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Student Housing Guide: London Zones 1 to 6
8 min

Student Housing Guide: London Zones 1 to 6

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Nov 19, 2021
8 min

Photo of the London Eye
Live your dream student life

Hunting for student accommodation in London? Well, you’re at the right place! More than 100,000 students fly to the capital city of the United Kingdom to pursue their higher education. With the rising demand for student housing, students feel the need for budget-friendly student accommodations near the top universities in London.

London Zones and Boroughs

London is divided into zones and boroughs, both of which are very important to be aware of especially when planning your travel and living in London. 

London Boroughs

London is made up of 32 districts or boroughs, each governed by a separate council. Each borough has its unique charm so it's important to know the different areas so you can make a more informed decision about where you want to live, study and work. For example, Islington is often cited as one of the nicest London Boroughs so it would be wise to search for accommodation in Islington when you move to London. 

London Zones

London is divided into six different fare zones managed by Transport for London. Zone 1 includes areas near the city centre while zone 6 marks the outskirts of the city. If you move to London and live in the city centre, you probably won’t be moving out of zone 1 daily, but it's good to have an idea of the different zones for when you need to travel further away from the city using the London Underground. Each zone is made up of different boroughs. 

Here are the top mentions for the best student housing in 6 Zones of London. 

Best Localities for student accommodation in London

1. Central London

London City Centre or Central London is a modern area of the British capital and exhibits a flawless setting for students to reside. Whether Camden market or Bloomsbury areas, you can deduce the place is filled with many exciting corners such as brunch cafes, restaurants, pubs (don't forget the famous London Pint), and recreational centres. Other than leisure, you can also locate various well-known institutions like King's College and UCL in the vicinity.

2. Spitalfields

Founded as an old market in East London, Spitalfields is a multi-ethnic area that allows individuals to live and enjoy various groups. The room was restored in 2005 under the Spitalfields regeneration program and now inhibits many fixed Victorian era markets like Bishop Square and Crispin Place, which altogether brings many discounted shopping stalls of local-made items (clothes, stationery, food, etc.).

3. Wembley

Wembley is a familiar name to strive for. It is another lively London neighborhood renowned for its maximum openness to its locals. The locality is also called "Mini India" as there are a lot of Indians residing there. It is the main town of Brent in London city.

4. Richmond

Richmond is a little over the city centre, which gives you the advantage of exploring the most affordable student accommodations in London. Richmond area is well-known for the 2500-acre Richmond Park and the Riverside area that attracts a huge crowd to gel up in commonwealth activities. Furthermore, the locality boasts its well-established Richmond University and many others, which can easily be reached as the area lies on the District line.

5. Stratford

If you enjoy sports, look no further than Stratford. Stratford, London is an eminent place for students to live and is known for its sports culture and fan-following. You can enjoy budget-friendly student accommodations. The area also has numerous universities and colleges, including Birkbeck University, Stratford University, Staffordshire University and many others that make this place filled with lots of students to gel up and grow their professional experience. 

6. Shoreditch

Shoreditch in London is suitably the best choice for artistic students who like friendly neighborhoods with aesthetically pleasing wall art, vintage products, and London’s oldest market, Rivington Street. Apart from such places, Shoreditch also offers numerous student-oriented amenities such as near-located universities like London College of Fashion and Guildhall School of Music and Drama that allows students to take fruitful advantage of bargain student accommodation in London.

7. Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park is another lavish student living locality which brings together plentiful opportunities for young minds to learn and adapt. The closest university to Finsbury Park is the UCL, the University of London and the University of Westminster which brings quite a fun-loving environment for students. Finsbury Park is famous for its dedicated tube rail network with nearby areas and also has various leisure places, bars, restaurants, and other leisure places ranging from the Emirates Stadium, and Wolkite. 

Types of student accommodations in London

There are plenty of student housing options in London. But as far as students are concerned, majorly there are five broad categories for you to choose from. Let’s take a peek at their offerings.

On-campus accommodations: 

University residences, hostels or dormitories that are managed by the University come under on-campus accommodations. These options provide suitable access to the amenities rendered by the college on its campus.

Off-campus accommodations:

Off-campus accommodations include PBSAs, HMOs and other room types.

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is an ideal student housing in London where you can experience the best perks of living at excellent packages. These rooms are filled with amenities and are becoming trendy among students.

HMOs (houses of multiple occupancies)

HMOs are highly-efficient student housing in London where more than 3 students can rent out the same accommodation at the same time and share the facilities. 

Room Types:

  1. University-managed residence

The university-managed residences are on-campus student rooms that allow students to live within college boundaries. These are simple 1-bedroom apartments, and the best part about them is their proximity to the campus which saves time while travelling to and from the university.

