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Top 15 Best Clubs in Manchester
5 min

Top 15 Best Clubs in Manchester

5 min
Uploaded on
Oct 27, 2022
Last updated on
Jul 24, 2023
Uploaded on
Oct 27, 2022
Last updated on
Jul 24, 2023
Club in Manchester
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15 Best Clubs in Manchester 2023

Manchester: The city that pulses with electrifying beats, where the night comes alive, and the party never sleeps. Welcome to the ultimate guide to the 15 best clubs in this vibrant metropolis, where the music flows through your veins and the dancefloor ignites with energy. Whether you're a local looking for new haunts or a visitor seeking an unforgettable night out, join us as we delve into the heart of Manchester's nightlife and uncover the hottest spots that will make your pulse race and your spirits soar. Prepare to immerse yourself in the rhythm, as we present to you the definitive list of the city's most sensational clubs. Looking for the perfect place to celebrate and party with your friends in Manchester? Or do you have some of your old friends waiting for you to catch up with them? Manchester nightlife has a place for everyone! We’re here to give you social butterflies with the details of some best clubs in Manchester that will deliver the perfect dose of oxytocin to get you dancing all night!

Top 15 Best Clubs in Manchester

Are you ready to embark on a sonic adventure through the vibrant streets of Manchester? Get your dancing shoes on, because we're about to take you on a wild ride through the top 15 clubs that define the city's electrifying nightlife. From hidden gems tucked away in narrow alleyways to legendary venues that have shaped the music scene, each spot on this list is a gateway to euphoria. So, let the bass reverberate through your bones, and the melodies ignite your soul as we unveil the definitive countdown of Manchester's best clubs. It's time to lose yourself in the music and discover the pulsating heart of this nocturnal wonderland.

1. Matt & Phred’s

Instagram: Matt&Phreds (@mattandphreds)

Location: 64 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LW, UK

Matt and Phred’s is one of the oldest clubs in Manchester. The club is known to bring quality, diversity and opportunity, which is reflected in its music programmes. With a splendid atmosphere, it is a great club for music lovers. Basement club with live jazz, funk, and soul acts, cocktails, and a pizza menu.
“Swinging music, smooth cocktails and friendly staff. We had a great night out at Matt & Phreds”

2. The Venue

Instagram: Venue Manchester (@venue_mcr)

Location: 29 Jacksons Row, Manchester, M2 5WD

The Venue is the best find for students as it is one of the best clubs in Manchester for students. The club is full of quirky events where everyone can booze and enjoy. Drinks here start from just £2.50. The venue is open on occasional extra nights for special events such as bank holiday Sundays. Students get extra lucky in The Venue as they enjoy entry-price discounts, and drink specials are available all night.

Review: “Love Venue, great venue, great staff and the friendliest, most helpful doormen I’ve ever come across. If you want a night out in Manchester where you know you’ll be catered for, looked after and most importantly for a woman, safe, then Venue is a great option.”

“Yes, of course you can bring your roommates – the more the merrier!”

3. Mint Lounge

Instagram: Mint Lounge NQ (@mintloungemanchester)

Address: 46-50 Oldham St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, M4 1LE

Mint Lounge is positioned in Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter district and is quite popular for hosting some of the city's coolest club nights and live music events. It is one of the best clubs in Manchester, as it is the home to the city’s longest-running night-out spot. 

Review: Great place to visit,   I came from London, and it was just amazing, and the staff were great too.”

4. Satan’s Hollow

Instagram: Satans Hollow (@satanshollow)

Location: 101 Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD, UK

Manchester's only Dedicated Rock venue - Since 2000, bringing you the best in the Alternative Live & Club Scene. Satans Hollow is one of Manchester's only nightclubs that cater to Punk/Rock/Metal diehards, so it is so popular among the city's young clubbing crowd. No wonder Satans Hollow is one of the best clubs in Manchester. 

Review: “Great music, great staff and awesome vibe. What's best that no matter what age you are or what you look like you are welcomed there and crowd is so diverse because of that.”

