirts. Despite being far from the city centre, the region draws students who are accustomed to travelling to college since it offers a vibrant nightlife scene and good public transportation. Since most apartments frequently have parking, the location is ideal for students with their vehicles. City Village, nine minutes from Coventry University, is crowded with students. 

Coventry City Centre

The city centre, arguably Coventry's liveliest area, is the most desirable and one of the best places to live in Coventry. Restaurants, bars, clubs, and retail malls may be found in the city centre. The region attracts thousands of tourists annually and is diverse and rich in culture. Students can spend the summer with their friends, enjoying the area's food and local shopping stalls. Students adore spending time in the city centre. Most colleges have excellent public transportation connections and are accessible by foot from the centre.

Broad Lane 

For students who know where to seek, Coventry's less well-known Broad Lane neighbourhood is one of the best areas to live in Coventry. Despite being a little further from the city centre, the region is easily reached by public transportation. One of the most excellent places to live in Coventry for students seeking a calm neighbourhood away from the bustle of the city is Broad Lane, a quiet suburb.

Coventry best localities

Top 10 student accommodations in Coventry 

Now that you are familiar with the Best areas to live in Coventry, check out these top 10- student accommodations in Coventry:

Paradise Student Village, Coventry

Paradise Student Village is the king of all the student accommodations in Coventry, as it covers a vast area offering ensuite and studio rooms. Located in the city's heart, this property is an 8-minute walk from Coventry University and a 12-minute drive from the University of Warwick and Arden University.
The studios are entirely private, with a kitchen, dining space, and living room with couches. Students have unlimited access to standard amenities like the game room, indoor lounge and cinema room with high-speed free wifi across the premises.

The Oaks, Warwick

The Oaks, student accommodation in Warwick, is an extraordinarily spacious and modern accommodation located on Westwood Way. The University of Warwick is only 18 minutes away on foot, and Coventry University is 12 mins' drive from the property. The Oaks Coventry offers the finest off-campus living in the studio and ensuite rooms and convenient access to and from neighbouring attractions. It is an excellent spot to stay because of its accessibility to the city centre and institutions. Students studying in Warwick can benefit from the city's combination of history, culture, and social life. 
: The Oaks is your ideal lodging, offering comfort and luxury at an accessible price. The hotel has spacious on-suite and studio apartments with double beds, baths, and a contemporary kitchenette. Under-bed storage and high-speed internet are also provided to students.

Eden Square, Coventry

Eden Square is the ideal student housing in Coventry, featuring studios, townhouses and two-bedroom apartments with en suites that include all the necessary amenities that any student from around the would need. Located on Stoney Stanton Rd, this property is a 5-minute drive from Coventry University and a 10-minute drive from the University of Warwick. Students can explore the city by choosing to commute by bus or train based on the distance. Overall, Eden Square is the pinnacle of comfort and peace compared to all the other student houses in Coventry.
: Each student will have a private bedroom, bathroom, and shared kitchen. Typical areas of the property include a stunning cinema room, scenic outdoor courtyard, game room, and a state-of-the-art gym for the students to lead a balanced life. The rent is inclusive of all the amenities, including high-speed free wifi and laundry facilities as well. 

Gulson Gardens 

Gulson garden is one of the best student accommodation in Coventry, as it covers a vast area that offers studios and ensuites. The accommodation is situated in the heart of the city, just a short 5-minute walk from Coventry University and a 12-minute drive from Arden University and the University of Warwick. Students can check out the West Orchard Shopping Center, which has the best food stalls and brand stores that make sit a great destination to spend a day with friends.
: The amenities consist of the most valuable and sought-after facilities, such as gaming areas, entertainment zones, social and & study areas, a sky lounge on the roof and a Courtyard.

Calcott Ten

Calcott ten is a perfect student housing in Coventry with many features ranging from fully furnished studio apartments and ensuite rooms to two-bedroom apartments with all the necessary amenities that any student might need. The accommodation is on Gosford St, a short 5-minute drive from Coventry university and a 10 minutes drive from the University of Warwick. Many restaurants, cafes, bars, and grocery stores are nearby. 
: The complex is gated and secured with 24x7 CCTV, a common area, an outdoor area, free high-speed wifi, a pool table, laundry facilities and study rooms.

