Student Housing Guide: Sheffield 2023
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Student Housing Guide: Sheffield 2023

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Sheffield city centre
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The main city in the region is Sheffield, a county in south Yorkshire sometimes referred to as the "Steel City." The River Sheaf, which flows through the city, gave it its name. The city was crucial to the Industrial Revolution and has since developed into the centre of all industrial-related activity. The Sheffield population is very student friendly.  It has become more lively and added more vegetation to its infrastructure, strengthening the sense of community in the town. Any student's dream would come true if they had the opportunity to attend school in Sheffield. You will find a variety of student housing in Sheffield with reasonable rent here. 

When to start looking for student housing?

Since your student housing plays a huge role in your university experience, here’s a few tips to make sure you find the perfect home away from home: 

  • Try not waiting until the last-minute to book your student home as you might miss out on the best options.
  • Beat the crowd and start looking for a home during your first term for the best selection of properties because more than a quarter of first-year university students start looking for a home for the following year within weeks of beginning their degree.

Things to keep in mind while choosing an accommodation

Now, finding your best student housing match is where things can get a bit tricky. Here’s some of the important things to consider when looking for the best student housing, check out our blog on things to keep in mind while choosing an accommodation.

List of things to keep in mind while choosing an accommodation
Things to keep in mind while choosing an accommodation

Living cost: Calculate your budget first so you can get a sense of how much you can spend on lodging. Don't forget to account for other expenses like utilities and transportation expenditures. With the help of amber, you can find affordable student accommodations and plan your living cost accordingly. 

  • Neighbourhood: Make sure to check out the area that your student housing is located in. Do some research on the locality such as essential services in the area, transport options and crime rates. 
  • Extra Perks: Some of the best student housings also offer additional facilities such as Wi-Fi, gyms and study areas. 
  • Contract Terms: Get someone with a legal background to read your contract before signing it to make an informed decision. 

Types of accommodation 

The first choice students must make when narrowing down their options is which kind of student housing they’re looking for. Those looking for the best Sheffield student housing will come across these three main types when booking with amber:

1. On campus accommodation

Hostels or dorms are typically available at universities for on-campus housing. They include management-provided services like coffee shops, WiFi, laundry, etc. Students must, of course, pay rent to live in these halls, although the amount varies depending on the kind of housing.

2. Off-campus

This is off-campus housing, typically near to the institution. The cost is reduced since the students choose to reserve shared lodging. Typically, rent includes costs for utilities like gas, water, and electricity. Depending on the housing and area, different fee structures apply. Your choices include a single room, a bathroom, or a studio unit. 

3. Purpose Built student housing (PBSA): This includes  Sheffield student housing that has been designed and built specifically for university students like you! Common features include an all-inclusive rent and additional benefits such as fully furnished rooms, laundry service, 24x7 security, common spaces and study rooms. 

  • Ensuites: Perfect for those who prioritise their privacy, ensuites let students enjoy their personal space with a private bathroom and a shared kitchen, and are generally priced around £100 - £190/week
  • Non-ensuites: Slightly different from an en-suite, a non-en suite accommodation includes a shared bathroom and kitchen. This type is ideal for social students and usually costs around £60 - £150/week. 
  • Studios: With a single multi-purpose space, this type of accommodation can be private or shared and tends to fall between £130 - £210/week

Best Areas to Live in Sheffield for student housing

1. Ranmoor

Ranmoor is an affluent suburb with many student housing options to choose from. The area is primarily residential and is one of the best areas to live in Sheffield among students, housing a large student community. Ranmoor has a range of restaurants like Canton Orchards, The Florentine and Rafters that students can try. 

2. Sheffield City Centre

The city centre is the liveliest part of the city and is divided into four zones - Centre, Riverside, Sheaf Valley and West End. The city centre has a range of shopping centres, restaurants and bars and often hosts different events. The city centre is one of the best areas to live in Sheffield. It has a rich nightlife and music scene and is perfect for anyone looking for student accommodation in Sheffield, a lively area. 

3. Bramall Lane

Located in Highfield, Bramall Lane is the perfect place for students that love sports. Bramall Lane is the name given to the official stadium of Sheffield United. The area is one of the best areas to live in Sheffield Hallam students looking for student housing in Sheffield near their university. The site also has a rich nightlife, with restaurants and bars for students to try. 

4. Central Quay

For anyone looking for student accommodation near the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University, Central Quay is the perfect place. Located in the Kelham Island area, Central Quay is one of the trendiest spots in the city, with a young student population.  

Top 10 accommodation in the city 

1. Central Place

Central Place, also formerly known as Sheffield 2, is the brand new student accommodation in Sheffield that offers a wide range of en-suites and 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for you to choose from. The property is located just a 10-minute drive from Sheffield Hallam University and a 6-minute drive from the University of Sheffield.  

Amenities:  Laundry facilities,  Printing services, Staff on-site 24/7, Communal dining and kitchen area, Communal area coffee machine. 

2. Nebula, Sheffield

One of the most well-known student residences in Sheffield is Nebula, which offers a variety of chic studios and two-bedroom flats for rent. The Sheffield College is 10 minutes away while the University of Sheffield building is 4 minutes away from the house.

Amenities: Common Room, Outdoor Area, Self Catered On Site Maintenance, Cleaner, Laundry Room, Recycling TV (communal), Garden, Gym, Central Heating, Disabled Access, Post Room. 

3. Sheffield 3, Sheffield

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are both within a 10-minute walk from Sheffield 3's student housing, making it incredibly convenient for daily commutes. Sheffield 3 offers students a really unique experience from beginning to end. Students can pick from a variety of ensuite and studio rooms at the resort.