5. FAC251

Instagram: FACTORY 251 MANCHESTER 🚧 (@factorymanchester)

Location: 112-118 Princess St, Manchester M1 7EN, UK

A great spot to go with a friend, with three floors of music and something for everyone. The drinks are reasonably priced. The club has many cool and quirky events, and the tickets can be booked online. The Factory is more on the expensive side but is nonetheless one of the best clubs in Manchester.

Review: “Great club for students in Manchester! The music is great and the drinks are cheap. Me and my friends come here all the time and we always have a great night.”

6. Kable Club

Instagram: KABLE (@kablemcr)

Location: The Basement, 11-13 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NP

Partying in basements is the ultimate nightlife experience. Kable is one of the top clubs in Manchester for the very same reason. An intimate basement where the groove is bound to get groovier, it hosts multiple events and always has something for everyone. Kable events have various music tastes with garage beats, techno and much more. Make sure to book your entries beforehand, as the club is in high demand.

Review: “Very good vibe in there, the bartenders were great, and the people are all sound.

You may see some scary skankers or a techno beast in there, but that only just raises the mood even more.”

7. Club Liv

Instagram: Club Liv Manchester (@clublivmcr)

Location: 111A Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BQ, UK

As the club's tagline says, life is definitely a party at Club Liv. It is one of the popular venues in Manchester city. It combines an exclusive club with a beautiful terrace bar and an even better restaurant, providing visitors with elegance and style. That’s the reason why this is one of the best clubs in Manchester. The bar is beautifully decorated with LED walls and booths for DJ parties. The Saturdays are dedicated to the VIP crowd. 

Review: “I went for my best friend’s bday and we had the best time. The DJ was very good and the waitress were lovely as well. I would completely recommend it for a fun night out!”

8. 42’s Manchester

Instagram: 42nd Street Nightclub (@42snightclub)

Location: 2 Bootle Street, Manchester, M2 5GU

Formerly known as 42 Street, this club is a favouritefavorite amongst all. The club stands out as many Manchester musicians flock to the stage to perform. With the likes of Courteeners, Blossoms and even Oasis having performed here, it is going to be an experience you cannot forget. So, what makes it one of the best clubs in Manchester? The club is run by people who love music and keep it central such that everyone feels right at home. Like they say at the 42’s, “Try it with an open mind and you may be pleasantly surprised!”.

Review: “Great for students and fans of indie music. Really cheap drinks so good for a night on a budget. Everyone is friendly and up for a good night, definitely give it a go.”

9. The Ark

Instagram: ARK MANCHESTER 🐝 💛🖤 (@ark.manc)

Location: 3A, 5 Whitworth Street, West Manchester, M1 5LH

One of the most popular venues on Deansgate Locks is Ark Manchester. This Manchester nightclub provides elegance and sophistication, along with great music. Every night is exceptional, from a soothing candlelit evening overlooking the canal to an energetic night out with top DJs, stilt walkers, and fire breathers! You don't have to look further for entertainment, music, or Cocktail Masterclasses.

Review: “Great experience as always. The bar staff and bouncers are all excellent and the prices are more than respectable all the way through the week. Definitely recommend Ark for a quality night out with mates. 5/5”

10. Cargo Manchester

Instagram: Cargo Manchester (@cargomanchester)

Location:  Unit 5-6, The Printworks, Manchester M4 2BS, United Kingdom

Cargo Manchester aims to be at the forefront of the clubbing culture in Manchester. Get a beer and a cocktail, and party until the sun rises. You will get a chance to participate in plenty of events every week. You will not get tired of dancing with the amazing light-up dance floor all night. With amazing booths and neon illumination, Cargo comes under the best clubs in Manchester. Also, if you are looking forward to organisingorganizing an event, or DJ parties, Christmas parties, live music or brunches, Cargo Manchester is the perfect find for you. 

