Student Housing Guide: New York 2023
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Student Housing Guide: New York 2023

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Oct 18, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
Uploaded on
Oct 18, 2022
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Mar 13, 2023
New York student housing
Your big apple abode awaits!

Students come with a lot of hope in New York, as it is one of the most desirable places to study abroad. Students get to explore the vibrant city and establish professional connections in NYC. The academic environment allows students to excel and make their careers. You've received your college acceptance letter, packed your belongings, and are now officially prepared to move. The problematic phase now begins: locating student housing in New York City. 

The city is built on diverse languages, cultures, and social groups, so you don’t have to worry about feeling isolated. The city is home to some widely recognised universities like the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University (NYU), The City College of New York, Columbia University and many more.

Along with all the other important aspects, student housing is also essential for students coming to NYC. This student housing guide will help the students understand student housing in New York and the best options available. 

Types of student housing in New York

Many housing options are available for New York students housing in this bustling city. You will have enough options for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can get a suitable New York student housing option for yourself. The following are the types of housing in NYC.

Studio Apartment 

The studio apartment is a one-room apartment. They are also known as one-room apartments or studio flats. A studio apartment typically has one large room serving the living, dining, and sleeping areas. A variation, known as an "alcove studio," may include a very small separate area; this wing or nook is separate from the main area and can be used for dining or sleeping. The kitchen facilities in the apartment may be located in the main room or in a small separate area. The bathroom is typically located in its smaller room, while the toilet can be elsewhere. 


An ensuite room is the student housing where the bathroom is directly attached to it; to use the bathroom, a person in that bedroom does not need to leave the room or enter a hallway. Instead, it is a part of the bedroom. The bathroom in an ensuite bedroom will differ in size and features. This design is common in hotel rooms and is becoming more common in private residences. Some ensuite bedroom bathrooms only have a toilet and a sink, while others have a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. Other bathrooms will be more elaborate and will include additional amenities. 

Shared Apartment

Shared flats are New York student housing where the flat is rented by a group of student housing where every flatmate is bound to pay their rent after splitting it from the total rent amount. The sharers are under a joint tenancy agreement. It means you'll share an apartment/house with one or more people. You will share common areas with other apartment residents, such as the kitchen and living room. If you have a shared room, you are sharing your room with one or more other people. Unless specifically stated, the bathroom is usually shared unless you have your own private bathroom.

Popular student locations

Even though it is recognized as an expensive city, it can provide affordable student housing in NYC. Living in a comparatively affordable, popular college location like the ones listed below can help you achieve financial success.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill is defined by the intersection of the 29th and 42nd streets. Murray hill is notorious for being clogged with college students looking for a nearby restaurant. 

Salvation Taco is famed for its free ping pong, while 2nd Avenue Deli's pastrami sandwiches are unrivalled. The Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and the United Nations offices are all within walking distance of Murray Hill, part of the Midtown East neighbourhood. Stop into St. Vartan Park to shoot hoops on the basketball courts or explore the flora to get a break from the city.

Best student accommodations in Murray Hill

With amber, you do not need to hunt for New York student housing. With amber student accommodation, you can choose from affordable New York student housing options such as Midtown East, located close to Murray Hill. 


Yorkville is known as the "hidden gem" of the Upper East Side, which is one of the city's most family-friendly neighbourhoods. Even for Manhattan's notoriously hectic reputation, it emanates a slower-paced, laid-back attitude. It stretches from East 79th to East 96th Streets, providing a unique blend of urban and country living. There is plenty of nature escapes like the Carl Shurz and John Jay parks, the usual NYC cuisines, intriguing stores, and beautiful, high-rise skyscrapers. Yorkville attracts students and recent graduates because of its welcoming attitude in student accommodation in Manhattan, New York.

Washington Heights 

The  Times Square and the Empire State Building are located in the Midtown area; Manhattan's highest neighbourhood, Washington Heights, is sparsely populated and provides great student housing in NYC. This district is noted for its ethnically diverse character, with many Ecuadorian, Dominican, and Mexican restaurants, festivals, art museums, and street cart vendors. It's around 35 minutes from Union Square, above 179th Street.

Manhattan, New York, is often more expensive for student housing. Although Washington Heights is officially part of Manhattan, you can find huge affordable apartments by New York standards. Fort Tryon Park, Manolo Tapas, and Cafe Buunni are excellent places to visit.


Williamsburg, New York City, is one of the city's most popular, emerging, and intriguing neighbourhoods, with cheap student housing in NYC combining modern, edgy architecture with historic structures. Because the gorgeous Brooklyn College Campus snuggles right up against the neighbourhood, it's the hub for young creatives for students and college grads. 

You can quickly locate a sleek laptop cafe to study in and art exhibits, music events, and tasty eateries in this location. Walk across the Williamsburg Bridge, explore Domino Park, a thrift shop at L Train Vintage, and bowl at Brooklyn Bowl to make the most of your vacation.


is a trendy neighbourhood adjacent to Williamsburg featuring live-work artist buildings, Polish delis, and doughnut shops. It's an affordable neighbourhood with all necessities like grocery stores and laundromats. The Sunshine Laundromat offers washing services, over 20 pinball machines, and refreshments. 

Students can go on an Indie shopping spree, pick up some vinyl, and eat at Christina's Polish Restaurant while not studying at a local coffee shop. See a band at the Brooklyn Bazaar to round out the evening.

Factors to consider when moving into New York student housing

You will need to consider several factors before moving into your desired New York student accommodation. Most of you might be from abroad and won’t be familiar with how living in New York differs from living in your own city. We will make it simple for you so that you get ready with your bags to move into your New York housing.

1. Your Budget

Budget is the essential aspect you will naturally consider before selecting the right New York student housing for yourself. The student accommodation rent may vary depending on the location, type of housing, and the facilities provided. 

2. Utility Cost

Before deciding to move into a New York student accommodation, ensure whether the rent covers the utility charges or whether you have to pay it separately. It may also happen that some utilities are not covered in the rent amount, while the rent is covered in the rent amount. Most of the New York uni accommodations cover all the utilities, but it is rare to find the same in off-campus student housing in NYC. 

Amber provides off-campus student housing in NYC, which includes all the utility bills; you just need to pay the rent. No extra charges, with all the facilities. Some amenities provided by amber for New York student housing are:

  •  WiFi
  •  Bills Included
  •  Fully Furnished
  •  Onsite Laundry
  •  Room Cleaning
  •  Parking
  •  Elevators
  •  Onsite Gym
  •  Security
  •  Courtyard

3. Lease Terms 

Read the lease agreement carefully and note details such as the lease length, move-in and move-out dates, utilities included, and any additional charges mentioned. Take note of the lease breakage fee and sublease terms if you need to relocate. 

4. Location

Location is also one of the most important factors for New York Student housing. You will have to search for suitable student accommodation in New York close to the university. There are commute options to the rescue if needed. 

5. Deposit Amount 

You may be required to pay a deposit equal to your monthly rent. This is requested as a safety precaution by the apartment and is returned once you have moved out and followed the apartment's move-out terms. It is also known as the damage deposit.

Documents required for renting student accommodation in NYC

  • Your Visa
  • Your University's offer letter
  • Photo Id
  • Proof of financial assistance


We hope you find this student housing guide helpful. Now that you have a clear idea of the best localities for New York student housing and all the important factors, you need to consider booking student accommodation in New York. You can check out our blog on renting an apartment using a student loan. Pack your bags and get set go!

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