Top 15 Student Life Hacks You Need

Top 15 Student Life Hacks You Need

Uploaded on
Jan 3, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 15, 2023
Uploaded on
Jan 3, 2023
Last updated on
Mar 15, 2023
Top 15 Student Life Hacks You Need
Your life savior

Being a student is stressful, isn’t it? Well, just as stressful as it is, there is fun and adventure in every aspect of student life. But who doesn’t want an easier life? We all do, right? There are days when we feel lazy or just you feel like things need to get smoother. In such instances, student life hacks come in very handy. Hence we bring you a compilation of tested student life hacks that work! 

How Does Daily Life Hacks Help?

We all search for easier ways to make our daily life easier, and hacks are the saviour. But before that, what are life hacks? In simpler terms, life hacks are tricks to make mundane tasks easier. Making our tasks simpler decreases our efforts. These time and energy-saving techniques are a result. So, we have a few categories of student life hacks that will definitely help you live a smooth life or at least help you save time, energy and money. 

University Life Hacks for Students

Split up your study session

The Pomodoro Technique, which has been shown to increase productivity, can assist you in completing any assignment. It divides the work into 25-minute halves with 5-minute brief breaks in between.
This student life hack enables you to remain focused in the face of many outside distractions. To motivate yourself during breaks, reward yourself with a good snack or a quick glance through social media.

Organise your notes 

You'll be glad to have used this student life hack when it comes time to revise. Using coloured pens will help you get the most out of any study session, as you have surely heard before. It has been proven that using colour coding and underlining when writing helps people remember more information!

Mix up your work environment

Your environment can influence your creativity, and we are aware of it. Hence another student life hack is to keep switching between your bedroom desk, the library, or even an internet café can help you stay motivated to complete a task if you're having trouble focusing.
Wherever you decide to set up, don't forget to choose a relaxing playlist to listen to through your headphones to eliminate any background noise.

Make use of search engines. 

Making use of search engines can be used in many ways, one of which is another student life hack. You can use platforms like google scholar, a free search engine with more resources available than most colleges.
It will search various sites and skim readable content to assist with writing any project. Ensure the source is trustworthy before adding it to your reference or bibliography list!

Time Management Hacks for Students 

Write down your goals 

The first step in developing time management skills is setting goals for yourself. What do you hope to accomplish? What must you do to accomplish your objectives? Both short-term and long-term objectives are possible, ranging from graduating to finishing the research paper two days before it is due. Put them in writing and keep them visible at all times. Post them with motivational sayings, dreams, and objectives on your bathroom mirror, in your notebooks, or on a corkboard. This student life hack is proven to give results and make you use time wisely. 

Create a to-do list

Another very basic yet useful student life hack is that you may make sure you have everything you need to complete by making a to-do list. Make sure to arrange the jobs from most critical to least important so you can complete the most crucial chores first.

Organisation is the key

You'll be able to stay on top of assignments and study sessions if you divide your classes into separate sections. You'll find assignments and notes more quickly if you follow this student life hack and have a distinct notepad, folder, and binder for each class. Maintaining order in your study area will help you discover items quickly and relieve tension.

Use a calendar 

One of the most crucial advice for managing time while a student is to use a calendar. You may avoid forgetting critical dates and deadlines by writing them down in your calendar along with class timings and other due dates. Use a real calendar, the calendar app on your phone, or both. This student life hack is useful not only till you are in college but also when you step out and want to manage your time efficiently. 

Money Saving Tips For Students 

Save money on travelling 

If you are spending a huge chunk of money on travelling, we have a student life hack to help you reduce that. You can save money by following the tips like booking early, be it your accommodation or tickets; you’ll always find a better deal by booking early. 

Get rail cards and use public transport 

Another student life hack to save money is using public transport, and instead of buying a ticket every day, you can get a rail card or a pass, whichever is applicable to your city. 

Buy second-hand goods 

There is no shame in buying second-hand goods until and unless they are in good condition. Especially books and clothes. Thrifting is a trend in today’s time, and this student life hack saves you money and contributes to generating less trash in the environment. 

Avoid eating out 

This is a no-brainer! Did you know that your bill for one meal in a restaurant will get you groceries for food you can make twice? Surprising? Maybe! This student life hack will save you money and your health because eating out isn’t very healthy, right? 

Food Hacks for Students 

Shop groceries in the evening  

This student life hack might depend from store to store, but most supermarkets start sharply lowering the cost of goods they need to move towards the end of the day after 6 o'clock. Still, you ought to compile a list. 
However, if you're willing to compromise on flavours and brands, you could pick up fresh produce that is still totally safe to consume but much less expensive. Don't shop, though, if you're hungry. You'll end up making impulsive food purchases otherwise.

Buy in bulk 

Always buy things that won’t expire soon in bulk! This student life hack saves you a ton of money on groceries and transport costs you might spend while commuting back and forth to the grocery store. 

Microwave to your rescue 

We are well aware of the debate about whether microwaves are good for your health or not. But there’s no harm in heating your food once in a while. So this student life hack advises you not to throw away your leftovers but to save them up in the refrigerator and heat them up before consuming them. 

We hope our list of student life hacks will come in handy for you, and you will keep using some of these even after you graduate! But one thing you have to remember is to have fun and enjoy the moment you are in. 

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