Review: Friday nights here are great! Highly suggest everyone gets themselves down

11. K2 Karaoke

Instagram: K2 Karaoke (@k2karaokemcr)

Location: 52-56 George Street Manchester M1 4HF

K2 Karaoke is one of the best clubs in Manchester for students, as it has a private booth for you and your buddies! It is an extraordinary blend of nightclubs and karaoke. You can sing your heart out in Karaoke. It is soundproof with the latest technology. Party all night with drinks and Karaoke. This has to be on the list of the best clubs in Manchester. 

Review: “Fantastic experience! Friendly but highly professional guards and staff. Me and my friends greatly enjoyed our time here.”

12. Cirque Manchester

Instagram: Cirque Manchester Vip (@cirquevip)

Location: 2-10 Queen St, Manchester, M2 5JB, UK

Cirque Manchester is a unique circus-themed nightclub. There are various events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Cirque Manchester. The guests get to have a VIP experience, and you also get to hire privately for parties, nightclubsnight clubs, and corporate events. There are also themed nights for special events, such as the 'Houseparty' night, the 'Pyjama party' theme, and the 'St. Cirque Hospital Halloween weekend.
Review: “Absolutely amazing nightclub, best in Manchester hands down. A truly different and unique experience.”

13. Revolution Manchester - Parsonage Gardens

Instagram: Revolution Bars (@revolutionbars)

Location: Arkwright House, M3 2LF

Located in the heart of the city, Revolution Manchester - Parsonage Gardens is one of the best clubs in Manchester as it is a jack of all trades. Be it day or night, dinner or dance, you will be satisfied. From funky DJsDj’s to funky cocktails, the vibe is impressionable. With a bright ambience, open space, multiple areas that can be booked, comfy seating and a giant dance floor, it is the perfect place for a k-night and day out with the gang. According to the management, they are always ready to party, so are you?

Review: “Lovely food, great drinks and even as busy as it was the service was admirable.”

14. Gorilla

Instagram: Gorilla (@thisisgorilla)

Location: 54-56 Whitworth Street Manchester Greater Manchester M1 5WW

Funky events and cool nights are the specialitiesspecialties of this Manchester club. The gorilla was an early adopter of the industrial-chic aesthetic that is now visible all across the city and worldwide. With both a bar and a club, this comes under the best clubs in Manchester. Its club has hosted major artists and DJs and continues to draw major talent to its small backroom.

Review: “Love this place! Great choice of cocktails.  We went for brunch which I would highly recommend. The food was great and they also cater for vegans.”

15. Impossible

Instagram: Impossible Manchester (@impossible_mcr)

Location: 36 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR, UK

Among the other best nightclubs in Manchester, Impossible has a good reputation for being that extravagant in a short time. You will get an immersive experience of a Vodbullvodbull night out. The club also organisesorganizes events on special occasions like Women’s Day. The gin cocktail should not be missed in Impossible.

Review: “First visit at this venue and definitely not the last! Atmosphere is incredible and lively and the service efficient! Great cocktail range and I would definitely recommend the Sexy Socialite! The food is delicious and there’s a lot to choose from! Loved every second of our visit and would come back for sure. Xx”

As the night draws to a close and the beats gradually fade away, we bid farewell to the intoxicating world of Manchester's best clubs. From the euphoric highs to the collective dancefloor energy, these venues have left an indelible mark on the city's nightlife landscape. Whether you findfound yourself immersed in the pulsating beats of the underground or dancing under the neon lights of renowned establishments, Manchester's clubs have a way of creating unforgettable memories. But remember, this list is merely a snapshot of the vibrant tapestry that makes up this city's nocturnal scene. So, let the rhythm guide you, and let the night unfold as you explore the countless other hidden gems that await in Manchester's ever-evolving nightlife. Until we meet again on the dancefloor, keep the spirit alive and continue to chase the magic of the night in this electrifying city. We hope our blog finds our blog helpful and saves you from the hustle of finding the best clubs in Manchester. Please visit these Manchester nightclubs and let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below. If you are new to Manchester, you can check out our blog on Things to do in Manchester. For students, we have a special guide on the Cost of Living in Manchester as a student.

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