  1. Studios

Studios are another entrant in student housing in London where you receive 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom spaces and higher amenities than the university dorms. Locating studio apartments in London can be pretty tedious during rush seasons, and you are advised to search for studios well in advance.

  1. Private housing

Private accommodation is yet another mode of living where you can avail maximum benefits of living as per your budget. Private accommodation can be 1-bedroom, 2- or even 2-bedroom kitchen spaces and can vary as per your requirements and needs scale.

  1. Shared accommodation

Shared accommodation is a vital choice for those looking to share housing with 3-5 individuals. While the spaces can become a drawback, the best parts of shared accommodation cover fewer monthly expenses and rent sharing amongst other tenants, leaving you with more savings.

Smart Tip: Many established platforms allow students to research a city or a university and check about local student communities. One such platform is Ideal Flat-mate. Their on-premise services allow you to explore a wide range of flat-sharing services including roommate finder, and a lot more.

Best student accommodation options in London

Here are the top student accommodations in London, and each one possesses its advantages and some loopholes respectively.

Zone 1:

  1. Wellington Lodge

Wellington Lodge present near Fusion Grill Restaurant is one of the most favored student accommodations in London, providing students with a truly memorable experience. The accommodation has various amenities and is a perfect choice for students looking for a stay within walking distance of the university. You can book your accommodation at an initial price of £260/week.

Amenities: Bike storage, laundry service, recycling, printing, 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage, on-site service team, electricity, fire system, secure access, communal lounge, communal study space, and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearest Universities: London South Bank University, University College London.

  1. Moonraker Point

Moonraker Point is located between Southwark and Borough Underground stations making it convenient for both Waterloo and Guys campuses. Moonraker offers tons of amenities to students and it is located in Zone 1 London. The students can visit the nearby local places like the foodies' paradise Borough Market, Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Kings College London is the nearest university. Book this beautiful room starting at £307/week.

  1. Chapter Old Street

Located in the heart of Shoreditch and Hoxton, Chapter Old Street is the perfect choice for students in search of accommodation. The accommodation provides an On-Site Gym, study spaces, Tv, social spaces, games area, courtyard, onsite laundry, onsite team and a terrace. 

Nearest Universities: Coventry University London and Istituto Marangoni London is within a walking distance. You can book this exquisite room starting at £245/week.

  1. Chapter Kings Cross, London
Studio in Chapter King's cross ‹ SpareRoom

Chapter Kings Cross London is another excellent student housing located near Kings Cross Station. The accommodation has various amenities and is a perfect choice for students looking for new friends in Central London at an initial price of £260/week. Many nearby universities have lots of recreational activities, thus, making it enough for your memorable stay in London.

Amenities: 24*7 on-site staff with assisted CCTV Coverage, secure key fob access, lifts to all floors, communal lounge, study room, rooftop garden & outdoor garden space, and free Wi-Fi. 

Nearest Universities: Westminster Kingsway College, University College London and King’s College, London.

  1. Harrington Housing Central

Located near the Mcdonald's Restaurant, Harrington Housing Central offers a wide range of fully-furnished studios and apartments in London. This property is spacious and perfect for students at an initial price of £235/week. Along with amazing amenities, the staff here is accommodating. The University of London and University College London are close to the property making it an eminent student accommodation in London.

Zone 2:

  1. iQ The Arcade

iQ The Arcade student accommodation is one of the most popular student housing in the UK capital. The private student housing offers all basic amenities for students within walking distance. The Arcade has 19 different room specifications, ranging from Standard to Premium.

At The Arcade, you can enjoy the best apartment facilities, including a study desk & chair, high-speed Wi-Fi, wardrobe, fridge freezer, oven and many more. With additional special discounts, you can book this magnificent student room starting at £188 per week.

  1. Great Court

Located in Zone 2 of London, Great Court is a great accommodation for students. Along with a variety of rooms, it offers numerous in-house amenities and services included in your student accommodation from £250/week. It is located within a 15-minute walk from Oxford Street. The most renowned universities in London are easily accessible from the accommodation.

  1. iQ Tufnell House

iQ Tufnell House is another great entrant to our student accommodation options in London. The student property is based in North London in Zone 2 and is well-connected to ample colleges such as UCL, Regents University, and the University of London.

The iQ Tufnell House boasts a broad range of facilities for students covering en suite rooms, studios, and flats are on offer, as well as some unique options in the separate Gatehouse building for final year and postgraduate students. Wi-Fi, bills, and contents insurance are all included in the price of £265 per week.

