Top 6 reasons to study in Exeter
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Top 6 reasons to study in Exeter

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Apr 3, 2022
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Apr 5, 2023
Uploaded on
Apr 3, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 5, 2023
A sunset view at a castle in Exeter, England
Ideal Balance of City and Rural Life

Firstly congratulations if you are thinking of studying in Exeter! Wondering why? Well, this is what the blog all about.

Every one of us has a bunch of questions in mind before applying to a university. You might also be having some questions as well, so without further ado. Here we go with the reasons why Exeter is the best city to study in.A scenic city surrounded by stunning countryside and coastal views, Exeter is a peaceful city to live in. With a large student population, there's a vibrant atmosphere. The town has lots of fun things to do – so living in Exeter will always be interesting.

This friendly and inviting city has both ancient landmarks and modern amenities. You can  Explore the Gothic Cathedral, Roman ruins, and cobbled streets. It is said to be the inspiration for Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. The Top 5 reasons to study in Exeter is also a popular destination to relax in the sun, eat good food, or go on a boat trip.

1. Top Ranking Universities

The city of Exeter is known for its quality of education, attracting more students than any other city in the UK. It received its Royal Charter in 1955. Amongst 100 best universities in the world, Exeter holds a place in the list of__ top 10__. Indeed, it makes Exeter One of the best cities to study in. Holding the title of The Time's 'Higher Education Universities,' the city is home to many reputed educational institutions. Admission to the university is quite competitive as its a dream of many, of being a student at Exeter University. On average, Over 20,000 students are admitted every year. The University is spread over three campuses, two in Exeter and one in CornwallAmongst the best Institutions following are the Top 3

  1. University College of  South West of England
  2. St Luke's College Exeter
  3. Camborne School of Mines

2. Employment Opportunities

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ONS figures show that Exeter workers are the highest paid in all of Devon and Cornwall. The city provides full-time jobs paying an average of £537 a week.  Exeter Chamber of Commerce Business survey showed that there is continued growth and confidence in Exeter's business community. There are several restaurants, Small scale businesses, startups, and many other business setups that employ an enormous scale to students and beginners. In recent times the economy of the Exeter is growing drastically, which generates higher employment opportunities. It'll have an upward graph shortly

3. Housing Options

Housing and Residence Life | Ball State University

A large number of the population is moving in Exeter for education and jobs. In the past few years, along with the traditional forms of rented Exeter student accommodations such as hostels, paying guests, and shared apartments, organized accommodations such as co-living and student living have come into existence. These organized offerings come with better services and facilities.  You can find the best minimum budget options with the help of the organizations. You can find accommodations with great facilities around the university of Exeter itself. If you have a decent budget, then you can surely opt for this option. There are also pocket-friendly student accommodations available around the city, such as The Printworks, Exeter One and the Depot, City Center, Old Tiverton, Acland Road, Newtown are some of the popular areas among the students as these are near University.

4. Daily Commute

Reaching Exeter University is at real ease as it has online portals that provide you the assistance to travel to the university. You can choose between bus, taxi, rail as per your preferences. The city has a dense network of roads that connects the university to all the major areas. Bampfylde is the main bus station here. Rail routes are also widely spread all around the city. Exeter has two main railway stations - Exeter St David's and Central. Exeter St David's Station is 10 minutes walk from the Streatham Campus. Taxis are also available. Public transport is the best as it saves both time and money. You can also go for monthly passes that give you reasonable discounts.

5. Food

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Housing people all around the globe, Exeter has a diversified food culture. Exeter is enjoying great eating establishments and international menus. The city is one of the top places to dine out in the UK.The charming historic buildings have cozy coffee shops, restaurants with great views. Princesshay or Queen St Dining has plenty of choice of restaurants serving international cuisines. You can find the best burger in the town here in Princesshay. If you're eating on the go, there are delicatessens and food trucks providing food at the doorsteps of offices and colleges.

  • The Old Firehouse
  • On the waterfront
  • Boston tea party
  • Harry's restaurantare some of the budget-friendly eateries best suitable for students.

6. Entertainment

The city of Exeter will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. From the vibrant shopping streets, and bustling nightlife, to creative theaters, you will find numerous entertainment options in Exeter. It is amongst the oldest cities in England and currently the hub for education. Therefore, the entertainment here is diversified. From historical__ Cathedrals__ to Elite pubs you'll find many exciting places to visit.  There are also many book cafes which have amazing serene ambiance for peace lovers, namely Dinosaur or The welcome cafe.

Some of the must-visit places for fun and entertainment in Exeter are :

  • Go Ape Haldon
  • Exeter Chiefs Rugby Union Club
  • Monkey Suit
  • Arena Night Club
  • The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum
  • Exeter Guildhall

Not only these, but there are thousands of different reasons why Exeter is the best to study in. Especially for international students. If you need any more information regarding the same, feel free to ask in the comment section. We are there to assist you.

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