Types of internships for students

Types of internships for students

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Jan 24, 2023
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Mar 9, 2023
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Jan 24, 2023
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Mar 9, 2023
Best Types of Internships for College Students in 2023
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In today's day and age, getting a decent degree is no more enough to earn that all-important graduate job opportunity. When developing a successful professional life, relevant job experience has become just as important as your education and exam scores. 
Many industry leaders have suggested that internships have evolved into a vital strategy to establish themselves in the job marketplace, and there are multiple benefits of doing an internship for students. To help students identify the opportunities, we created a guide on types of internships for students in 2023.

Types of Student internships

There are several types of internships for students, depending on their interests and career goals:

1. Based on pay

Paid internship: Paid internship is one in which the intern is compensated for their time and work. These internships may be full-time or part-time and can provide valuable experience and income for the intern. This is one of the most popular types of internships among students as it rewards hard work with both experience and monetary compensation.

Unpaid internship: An unpaid internship is one in which the intern is not compensated for their time and work. These internships are often used as a way for individuals to gain experience and make connections in their field of interest.

2. Based on time

Part-time internship: Part-time internship is one in which the intern works fewer hours per week than a full-time internship. These types of internships are often used as a way for students to gain experience while also attending school or working another job.

Full-time internship: A full-time internship is one in which the intern works the same number of hours per week as a traditional full-time job. These types of internships provide more comprehensive experience and can often lead to full-time employment after the internship is complete.

3. Based on location

Remote internship: Remote internship for students is one in which the intern works from a location outside of the company's physical office. These types of internships have become increasingly popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic and technological advances allowing remote work.

In-office internship: In-office internships for students is a type in which the intern works on-site at the company's physical location. It is good for a student to work while they study overseas. This means the intern is expected to be at the office during the agreed-upon work hours and work alongside other employees. These types of internships can provide a more immersive and hands-on experience as the intern can work directly with and learn from experienced professionals.

Importance of internships for students

Following are the reasons why internships for students are essential:

1. Practical Experience

Internships for students can be extremely valuable as they provide hands-on experience in a professional setting and help individuals gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to their future careers. 

2. Explore different career options

Student internships also allow them to explore different career paths and determine which fields they are interested in pursuing.

3. Create Networks

Student Internships help build professional connections and relationships with mentors and colleagues. These connections can be helpful when it comes time to search for a full-time job after graduation.

4. Build Resume

Many employers look for candidates with relevant work experience, and an internship can provide that experience. Internships for students can also be a great way to build resumes and stand out to potential employers. 

Industries that offer internships for students

Following are the industries that offer the best internships for students:

1. Journalism industry

Individuals interested in uncovering the next world-changing story can take up different types of internships for students in the journalism industry. To communicate stories, the journalism industry utilises various media and professional types. Small, local, or independently owned newspapers to major nationwide and international organisations are part of the marketplace. Journalists research, document, and share relevant news and developments. 

The term "media '' refers to many types of mass communication that produce news, education, and entertainment. Individuals and organisations try to develop innovative approaches to analyse their target audiences and communicate the most groundbreaking news of the day.

2. Marketing industry

Every individual on the planet is connected to this industry, either as a consumer or creator. If the process and influence of marketing excite you, you can seek various types of internships in this industry. The marketing industry aims to advertise a company's services to customers and the wider population. Marketers help bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. It is also referred to as generating interest in a company's service or product. The industry comprises branding, marketing, and distributing items to individuals and business entities. 

Marketing managers, market research analysts, and marketing experts are some of the positions available in the marketing industry. Marketing specialists can either work full-time in-house for a company or as freelancers.

3. Healthcare industry

The pandemic has reminded the entire globe of the value of health care. Several notable types of internships are available for individuals who want to strengthen the healthcare industry for the good of the community. The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world that is a priority of all governments worldwide. Especially after the covid-19 outbreak, investment efforts, both in terms of capital and workforce, have been boosted at an exponential rate. Developing countries like India and China are improving and expanding their healthcare base, increasing the opportunities for employment and internships in this sector.

Organisations in the healthcare industry offer medical services, produce medical equipment or medications, offer health coverage, and otherwise enable the delivery of healthcare services to individuals. The modern healthcare industry is organised into several sub-sectors and relies on multidisciplinary teams of qualified professionals and support staff to satisfy the health requirements of the population. The healthcare business is one of the largest worldwide, and it significantly impacts the lives of individuals in each nation.

3. Hospitality industry

If you have always wondered how it would be to manage a famous resort or run a restaurant in New York, you might be open to different types of internships available in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry encompasses various companies and services related to leisure and visitor enjoyment services. A distinguishing feature of the hospitality industry is that it emphasises themes of luxury, delight, entertainment, and adventures rather than essentials. 

The hospitality industry provides housing, food, beverages, entertainment, and other amenities that a traveller or tourist might require or be of benefit and pleasure to them. The travel and tourism industry encompasses all of the operations of the hospitality sector. Hospitality industry sub-sectors primarily serve tourism sector clients.

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