  1. iQ Highbury, London

iQ Highbury is an excellent choice for students looking for calm localities. The iQ Highbury student housing in London is present in Central London and enables students to travel back and forth to nearby colleges within walking distance. Currently, the property offers up to 20+ room options ranging from Bronze to Platinum and offers various student-centric amenities like shared kitchens and living spaces.

The building also includes a range of social areas, with a gym, zen garden cinema, games room and lounge. The cost of living at iQ Highbury starts at £200 per week and includes all utility bills to save time for dealing with them outside the rent.

  1. Londonist Highbury Residence

Londonist Highbury Residence is prominent student accommodation in London for students. It includes free WiFi, a gym, wheelchair access, laundry and study areas along with CCTV and 24hr security service. It is within a walking distance from London metropolitan university. The accommodation is relaxing and student-friendly. You can book your accommodation starting at £265/week.

Zone 3:

  1. Emily Bowes Court

Emily Bowes Court is located near the Table 13 Coffee shop and within an 18-minute distance from the University of London and the University of Westminster. Tottenham Hale Retail Park and River Lee, perfect for a relaxing walk are nearby. The property has excellent rooms and common areas for students to get to know each other starting at just £144/week.

  1. Mannequin House

Mannequin House is one of the most favoured student accommodations in London City Centre. You will find a wide range of fully-furnished studios, some of the largest bedrooms available on rent and two beds apartments starting at just £199/week. Along with various amenities, high-speed Wi-fi is a must-have. 

King's College London and the University of London are in the vicinity of the student accommodation. 

  1. Stratford One

Whenever students seek comfort in London, Stratford One always manages to be an option. The Stratford One student accommodation is located less than a 10-minute walk away from London Zone 2 and 8-minutes from Loughborough University, London Campus. The rent starts from £217 per week and also has a vending machine, bike storage, Wi-Fi, and 24*7 security facilities.

  1. Station Court

Station Court is situated in Tottenham in north London and is at a 15-minute distance from the city centre. The Station Court is the ideal choice for student accommodation starting from £152/week and consists of over 200+ rooms along with amenities and services. This part of London is home to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London, Tottenham Centre is within a walking distance from the student accommodation.

  1. The Lyra

The Lyra is the best student accommodation option to enlist our top choices. The student accommodation in London zone 2 is next to North Acton Tube Station and 11-minutes to the University of West London. The Lyra also allows students to roam freely in and out of the city with effective location build-up.

Starting with an initial rent of £275 per week, The Lyra accommodation has been designed to offer everything a student needs. Smart TV, free Wi-Fi, big beds, fridge freezer, study desk and chair are some of the best perks about the place and choosing to stay in London as a student.

Zone 4:

  1. iQ Sterling Court

iQ Sterling Court is popular student accommodation in London present near Wenzels Restaurant. Middlesex University and the Arden University of Law are nearby to the property to save time. This property is not only spacious but also perfect for University students. Also, you can hop onto a train from London Central Train Station. Along with amazing amenities included in the bills, the staff here is very accommodating and rooms are starting from £183/week.

  1. Malden Hall

One of the prestigious student accommodations and a house of several universities is Malden Hall in London. It ensures comfort and an easy lifestyle for the students. With fully-furnished rooms and well-equipped utilities, this student accommodation starts at a range of £189/week. The University College London, Imperial College London, University of Westminster, University of London, and SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies) are conveniently located near the student accommodation.

  1. Arch View House

Arch View House, London meets all the needs of a student. The rooms are furnished with free WiFi. The student accommodation is close to a lot of Universities in London making it easier for the students to travel. Arch View House, London student accommodation has its on-site team and a 24-hour helpline service for the needs and concerns of the students. You can book your accommodation starting at just £147/week.

  1. Pavilion Court

Pavilion Court has chic modern private student accommodation in London. London city centre is only a tube journey away and the accommodation is just a bus journey away from the top universities in London, shops, bars and restaurants in Wembley. Pavilion Court student accommodation offers a variety of services and amenities along with the rooms at a starting price of £97/week.

  1. The Valentine

The Valentine, situated next to Gants Hill tube station, gets you to Stratford in 12 minutes, and Liverpool Street in 20 minutes is brand new student accommodation in East London. With the availability of modern furniture and amenities, the accommodation is one of the finest stay options for students studying in London at a starting range of £178/week.

Zone 5:

  1. Arbury Court

Arbury Court is located at 173 Kingston Road, Kingston-upon-Thames. It offers a range of en-suite rooms and independent private studios. With a variety of rooms, the accommodation comes with a comfortable double bed, a fully-fitted kitchen, and a spacious living room at a starting price of £189/week. To have a secure stay, 24 hr security service and CCTV cameras are set up at the student accommodation. 

