Top 10 Best Film Schools In The UK
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Top 10 Best Film Schools In The UK

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Jan 6, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
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Jan 6, 2023
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Top 10 Best Film Schools In The UK
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Calling all cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers! Are you ready to take your passion for film to the next level? Look no further than the UK, home to some of the best film schools in the world. From BAFTA and Oscar-winning alumni to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, these schools have everything you need to turn your dreams into reality. Get ready to make your mark on the film industry and read on to find the perfect film school in the UK for you!

Why Attend Film Schools in the UK?

Attending a top film school in the UK is not a must for becoming a filmmaker, but depending on one's goals, it can support them in their journey. These specialized film schools in the UK have strong connections to the UK film industry and focus on providing training in filmmaking. They offer top-notch facilities and skilled instructors, and can provide various competitive industrial skills and knowledge. By enrolling in one of these film schools, one can earn a degree in filmmaking and build a portfolio. This is particularly important for those looking to pursue a career as a professional filmmaker.

Tips for UK Film School Applications:

Do you dream of seeing your name in lights? Well, it all starts with getting into the right film school! The UK is a powerhouse of film production and education, but with so many great options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Fear not, cinephile! We're here to share all the tips and tricks you need to make your film school application shine brighter than the spotlight. From scriptwriting to networking, we've got you covered. So grab your camera, and let's make your film school dreams a reality! As you embark on the journey of applying to film school in the UK, it's essential to set yourself apart from the competition and craft a compelling application. To help you achieve this goal, here are some tips on developing your application. Keep in mind, with the competitive nature of film school admissions, not many applicants will be successful.

1. Research All the UK film school’s Requirements Fully

  • When applying to film schools in the UK, it's essential to research each institution's application process and requirements. 
  • Take the time to explore schools that align with your goals and interests. To gain a more in-depth understanding, attend an open day in person and speak with current students and staff about their experiences. 
  • To increase your chances of being accepted, tailor your application to meet the specific requirements of each school you are applying to, giving attention to each aspect individually.
  • Plan ahead and allocate sufficient time for the application process, avoiding generic or copy-pasting content.

2. Demonstrate the filmmaker in you!

  • To stand out among other applicants to film schools in the UK, the first step is to showcase your interest and passion in film. This can be done by providing a portfolio of your work, past participation in film education or training experiences, which can be used as proof of both interest and potential. 
  • The selection panel will be looking for a clear indication of your passion and commitment to filmmaking, and also a demonstration of your existing knowledge and skills, as well as creative ideas. 
  • Remember, you don't need to be perfect, just show what you're interested in and what excites you the most about the field.

3. Be Creative and Careful in your ideas!

  • While applying to film schools in the UK, it's essential to effectively communicate all your ideas in a clear and concise manner. 
  • In a competitive application process, it can be challenging to stand out. 
  • To increase your chances of success, put emphasis on drafting your application with adequate time and make sure to review and edit it ruthlessly before submitting.
  • Remember to leave yourself sufficient time to craft a polished and standout application.

4. Be the Storyteller!

  • At film schools in the UK, students learn the art of storytelling through the medium of filmmaking. 
  • Share your unique story, express your ambitious goals, and invite your audience to see and feel your vision through evocative emotions and sensory details. 
  • Embrace every opportunity to involve your audience in the storytelling process.

5. Be You!

  • At film school in the UK, as a filmmaker, showcase your individuality by sharing what interests and motivates you, your distinct quirks, and the types of stories you wish to tell.
  • It is important to reveal what is personal to you and what makes you stand out as a filmmaker, instead of catering to perceived expectations.

6. Be Open to Exploring!

  • By showcasing your openness to exploration and highlighting the ways in which new experiences can inform and shape your filmmaking practice, you can demonstrate the value of diverse perspectives and approaches in film school in the UK. 
  • Emphasize your willingness to collaborate and embrace new possibilities in order to showcase how these can lead to innovative and brilliant outcomes in your work.

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Top 10 Best Film Schools in the UK

With more and more people aspiring to a career in the film industry, find out how you can launch a career at one of the top film schools in the UK. There are dozens of film schools in the UK. Some are only available to those with a background in filmmaking and some are open to everyone. Here are the top film schools in the UK and a bit more about them:

1. National Film and Television School

The National Film and Television School is often associated with famous names in the industry. This film school in the UK offers over 30 master's, diploma, and certificate programs in filmmaking. Students have the opportunity to learn alongside industry professionals in a fully functional studio with dubbing theatres, edit suites, and three cinemas. However, gaining admission to the institution is competitive, as it requires an interview, submission of showreels, and participation in weeklong seminars. Despite this, the effort is deemed worthwhile.

