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Top Activities to Do in the UK in a Week
5 min

Top Activities to Do in the UK in a Week

Jan 11, 2022
5 min

night time at the Tower Bridge, London, England
6 Must-Have Experiences In UK On Your Next Trip.

Searching for days out in the UK with your friends and family? Not long back, the UK had halted air travel in response to the upsurge in Covid cases that swept the world. With things getting back to normal, leisure trips have begun picking up pace once again. 

Consequently, Indians are raring to fly off to the UK as their dream destination has loosened travel restrictions to a great extent. Home to multitudes of diverse attractions, you can explore numerous UK attractions for families and even for all age groups. 

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Moving further, below are the top things to do in UK to make your next trip fun and memorable.

Things to do in UK

1. Take a stroll along River Thames

Tower Bridge on River Thames, London

One of the top things to do today in London is to take a slow stroll along the River Thames. The amazing path can prove relaxing, especially when you are seeking a way out of fast-paced life. Being one of the UK's longest rivers, Thames attracts a large number of vacationers from all corners of the world. 

The tranquil aura, vivid scenery and clear skies make River Thames make perfect day outs in London for walking tours.While strolling through the scenic path, you will get the opportunity to explore picturesque gardens where you can admire the natural side of London. 

Moreover, there are various riverside pubs and amazing restaurants where you can stop by for the much-needed break. Exuding unmatched charm, the pristine stretch of Thames path features verdant islands surrounded by chic houseboats. Along the river, you will find a plethora of interesting cultural landmarks like the National Theatre, Southbank Centre etc.

2. Visit the National Gallery to satiate your art cravings

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

Another one of the great things to do today in London is to visit The National Gallery. The gallery in London is a massive favorite among art enthusiasts who come here to quench their cravings. You must plan day outs in London to this gallery, your beloved buddies to enjoy classic art in the true sense. 

The gallery is amongst the must-experience UK adventures and is dedicated to keeping history alive with breathtaking artworks that have the potential to captivate your attention in the blink of an eye. Here, you can relish the masterpieces of renowned artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Leonardo Da Vinci and Claude Monet.

The best part is that you will not have to shell out a single buck as the National Gallery offers free admission to visitors. So, if you want to admire the timeless selection of artworks under one roof, you cannot afford to miss out on this gallery.

3. Admire the finest views of London from top of the Shard

The View from The Shard (London)

If you are in the mood for some unique adventure, you must pay a visit to the Shard for adding zing to your travel experience. Consisting of 95 storeys, the Shard was innovatively designed by illustrious Italian architect Renzo Piano, making it one of the most memorable things to do today in London. 

Getting atop the Shard and relishing London from above will enliven your senses. The unparalleled 360-degrees views offered by this magnificent skyscraper span up to 40 miles. Consider bringing a high-end camera along so that you can capture the finest views of London from top of the Shard.

3. Head to the British Museum and discover remarkable exhibits

Must-See Museums for Students Attending A Level Colleges in London | Blog |  CATS

Established in 1753, the British Museum was built in the Greek Revival style by well-known neoclassical architect Robert Smirke. If you have a penchant for ancient artifacts and planning for day outs in London, a visit to the British Museum will instantly kindle the history buff within you. The museum houses a whopping collection of 8 million objects that you can explore at your convenience. 

Above all, if you’re looking for things to do in UK, there are numerous archaeological exhibits that can give you a sneak peek into millions of years of human history. Here, you will also get to discover relics and sculptures reminiscent of different regions like Egypt, Sudan, Nimrud etc. 

Not only is the staff cordial but the interiors of the museum are striking enough to enthrall your senses. Once you are done exploring the museum's collection, consider heading to one of the nearby cafes where you will find ample like-minded people to socialize with. 

Situated in the Bloomsbury district of London, the British Museum can be easily reached via bus, train and car and is counted as top things to do today in London.

4. Tour through the Scottish Highlands

Scotland Highlands

There is nothing more comforting than basking in the scenic landscapes and serene atmosphere of Scottish Highlands. Steeped in rich history and ancient folklore, this mountainous region offers unmissable views that can leave you mesmerized instantly. 

One of the most sought after things to do in England, a tour through the highlands will give you the golden chance to discover charming castles nestled in the midst of scenic mountains and lochs. If you are keen to break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you must tour through the Scottish Highlands to enjoy a sense of blissful seclusion.

5. Devour streetside snacks at Borough Market

Borough Market: the foodie haven that represents London's openness to the  world | London Bridge attack 2017 | The Guardian

Nothing beats the fun of devouring streetside snacks in a marketplace that is constantly humming with energetic vibes. Crowded with food stalls serving a wide variety of street foods, Borough Market is like a dream come true for foodies. 

The buzz of excitement will spring up right after you step into this market and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. If you love to try out street delicacies at pocket-friendly prices, this market must not be excluded from your list of things to do today in London. 

Whether you tuck into delicious cheese toasties or devour crispy fried chicken, your taste buds will be tantalized for real after feasting in the Borough Market.

6. Roam the iconic Portmeirion village

Hotel Portmeirion & Village Rooms | VisitWales

Designed by renowned architect Clough Williams, Portmeirion is an Italian-style seaside village in Wales that draws a heavy influx of tourists each year. Counted amongst the best UK adventures and days out in the UK, the village is set on a serene peninsula and the landscape is incredibly appealing. 

Wandering around Portmeirion village will rejuvenate your mind, and allow you to experience Welsh life at its best. Since this picturesque village dates back to the 20th century, there is a lot of history to uncover. 

The sight of verdant gardens, colorful buildings and crystal clear skies will lend you an otherworldly feel in a jiffy, leaving you with one item checked off on the list of things to do in England.


Promising a mix of sublime scenery, bustling city life and diverse cuisines, the UK is a world famous destination that almost every traveler dreams of visiting. Indulging in the aforementioned activities is indeed a sure shot way to create memories and infuse fun into your trip.

Since international travel entails considerable costs, having sufficient money is vital for ensuring utmost convenience throughout your stay abroad. Bear in mind that lack of forex at hand may translate to last-minute travel hassles which can ruin the fun of your vacation.

So, make sure you rely on a good forex platform and create a practical budget prior to your trip to pave the way for a smooth and worry-free travel experience. 

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