Zone 6:

  1. Maksons House

Maksons House is favoured student accommodation in Egham, at a walking distance from Royal Holloway University via a free shuttle bus. It allows you to live your student life in style. This student accommodation covers 24/7 CCTV and secure entry systems. It is managed by a dedicated team to ensure a safe and secure stay. You can now book your accommodation at the initial price of £245/week.

  1. Davidson House

Davidson House is within a walking distance of Kingston University and is a prime accommodation for students. The student accommodation has a newly refurbished social area specially designed for students. Davidson House is an ideal choice for students starting from a range of £208/week with fully-furnished kitchens and rooms, amazing amenities and affordable services.

Cost of living in the UK

One thing that always revolves around students’ minds is Cost of living in the UK. Living in London, UK is expensive as compared to other abroad destinations. But with careful assessment and planning about expenditures, living in any part of the UK need not be prohibitive.

Here is a simple breakdown of all the costs that may incur while living in London as a student.

For better accommodation options and affordability for students, check out this website.

Bills Average Cost
 Cost of Student Accommodation
 £500-£1500 per month
 Entertainment Costs
 Leisure Expenses  £30-£150
 Transportation Expenses  £30-£100 per week

Compulsory Bills

Electric/gas/water bill

All utility bills are not included in students' rent expenditures. To make sure these are either added or removed, you can consult about the breakdown of your rental agreement from your landlord. 


Stationary is an inseparable part of students' lives. They are regular expenses and keeping a large chunk of money beforehand for your stationery allows you to leverage numerous discounts.

Mobile phones & Internet

Mobile phones and the Internet have helped many students keep in touch with their family and friends. Being an essential amenity for students, mobile phones and internet connections in London could be purchased at reasonable prices from a local vendor.

TV license

TV does hold a special place in many young hearts. You can also select various streaming platform services that allow you to binge-watch several new TV series and movies online. You can also purchase different plans with your roommates and share annual/monthly charges to enjoy full-fledged entertainment.

Commute and charges

  1. London Buses

The best modes of commute in London are the Buses. The city crowd enjoys the advantage of viewing the complete city at affordable prices on London Buses. Having thousands of routes and bus stops, people aren’t restricted to any zone in London. 

  1. The London Underground or The Tube

The London Underground is the world’s oldest underground rail network. It is a part of the TfL transport system with 270 stations and 24/7 service on a few stations.

  1. The Overground

As the name implies, the overground rail network moves above the roadway level and links the city centre. It provides services to almost 71% of the London Boroughs with 100+ stations.

  1. DLR (Docklands Light Railway)

It is an automated system with no drivers connecting the London’s cable car. It is a relatively small and a limited network.

  1. Emirates Air Line (Cable Car)

Don’t get confused by the name. To enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of London, Emirates Air Line (Cable Car) takes you 90m above ground level. It travels to the Royal Victoria Dock from Greenwich.

What should you consider before moving in?

You can consider the following while looking at student accommodation in London. 

  • Number of people you want to share your accommodation with
  • Accommodation catered or self-catered
  • Single or double bed
  • Room size 
  • Budget
  • On or off-campus accommodation
  • Safety standards
  • Any extra services or facilities


  1. Citymapper
  2. London Bus
  3. Vouchercloud
  4. Santander Cycles
  5. London Official Events Guide: What’s On?


Q1. When should I start looking for student accommodation in London?

Answer: It’s beneficial to start your hunt for student accommodation early. Always check the paperwork of the place, the amenities provided and the location and proximity to your university. Thorough research is vital to ensure smooth booking of student accommodation in London.

Q2. What should you bring or what are the things not to bring to my student accommodation?

Answer: It is important to remember what not to bring to your student accommodation. University accommodation gives you basic amenities such as a bed, a wardrobe, or a small cupboard. But things like general kitchenware, warm blankets, and extra bedding are good to bring.

Q3. Can I live in student accommodation without being a student?

Answer: Yes, many of the student housing and student halls in London and some private student accommodation in London city centre are designed for non-students or postgraduate students. You can check their eligibility in the booking terms and conditions.

Q4. How do I apply for student accommodation?

Answer: Most student housing in London is booked via the university portal if you’re looking for university dorms. For private accommodation, you can search the availability on student accommodation booking sites and compare properties. 

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London has always been the capital of the UK. From being culturally active to accommodating students from all over the world, London is the ideal choice. Before moving to a new city research is mandatory but it is a great city and a great place to live, no matter how scary it may seem after you move to London. It will no doubt be worth it.