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Tips and Tricks to Shipping Luggage Internationally
5 min

Tips and Tricks to Shipping Luggage Internationally

Jul 11, 2022
5 min

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Shipping luggage internationally is a science all of its own. From packing to customs paperwork, suitcase sizes to insurance - we’ll help you nail the process with some simple tips and tricks. Whether it’s the perfect way to pack travel suitcases (spoiler: it’s just like Tetris!) or straightforward insurance solutions, we’ve got you covered in this guide. 

Why Choose to Ship Luggage? 

Desperately scanning the baggage carousel as the last few bags trickle through, slowly realising yours isn’t amongst them. We’ve all been there. The sinking feeling as you search for your misplaced bags as your fellow travellers head off to their accommodations and begin exploring. 

Even if your bag does shoot out of the baggage carousel as expected, you’ll have already gone through the hassle of navigating the airport weighed down with luggage. Then there are the queues for baggage reclaim, the stress of customs paperwork, and the constant, nagging doubt that your items could be damaged or lost in transit. 

Instead, you could ship luggage and ship bags internationally and have that hassle and stress taken off your hands, get your items picked up and dropped off, and track their journey in transit.


Recent luggage airline checked baggage chaos at London Heathrow

Current Airport Chaos

Flight cancellations, massive queues, and huge delays - the current situation at airports makes for grim reading. Throughout the UK and Europe, airport disruptions have led to luggage chaos. In fact, things have gotten so bad that passengers are being advised to fly with just one (carry-on) bag and to swerve check-ins altogether. Going one step further and shipping your luggage internationally is the ideal way to get around the haphazard airport system. You’ll have peace of mind that your luggage will be waiting for you at the other end and you won’t have to join any long luggage queues. 

How to Pack Effectively 

So you’ve decided that student luggage delivery is the route you want to go, but now you’ve got to actually pack. What you’re packing will be specific to the destination you’re heading to, what you plan to do there, and your own personal style. There are, however, some universal tips that apply to all kinds of packing. Here are some of the best ways to pack a suitcase.


Let’s be honest, maximising space is the top priority for most of us. As a starting point lay out everything you plan on taking with you and then edit down to the essentials. Anything that you’re telling yourself you’ll bring along “just in case”, put to one side. Overpacking is one of the worst things you can do! Remember, you can buy anything you’ve missed at the other end. 

Last-minute panic packer? Pristine folding along well-ironed lines? How you store your clothes in transit will help you maximise space. The best way to pack a suitcase is to bundle your socks and underwear into shoes and pack shoes at the bottom of the case. If your shoes are muddy place them in a plastic bag to protect your clothes. Next, you’ll want to use the hugely satisfying Marie Kondo technique and roll your clothes into thick cigar shapes.

Packing cubes can also be a really useful organisational tool. You’ll be doing future you a favour when it comes to unpacking on the other end. 

How to Decide What to Bring

Of course, what you pack will be completely subjective. It’ll come down to the climate and weather of the country you’re travelling to, what you do in your spare time - sports, painting, eating out - and how long you plan on staying. Consider all of these things and put together a packing for travel list. 

As diverse and varied as packing can be, there’s a tip that applies across the board - and that’s to bring an extra bag. It sounds simple, but you’ll be buying souvenirs and maybe even clothing whilst you’re away. Packing a collapsible bag will give you some added leeway for purchases. 

Finally, there’s your wardrobe itself. A capsule wardrobe is a way to go, that means having a collection of clothes that can be shuffled around to create multiple outfits. The easiest way to do this is to pack neutrals or a couple of colour palettes so you can easily mix and match whilst you’re away. On this note, opt for travel-friendly fabrics where you can. Things that are pliable and easy to pack down to a small size are best. 

Shipping Boxes & Luggage  

When you ship with Sherpr, a shipping company with international student services, you’ll get a handy pack that contains everything you need. So you don’t need to worry about sourcing fussy cable ties and label pouches. There are a few things to keep in mind for the size and type of luggage or box you plan on shipping.

Sizes and Weights  

Dreaded excess charges. When you ship your luggage internationally with Sherpr it’s really easy to avoid those nuisance extra costs. Just stick to the weights and dimensions which are clearly laid out here. As a general rule of thumb, Sherpr delivers luggage and boxes weighing up to 30kg. 

Which Boxes or Luggage Should I Use?

The best luggage bags and best travel bags are sturdy and stable. That applies to both hard and soft cases. You’ll also want to tuck in all straps and tape down any that can’t be tucked away. Finally, leave your case unlocked just in case customs needs to verify it’s contents. 

For boxes, go for a double-walled box, and be sure to bubble wrap any of your fragile items. 


Paperwork and airports. a stressful combo that you can swerve when you ship with Sherpr. Basically, when you ship items abroad you might be asked to provide information on what it is that you’re sending. Ship with Sherpr, and they’ll get all the paperwork ready for you. So you can cruise straight through customs and concentrate on your trip, not tick boxes. 

What Can’t I Send?

What you choose to send is your responsibility. So it makes sense to be clued up about the items on the prohibited list. 

Don’t sleep on this step! Your items will be x-rayed at security. In order to avoid any delays in the process or having your items turned around and returned to you - read the list. 

You can find a full list on the Sherpr website but some of the biggies include bleaches, acids, sprays, flammable liquids and lighters. 


For added peace of mind, adding insurance into the mix is non-negotiable, really. The good news is that when you ship with Sherpr there’s free £100 / $100 / AED360 insurance added to every journey. 

Not enough? Don’t worry, you can purchase up to £3000 / $5000 / AED18,000 worth of extra insurance cover.  

The Takeaway

To recap, luggage shipping for students is a smart move. It takes the stress out of the airport experience, allows you to get organised ahead of time, and there’s the potential to save money. 

Ship with Sherpr for door-to-door pickup and drop-offs - be it one-way travel or return trips. You’ll have help navigating customs and be provided with everything you need for seamless shipping. The best bit? Sherpr’s luggage shipping services are cheaper than you’d think. Kick off the process and get a luggage shipping quote for your travel luggage here. 

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