Amenities: High speed WiFi, Kitchen cleans, Flexible payment terms,  In-house housekeeping. 

4. Archways, Sheffield

You can rely on Archways if you're seeking student housing in Sheffield, particularly in the city centre. This establishment, which provides both high-end and reasonably priced en-suite rooms, is only a 4-minute walk from Sheffield Hallam University and a 9-minute walk from the University of Sheffield.

Amenities: Double bed with under bed storage, Desks and Chairs, Wardrobe, bedside table, Curtains, Washbasin, Mirror, Microwave.

5. IQ Brocco, Sheffield

A popular student housing in Sheffield called Brocco provides a variety of en suite rooms and self-contained flats for you to select from. It's the perfect place for you to move because it's close to Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield.

Amenities: City centre location Close to universities, Social spaces, Regular social events, Welcoming atmosphere, Onsite laundry, Onsite cycle, storage, Free parcel collection, Free contents, insurance.

6. Leadmill Point, Sheffield

Students may pick from a variety of chic en-suites and non-en-suites at Leadmill Point, Sheffield, a unique student housing in Sheffield City Centre. The building is next to Bramall Lane Stadium and is only a two-minute walk or five-minute drive from Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield College, respectively.

Amenities:  Double bed with under bed storage, Desk and Chairs, Wardrobe, Wi-fi, Microwave, Fridge freezer, Washbasin, Breakfast. bar, oven, Cooking hobs, Dustpan and brush Noticeboard

7. IQ Steel, Sheffield

IQ Steel is a splendid student accommodation in Sheffield that offers stylish en-suite rooms, two bedroom apartments and studios. Located on Pitt St in the heart of the city, the accommodation is only 5 minutes away from the University of Sheffield and a 17 minute walk from Sheffield Hallam University.

Amenities:  Close to universities, City centre, location Central, courtyard, Onsite laundry, Onsite cycle, storage, Free parcel collection, Free contents, insurance, Welcoming atmosphere.

8. St Mary's House, Sheffield

St. Mary’s House is luxurious student housing in Sheffield. It is centrally located in Sheffield in a busy location close to an Aldi supermarket. They provide deluxe en-suites with fitted kitchens and other amenities. And it is close to many universities like Sheffield Hallam University (15 minute walk), the University of Sheffield (15 minute walk), and Sheffield College (6 minute drive). 

Amenities: Superb Location, Great Value Rates, Professional Lettings, Company Gym, and Cinema Room, Laundry Facilities, Games Room TV (communal).

9. Bramall Court

Regarded as one of the favourite student accommodations in Sheffield by many, Bramall Court offers a selection of en-suite and shared flats with warm interiors. The University of Sheffield is 20 minutes on foot and Sheffield Hallam University is 21 minutes away, and if you take a bus, you’ll reach your university in a short time!

Amenities: Bike Storage, 24 Hour Staff. On-site Parking, On-site Laundry, Games Area, On site maintenance, Post and parcel service, Wellbeing events, Contents Insurance.

10. Aspect 3 Apartments, Sheffield

You can always rely on Aspect 3 Apartments if you're seeking contemporary student housing in Sheffield. Sheffield Hallam University is only 9 minutes away on foot, while the University of Sheffield is only 10 minutes, and this facility offers a variety of standard flats, ensuite rooms, and studios.

Amenities: Fully Furnished 3/4 Double Bed, Ensuite Bathroom, Kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, Desk & Chair, wardrobe, breakfast, bar, sofas.

Explore More:

Questions to ask before finalising the accommodation

Are you anxious to sign the contract and complete the process? Before deciding on student housing, consider the following questions to be sure you've chosen wisely:

  • What is the distance from my university?
  • What kind of neighbours will be around me?
  • What do the neighbours think of the neighbourhood and how is it?
  • What is the distance to the nearest bus, tram, or metro station and the frequency of the services?
  • Will I need to spend money on furnishings or is the room already furnished?
  • How safe is the neighbourhood and how secure is the property?
  • Will the rent include utilities?

Moving in Checklist for Students

Housing Guide Move-in Checklist

Congratulations! You've chosen your ideal student residence in Sheffield and are now prepared to move into your temporary residence. You can start packing for the major relocation with the help of the following list. 

  • Important documents
  • Electronics and accessories
  • A variety of clothing according to the weather 
  • Stationery for university
  • Utensils and cutlery
  • Bedsheets, blankets and pillows
  • Toiletries
  • Medical items

Check out our blog for a complete packing checklist.

Scams and Frauds

At Amber, we care about your security and want to make sure you have a smooth booking experience. This student housing guide was created as a result to assist you in avoiding rental fraud and scams.

  • Never use cash or untraceable payment methods.
  • Before making a decision, always visit the potential lodging.
  • Don't give out critical or private information.
  • Verify if the landlord is in good vibes.
  • Get in touch with the present tenants to find out what they think of the house and neighbourhood.

Check out our blog for a thorough explanation of rental scams, their typical methods , and advice on how to prevent them. If you’re on the lookout for affordable best student housing in Sheffield, check out our guide to living in Sheffield on a budget.

Sheffield, a port city rich in culture and the arts, is ideal for those who want to take their time seeing everything the city has to offer. For a detailed guide to the city, view our Sheffield City Guide video. Considered to be a welcoming city, you can definitely establish yourself here and take advantage of student life in Sheffield. We hope this student housing guide helps you find the best student housing in Sheffield. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us

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