Student Housing Guide: Winchester 2023

Student Housing Guide: Winchester 2023

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Jun 27, 2022
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Guide to Winchester Student Housing
Living and winning in Winchester!

Classically English City, Winchester features stunning Georgian architecture. You can find excellent options for Winchester student housing within an hour of London. Winchester offers a broad selection of dining, drinking, and socializing venues making it one of the best places to live. Its historical history and contemporary persona serve as an inspiring backdrop. There is history everywhere you turn, lovely places to shop, eat, and drink, and stunning countryside in Hampshire. One of the most fantastic cathedral cities in the nation is Winchester. In this student housing guide you will learn all you need to know before choosing student housing in Winchester.

When to start looking for Winchester student housing?

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the ideal home away from home because your student housing will significantly impact how you experience university:

  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to reserve your student accommodation in Winchester because you can lose out on the best possibilities.
  • Private student housing typically starts promoting many amazing deals and the lowest prices available for the upcoming academic year in October or November. By that time, you'll be familiar with the city where you'll be staying and know precisely where you want to live.
  • Within a few weeks of commencing their courses, more than a quarter of first-year university students start looking for a place to live for the next year, so get in early for the best selection of apartments and beat the rush!
  • Every university has its policies. Generally, you can apply after accepting an offer. While many institutions would only open applications for Winchester student housing to you if they are your solid choice, some will let you apply for Winchester student housing even if they are your insurance alternative.

Things to keep in mind when choosing student housing

  • Cost of living - Calculate your budget first to see how much you can spend on Winchester student housing. Student budgets should fall between £600 to £900 per month, including food, groceries, utilities, travel and miscellaneous costs.
  • Neighbourhood - while choosing a student accommodation, ensure that it is safe and that you would feel secure there if you were to live there before looking into the specifics. Living in a safe environment will make it possible for you to sleep soundly at night and guarantee that your experience will be as positive and carefree as possible.
  • Extra Perks - Some top student housing complexes also provide WiFi, gyms, community gathering rooms, and study spaces.
  • Contract Terms - Before you sign your contract, have a professional legal review it so that you can make an informed choice. Confirm that your landlord has enrolled your deposit in a protection programme. Note the move-in or move-out dates, the lease length, and the utilities included.
  • Commuting - find out the travel costs from your student accommodation in Winchester to the university; always see the university's proximity. 

Types of accommodation

On Campus

Students can fully immerse themselves in the college experience by residing on campus. They provide a variety of room types, including single, shared, and ensuite rooms and one-bedroom flats.

Off-Campus Housing

Compared to off-campus accommodations, on-campus accommodations are more limited, more expensive, and subject to more restrictions. Since rent makes up a sizable portion of the total cost of living, most international students pursuing higher education choose off-campus housing. Regarding Winchester student housing, there are various types of accommodations, such as'


PBSAs include Winchester student housing designed and built specifically for university students like you! Standard features include an all-inclusive rent and additional benefits such as fully furnished rooms, laundry service, 24x7 security, shared spaces and study rooms. 


Price Range - £125 - £190/week.

Perfect for those who prioritize their privacy, ensuites let students enjoy their personal space with a private bathroom and a shared kitchen.


Price Range - £85 - £264/week

Unlike an ensuite, a non-ensuite accommodation includes a shared bathroom and kitchen. This type is ideal for social students. 


Price Range - £105 - £264/week

With a single multi-purpose space, this type of accommodation can be private or shared. 

Best Localities in Winchester for student housing


The Stanmore neighbourhood in Winchester is a warm and friendly residential area. The area has many brand-new eateries, green spaces, and parks perfect for outdoor entertainment. The region is ideal Winchester student accommodation for college students looking for off-campus housing in a welcoming neighbourhood.

Ocean Village

One of Southampton's most sought-after neighbourhoods, Ocean Village, offers excellent homes with top-notch amenities and easy access to the city. The neighbourhood near the River Itchen's mouth is home to the Royal Southampton Yacht Club. Homes in the area offer beautiful Southampton Water views.


Winnall is a lovely neighbourhood that is inexpensive and ideal for students. The area is perfect for Winchester student housing for students looking for a creative environment with hip restaurants, cafés and lots of street art. Winnall is a neighbourhood in Hampshire's Winchester located on the River Itchen's bank. It is home to the Winnall Moors natural reserve on the Itchen floodplain and the Erasmus Park residence hall of the University of Southampton.


The Portswood neighbourhood is located in the heart of the city. It encircles the primary Highfield Campus of the University of Southampton. Students can commute quicker because the neighbouring St Denys train station services the London Waterloo to Weymouth mainline and the West Coastway Line.

Victorian Terraces

Victorian terraces are excellent for college students on a tight budget. The area is home to many breweries and a thriving music scene. Due to the abundance of grocery and convenience stores in the area, students won't have trouble finding necessities nearby.

Top 10 accommodations in Winchester

Cathedral Point

One of Winchester's most well-liked and opulent student residences, Cathedral Point offers students an outstanding experience. This is the best student accommodation option as numerous fashionable studio, and two-bedroom apartments are nearby, all of which come completely furnished and equipped with ensuite studio rooms.


On-Site Laundry, Games Area, Study Room, High-Speed WiFi, and Ensuite Shower Rooms

Riverside Way

One of the most well-liked Winchester student accommodation and opulent student housing options, Riverside Way offers students a remarkable experience. A selection of chic studio apartments with full kitchens, as well as rooms with private bathrooms. 


