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Student Housing Guide: Coventry 2022
5 min

Student Housing Guide: Coventry 2022

Feb 3, 2022
5 min

student accommodation in Coventry
football, student life? Coventry it is!!!

In the QS Best Student Cities ranking, Coventry is ranked 47th out of 50 cities worldwide. Coventry's large student population contributes significantly to this. Coventry's entire student population is approximately 8.1 per cent of the city's total population. Winning the title of UK City of Culture in 2021 is no easy task. Coventry was a peak of the industrial revolution and is steeped in history; the towering ruin of the old cathedral, which creates a historically magnificent backdrop, cannot be overlooked. Coventry is a culturally varied city worth exploring, with Instagram-worthy scenery and truly super interesting facts. 

Popular universities

With being a cultural hotspot Coventry is also known for its universities and student life, it has top universities like Coventry university, university of Warwick, Coventry college, and Arden University. 

Popular locations for accommodation

  1. Earlsdon
  2. Stoke
  3. Coventry Central
  4. Stivichall
  5. Canley
  6. Spon End

Types of accommodation

There are a variety of options for student housing in Coventry (both on-campus and off-campus). The following are some of the most common housing alternatives for students seeking a place to live:

Halls of residence

Most institutions offer on-campus housing in the form of hostels or dorms. Cafes, WiFi, laundry, and other management-provided amenities are among the services they provide. Students must pay rent to live in these halls; however, the cost varies depending on the type of residence.

Private student housing

This refers to off-campus housing that is generally close to the institution. The students prefer to reserve accommodations in shared rooms because it reduces the cost. Bills such as gas, water, and electricity are usually included in the rent. The cost structure varies depending on the type of housing and the area. Depending on your preferences, you can have a single room, an en suite room, or a studio unit. The rent starts at £480 a month and goes up from there. Some popular student housing includes:

En-suites: These rooms provide you with your own sleeping area as well as a private bathroom. You do not, however, have access to a kitchenette or cooking facilities. The ensuite room features a communal kitchen with the other inhabitants.

Non-en-suites: You'll get your own private room with a common bathroom in this category. It's not quite the same as an ensuite room. You will have a bed and a secure space, but you will have to share the bathroom with one or more of your housemates.

Studios: It's a single versatile area with the main room that doubles as a study, living room, and bedroom, as well as a separate bathroom and toilet.

Cost of living:

Coventry is a student-friendly city where the living can be pocket friendly but yet, you have to be careful as to where you spend your money. Hence, we are here with a rough estimate as to where all you might be spending and what amount of money.

Things to keep in mind before moving in

Commuting- Make sure that one of the city's transportation systems has a stop to make commuting easier.

Safety- Nowadays, most residential areas are equipped with additional security. Outsiders are not permitted to enter gated communities.

Cultural barriers- Student organizations and centres allow people from all backgrounds to mingle.

Leasing and T&C you need to keep in mind

Deposit: A deposit is a one-time payment of a particular amount of money to the landlord. The deposit is refunded at the end of your stay if the contract terms are met. The average deposit is between £150 and £400.

Admin Cost: This is a fee that some landlords charge their tenants. It is non-refundable and costs around £150.

Lease Duration: Property managers most typically choose one-year leases. Landlords might consider a six-month lease. A three-month short-term lease option is also available from some property managers. A longer lease period will usually result in a significant reduction in monthly rent. Abandoning a lease could have major financial and legal ramifications.

Guarantee: If you have a guarantor, you can only pay in instalments. A lease guarantor is a third party who assists in providing rental security. You will not be needed to offer a guarantee if you pay the rent in full at the start of the tenancy.

Terms of reservation cancellation: Most property owners allow you to cancel your reservation within 3-14 days of making it. You may be required to pay weekly rent (for each and every week or half week) until the accommodation can be re-let if you cancel your booking after those 3-14 days. If the property management and the student are unable to find a suitable substitute, the student will be responsible for paying the full rent amount as stipulated in the contract.

Pets: are usually not allowed unless they are approved assistance dogs.

Fees for reservations: This is the sum charged by the landlord as a security deposit. The total cost you may be charged at the time of booking if the admin fee is included is as follows: Admin Fee + Deposit

The number of tenants who can be accommodated is as follows: The maximum number of tenants that can dwell in an apartment is usually specified in the unit standards. In most cases, a single student is housed in a single room. Studio apartments may allow both partners to share a room if they are both students.

Documents you need

You will be asked to produce a copy of your University Admit Card in most cases. If you are an international student, you will almost certainly need your passport and visa. Apart from that, no documentation is required.

Scams and frauds you need to be aware of

There are numerous potential ways to face fraud and scams when seeking homes and lodging. You must be vigilant about who you trust and how you conduct business to avoid this. Make sure you conduct a thorough background check on someone before handing over any money or documents. Click here to learn more about rental scams and frauds.

Popular apartments for accommodation

33 parkside

Study inn pillarbox 

Study inn market 

Fortress house 

IQ Weaver Place

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Tourists, sports fans, and striving students will find Coventry to be a lovely city. Moving out of your parents' house is a huge step toward adulthood. Here's a guide on making the shift from one city to the next as painless as possible.