Corporation Village

Corporation village is a great student accommodation in Coventry that has a range of fully furnished ensuites and apartments which are modern and contemporary. The City College Coventry and the University of Warwick are just a short bus ride away where, and this student accommodation is a 15-minute walk away from Coventry university. The city centre is just adjacent to this property, so it's easy to explore the city and check out the cafes, restaurants and pubs by yourself or with your friends.
: Corporation village offers highly-equipped amenities, and the apartment is well-designed to give you a positive experience. It provides exclusive events, a gym and fitness suite, laundry services, a game area, free wifi and a steam room.

Queens Park House

Queens Park House is just a mile away from the city centre. This housing is perfect for students attending Coventry University and The University of Warwick. The University of Warwick can be reached in 30 minutes if you take public transport like a bus. If you're an active person and like puzzles, Planet Ice and Escape reality are worth checking out.
: These apartments have chic apartments, a kitchen, large bedrooms, high-speed wifi, in-unit laundry, and many communal rooms for group study.

Canvas Arundel House

This property offers next-generation student living to the students who live here. Arundel house offers modern ensuite and studio apartments tailored to fit the student's comfort. This accommodation is an ideal one as Coventry university is 4 minute walk away, and the University of Warwick is a 10-minute drive away. Located in the city centre discovering new places won't be a hassle.
: The amenities include a fully furnished apartment, shared kitchen, dining space, high-speed wifi, study room, a giant movie screen, and a laundry facility.

Sherbourne Student Village

If you want to stay at one of Coventry's most preferred student accommodations, then you're at the right place! Shelbourne Student Village offers lavish studios and a popular student house in the city, which is 24 minutes from Coventry University and City College Coventry. Shelbourne Student Village is located on Vincent-St, and you can find many interesting places around. Many restaurants, cafes, bars, and grocery stores are nearby.
: This housing in Coventry offers a wide range of studio apartments that suits your style. The complex is gated and secured with 24x7 CCTV courage—so your safety will never be compromised. They offer plenty of indoor and outdoor social spaces for you to socialise with your flatmates.


Infinity is one of the most popular student accommodation in Coventry, which offers large rooms. It's one of the largest projects in Coventry, and the rooms are of premium furnishing that provides students with a homey feel. The property is conveniently close to Coventry University and the University of Warwick. 
: The accommodations come with added benefits like high-speed wifi, amazing social space with chic furniture, a Rooftop bar, a Cinema bar, Vending machine, 24/7 assistance if needed and a security service CCTV camera.

Want to watch a video instead? We got you covered! Check out this video to know more.

Questions to ask before Finalizing the accommodation

This Coventry student housing guide has everything covered. We have listed all the important questions you should ask before finalizing your student accommodation.

  • How far will I be from my University?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • How is the area, and what do the neighbours think of it?
  • How far is the closest bus/tram/subway stop, and are the services regular?
  • Will I need to spend money on furniture, or is the room already furnished?
  • How safe is the neighbourhood, and how secure is the property?
  • Will bills be included in the rent?
  • Am I allowed to redecorate?
  • Is there an application fee for booking student accommodation?
  • Do they charge to lock your request for an apartment?
  • Is there a lease and the breakdown?
  • What are the required documents for booking student accommodation?

Moving in checklist

You may find it difficult and daunting to determine what you require for the next year or longer that is why this student housing guide exists! Here are some items that should be on your checklist:

  • Documents
  • Bedroom Items like duvets, your favourite pillow and more.
  • Bathroom items like your soap or body wash, toothbrush, loofah and more
  • Toiletries like allergy medicines, lotions and more

If you want to know more about all the items you should carry, you can read The ultimate packing checklist for the university blog.

Avoiding rental Scams/Frauds

Being safe from scams and fraud in all aspects of your life is important. Student accommodations might not seem real, but they are. That is why this student housing guide has a list to tell you about rental scams and frauds.

  • Non-existential rentals: The scammer lists a non-existing/phantom property.
  • Hijacked advertisement: The scammer hijacks the already posted rental advertisements and poses as the landlord.
  • Clickbait Apartments: The landlord attempts to persuade you to sign a lease or pay a deposit for a home other than the one that was listed

If you want to learn more about rental scams and how to avoid them, you can read How to spot rental scams and deal with their blog.

As most of the Coventry population is filled with students, Tourists, sports fans, and striving students will find Coventry to be a lovely city. Moving out of your parent's house is a huge step toward adulthood. Here's a guide on shifting from one city to the next as painlessly as possible.