2. London Film School

The London Film School in the UK, founded in 1956, offers a variety of master's degrees, a PhD, and short courses centered around film. Historically, it was more centrally located compared to the National Film and Television School, earning it a well-known and recognized reputation in the film industry. The school has a strong global reputation, as the works of its students are often featured at film festivals around the world. Additionally, its student body is notably diverse, with around 60% of students coming from outside the United Kingdom.

3. Met Film School

At the Met Film School, you can take courses such as acting for the camera, editing, cinematography, post production, screenwriting, and production while learning in a professional environment with access to excellent facilities and tools. Notable films such as The Ladykillers, Notting Hill, Downtown Abbey, and the Theory of Everything have been shot at Ealing Studios, where the school's headquarters are established, and this film school in the UK also has its own film production house. Despite not having as famous alumni as other schools, the Met Film School is a relatively new school that promises to make you industry-ready.

4. Goldsmiths, the Screen School

The Screen School of Goldsmiths, which operates from a purpose-built media facility in the media and communication department within the college, offers a one-year MA in filmmaking with six different paths: cinematography, directing fiction, editing, producing, sound recording (with post production & design), and screen documentary. However, keep in mind that this UK film school doesn't have short courses, BA degrees, or diplomas so make sure you are certain before enrolling, as the options for studying here are limited.

5. London Film Academy

The London Film Academy, which was founded and is run by women, was established in 2001 about 21 years ago. This UK film school is located at the Methodist Church in Fulham, West London.  It offers BA, MA, and diploma qualifications in filmmaking, as well as a diploma or MA in screenwriting, various short courses, or vocational add-ons.

6. The University of Westminster

Before enrolling, be aware that the University of Westminster offers a three-year BA in Film and TV production, rather than acting. This film school in the UK boasts that it offers one of the best film courses in the world. One of the reasons for this is its emphasis on group work, which is a vital aspect in the film industry. The program provides a balance of both academic and vocational training, allowing for hands-on experience. In your third year, you will have a unique opportunity to gain professional experience. Additionally, you will have the option to specialize in areas such as animation, contemporary media practice, and television production. Furthermore, the program boasts a high employment rate, with 80% of its graduates working in the industry after graduation.

7. Ravensbourne University

Ravensbourne University offers a variety of film production courses including BA in Digital Film Production, Digital TV Production, and Editing & Postproduction. The UK film school stands out for its strong connections with the creative industries, allowing students to work on professional shoots from their first year. The program has a focus on digital work and aims to prepare students for careers in the industry, including in VFX, marketing, and commercials. 

8. Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School

As a potential student at Leeds Beckett University's Northern Film School in the UK, it is important to know that its alumni have won prestigious awards such as BAFTAs and Oscars, and you could be next. The location of the school in Leeds offers an added benefit of lower living costs compared to London. This film school in the UK has the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs; like two studios which allow you to create large film sets, a dedicated animation studio and editing suites, also access to top-of-the-line camera equipment such as the Arri and Aaton will be provided.

9. Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth

The Bournemouth Film School, which is the largest film school in UK outside of London, offers a wide range of primary degree programs including Acting, Film Production, VFX, Costume, Performance Design, Makeup, Creative Writing, Dance, and Animation, providing ample learning opportunities. Furthermore, students enrolled in a BA course will have access to a black box theatre, acting, movement, music, voice, and sound recording studios for three years. Overall, the school offers a unique and comprehensive learning experience. 

10. Brighton Film School

The BFS offers a variety of short and long-term course options for students to choose from. The film school in UK encourages students to specialize in their second year and fully utilize their knowledge and skills. Additionally, the school provides ample access to equipment and cameras, ensuring that students have opportunities for hands-on training.

Top Film Schools in the UK

And there you have it, folks! The best film schools in the UK, where you can turn your passion for film into a career. Whether you're interested in directing, producing, screenwriting, or anything in between, these schools have got you covered. So, don't wait any longer and apply to one of these prestigious institutions today! Who knows? You may just be the next Christopher Nolan or Greta Gerwig. Keep on dreaming and keep on making movies!