Bike Storage, Breakfast bar and chair, High-Speed WiFi, social lounge, a fully fitted kitchen and a double bed with under-bed storage.

Sparkford House, Winchester

In Winchester, Sparkford House is a top-notch place to stay for students. There are numerous studio flats available on this site. The University of Winchester is only a 4-minute walk away. At the same time, the University of Southampton is only a 17-minute drive from this property, making it the perfect choice for Winchester student housing.


High-speed WiFi, complimentary grab-and-go breakfast, free Netflix subscriptions in studios, bookshelves, cleaning services, and accessible 24 hours gym.

Green Wood Court

Green Wood Court is a contemporary student residence close to Winchester, situated a manageable distance from the university campus. This Winchester student housing is about 5 minute walk from Southampton Solent University, while the University of Southampton is only a short bus ride away.


Laundry Facilities onsite, bike storage, free parking, high-speed WiFi and common areas.

Orion Point, Southampton

A variety of tastefully equipped flats and ensuites are available at Southampton's Orion Point, a contemporary student housing complex. A 7-minute walk will get you to Southampton Solent University, while a 15-minute stroll will contact you to City College. This is the best student accommodation as the city centre's pubs, shops, and entertainment are close.


Housekeeping and maintenance teams, laundry facilities, gym, vending machines and common areas.

Queens Gate

Several large studios exist at the Winchester student housing facility, Queens Gate. The building is in a prime location for students, being only a short bus ride from Southampton University and a 5-minute drive from Southampton Solent University. Due to the property's good access to public transportation, getting around the city will be simpler for you.


Games room, communal lounge, laundry room, gym, study area, high-speed WiFi, and TV.

Vincent Place, Southampton

One of the most well-liked Winchester student housing and opulent student residences, Vincent Place offers students a remarkable experience. City College is close by, and Southampton Solent University is 20 minutes away, making this the best student accommodation option for students looking for housing in Southampton.


Flexible payment terms, contents insurance, high-speed WiFi, gym, printing facilities and maintenance team.

High Street, Southampton

High Street is a serene residence for students in Winchester that provides first-rate studios and two-Dios. The busiest area of town, where everyone frequents restaurants, cafes, and pubs day and night, is just next to this Winchester student housing.


Free coffee station, grab-and-go breakfast, free printer, 24 hours gym, cleaning services, yoga classes, storage services, vending machines and free Netflix subscriptions in studios.

Cumberland Place, Southampton

Cumberland Place is a beautiful Winchester student housing option. There are many different studios and ensuite rooms available at this facility. Many of Southampton's major universities are close to this property, located in the city's centre. For example, the University of Southampton is just 10 minutes away by car, while the University of Winchester is 24 minutes away.


Pool table, high-speed WiFi, laundry and study room, gym, onsite maintenance and content insurance included. 

Marland House, Southampton

An excellent student housing option in Winchester is Marland House. There are many different studio flats available in this building. Numerous prestigious universities, including Southampton, are close. From this house, it takes 9 minutes to walk to Solent University and 11 minutes to walk to City College.


Games room, outdoor area, laundry room, recycling, gym, pool table and onsite maintenance, 

Questions to ask before finalizing the accommodation

Nervous about taking that final step and signing the contract? Here's a list of questions to ask before finalizing the Winchester student housing to ensure you've made the right choice:

  • How far will I be from my university?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • How is the area, and what do the neighbours think of it?
  • How far is the closest bus/tram/subway stop, and are the services regular?
  • Is the room fully furnished, or will I be spending on furniture?
  • How secure is the property, and how safe is the area?
  • What is the procedure for reporting issues?
  • Are you allowed to redecorate?
  • What are the emergency services nearby?
  • Will bills be included in the rent?

Moving in Checklist

Bravo! Finally, you've selected your Winchester student housing and are prepared to move into your temporary home. You can start packing for the significant move with the help of the following list.

  • Important documents
  • Electronics and accessories
  • A variety of clothing according to the weather 
  • Stationery for university
  • Utensils and cutlery
  • Bedsheets, blankets and pillows
  • Toiletries
  • Medical items

Check out our complete list for moving in.

Scams and Frauds

To fool and deceive you into parting with a lot of money, scammers and con artists prey on naive renters by working under the idea of accountability, legal paperwork, and paper trails. At amber, we value your safety and want to ensure you do not face any problems while booking your Winchester Student Housing. So, we've put together this student housing guide to help you dodge any rental scams or frauds.

  • Never pay using cash or non-traceable methods.
  • Always view the accommodation before finalizing it.
  • Don't provide confidential or sensitive information.
  • Make sure the landlord passes the vibe check.
  • Connect with the current tenants to get their opinion of the property and area.

Check out our blog for a detailed guide on rental scams, their types and tips and tricks to avoid them.

We hope this student housing guide gave you an idea about finding a place to live in Winchester. This city should undoubtedly be on your list if you're looking for a place to pursue higher education because it offers a wealth of student-friendly activities. Winchester student housing provides proximity to top-notch schools and accessibility to open spaces. Winchester is one of Hampshire's most sought-after neighbourhoods. In addition to the beautiful architecture and the variety of stores, eateries, cafes, and pubs to discover, there is a true sense of community, and you would never want to leave!

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