Top 10 Packing Tips When Moving Abroad
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Top 10 Packing Tips When Moving Abroad

4 min
Uploaded on
Aug 9, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
Uploaded on
Aug 9, 2022
Last updated on
Mar 14, 2023
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Here’s what you need to pack!

University is fast approaching again, and it's almost time to start getting excited about exploring a new city, those late nights out and a world of new experiences. 

But regardless of whether it's your first or fourth year, one thing remains the same: boxes, bags and cases need packing - ready for a year of studying. 

So, where do you begin? 

We've teamed up with AnyVan, who have created a list of their top 10 tips to help keep you on schedule when it's time to move to uni:

Pack a bag of essentials 

Essentials items for university

Your first night in your new home might feel a little weird, and the last thing you want is to scramble to find a phone charger, toothbrush, or any other essential item. So pack a bag, or even a backpack, with all your essentials to get you through night one - toiletries, glasses, and maybe even cleaning products!

Securely pack breakables

Pack breakables safely

Since you don't want to be the person stealing your flatmates' plates, cups or dishes, you need to pack kitchenware. But make sure to pack them properly to protect their fragility. We recommend wrapping your breakables in bubble wrap or clothes for extra cushioning. Want some extra security? Try stacking your plates vertically and packing glasses with clean socks.

Pack smart! 

Roll instead of folding your clothes

Unless you're moving to high-end student accommodation, space may be at a premium, meaning you don't have much room to turn into your own. As such, you may not need to buy, or borrow, boxes to move. A more environmentally-friendly - and cheaper - option could be to pack smartly. Try vacuum packing clothes, using the space in laundry baskets, hampers or suitcases to get things there. As a tip to speed up the unpacking, keep clothes on their hangers so you can pop them straight into your wardrobe.

Got a screw loose?

Typically, accommodations come with a desk and chair that you'll quickly become acquainted with as deadlines creep in. But, if you're bringing things with you that require screws, you'll need to take care. When packing for your move, keep all your screws in a sandwich or freezer bag and tape it to the furniture item it belongs to, so when you're rebuilding, everything is in one place.

Watch your wires

Chances are you're moving electrical goods into your temporary home. Whether it's a TV, a PlayStation or a computer, take a photo of how everything is wired up from the back, ensuring you've got a frame of reference when unpacking. That way, you can kick back, relax and put your favourite series on the same night you arrive - if you're there before Freshers Week, that is!

Does your insurance cover you?

Keep your belongings safe

Sometimes a disaster can strike on a moving day. Whether it's a box dropped, an accidental bump or worse, the last thing you need is to see that your fragile items have broken in transport. The only way it gets worse is if you find out the removal company doesn't cover damages. Luckily, at AnyVan, our moves come with free basic compensation cover - up to £50k. Take time to consider taking out some form of insurance for valuable items such as laptops, tablets and gadgets.

Photograph everything

Chances are, you're moving into an accommodation that was lived in by another student last year. In some cases, it may have even been lived in over the summer. And, throughout that time, any number of damages or stains could've occurred and been missed by cleaners. So, before you move in, take photos of everything you can. That way, if any issues or disputes arise further down the line, you've got evidence that protects your deposit.

Where possible, plan ahead.

Moving can be stressful, we know. However, with proper planning, you can be in your new digs with minimal fuss and zero stress. As soon as you have a date to move in, you can think about booking your move. At AnyVan, we don't require payment until 72 hours before your move, so book early and ensure you're ready to go, even if you're not ready to pay just yet. Equally, check to see if your accommodation has a social media page where you can virtually meet your new flatmates before moving in, ensuring you don't waste time doubling up packing any appliances. A bit of research goes a long way!


Discard items you don't need

Space in some university accommodations can be at a bit of a premium. Whilst that may be fine for those with a more minimalistic lifestyle, it could cause chaos for some. But, if you're one of those few with mountains of clothes, this might be the perfect time to start decluttering. Go through your items, wardrobes and other belongings and ask yourself, "When was the last time I used/wore this?" If the answer wasn't within a few months, why not consider donating and selling these things so they can have a new lease of life? Not only does the planet benefit, but your bank account could too.

Be Prepared

Plan ahead

Our final tip is a simple one: be prepared on moving day. You will go through many emotions, from happy to excited, nervous and maybe even a little sad. Ensure that you're ready to hit the road when your removal company pulls up at your door. But, if you've got this far and still can't face the thought of packing, you're in luck: our premium service means we'll turn up on moving day, dissemble your furniture and pack for you - how's that for preparation?

However you choose to do it, moving can be challenging. But the process doesn't have to be complex anymore, and it runs smoother when left in the hands of people who do this daily.


Over eight million people have already used AnyVan to move things, and we'd love to see you join our community of movers today too. 

Why not take the first step toward joining that community today by getting a free quote in minutes?

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