Unique & Quirky Restaurants in London 2023
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Unique & Quirky Restaurants in London 2023

5 min
Uploaded on
Dec 21, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 4, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 21, 2022
Last updated on
Apr 4, 2023
Unique & Quirky Restaurants in London 2023
One quirky menu, please!

If you’re bored of your usual dining spots in London, we’ve got you covered with this list of 20 quirky places to eat in London. From extraordinarily exotic dishes and personalised dishes to dining in the dark or in a former restroom, you’ll soon realise that London has it all. Let’s take a look at some of the best-themed quirky restaurants in London. 

Quirky restaurants in London

1. Archipelago

Location: Fitzrovia

Certainly not for the faint-hearted and weak-stomached, Archipelago is one of the most unique restaurants in London. Every item on the menu will make your eyes wider while asking, “Wait, I can eat that animal?”

Must try: Python carpaccio, jerk alpaca, kangaroo skewers, and crocodile curry

2. Attendant Coffee Roasters

Location: Fitzrovia & Shoreditch

A shocking reincarnation of an abandoned WC, this hip cafe has repurposed urinals into single-seater booths and serves sandwiches and salads during lunchtime. 

Must try: Sandwiches, salads, and coffee

3. Bob Bob Ricard

Location: Soho

With a range of British-Russian dishes on the menu and glitzy art decor, Bob Bob Ricard is one of the most quirky restaurants in London. What makes it stand out is that each table features a button that lets you summon up some fizz, which makes it perfect for those with an unquenchable thirst for bubbles.

Must try: ‘humble pie’, three-birds burger and chicken kiev

4. Brunswick House

Location: Vauxhall

Vauxhall’s Brunswick House features a menu that is constantly updated with dishes inspired by local produce. What makes it one of the most quirky places to eat in London is that all the furniture and interior design in the store are up for grabs for the right price.

Must Try: Cocktails and pudding

Quirky restaurants in London

5. Bunga Bunga

Location: Covent Garden

You might not thank Silvio Berlusconi for his role in Italy, but you are sure to thank him when you visit this Berlusconi tribute restaurant. This themed spot is part restaurant, part variety show and quite goofy with the boat turned booths.

Must Try: Antipasti, tiramisu, and pizzas

6. Buona Sera

Location: Battersea

With visitors seated in pine cone cubicles and waiters serving them by climbing up the walls with the help of a ladder, Buona Sera certainly deserves a spot on our list of quirky restaurants in London.

Must Try: Antipasti, pasta, and pizzas

7. Caravel

Location: Hoxton

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat while floating in water? Set on a barge named Poppy, Caravel lets you do just that, serving its playful modern take on classic British and European cuisine. 

Must Try: Rostis, caviar, duck croquette, lamb, rhubarb jelly, banana and almond tart

8. Circus

Location: Covent Garden

You can probably guess this restaurant’s speciality from its name: Circus. With short performances distracting you from your food every hour, this is an unskippable item on our list of the best quirky restaurants in London. Acts include everything from fire-eating to burlesque. Cirque Le Soir, one of London’s best clubs, plays with a similar theme and is located in Mayfair. 

Must Try: Sushi, sashimi, dim sum, tempura, and som tom salads

Quirky restaurants in London

9. Blues Kitchen

Location: Shoreditch

Located in Shoreditch, this bar sets the mood with a live jazz band and Cajun-BBQ dining. Although entry is generally paid, you can catch the live performance for free on Wednesdays along with discounts on the superb cocktails.

Must Try: Beef brisket, smoked chicken, and short beef ribs

10. Dans Le Noir?

Location: Clerkenwell

If you’re afraid of the dark, this Clerkenwell restaurant might be your cure, with your entire meal taking place in the dark while being served by blind waiters. This unusual setting makes even locating your cutlery a challenge but heightens your other senses, scoring this place a spot on our list of the most unique restaurants in London. If you opt for surprise menus, you can get a quick peek at what you ordered on your way out. The menu will have you convinced that this isn’t just one of the most unique, but also one of the best restaurants in London!

Must Try: Red (meat), blue (fish), green (vegetarian), and white (chef’s special) mystery menus

11. Gremio de Brixton

Location: Brixton

Have you ever wanted to dine in hidden underground crypt? Located underneath St Matthew’s Church, Gremio de Brixton is a tapas bar with a unique atmosphere accentuated by flickering candlelight and a vaulted brick roof.

Must try: Jamón croquetas, butifarra (Catalan sausage) and cochinillo segoviano (roast suckling pig)

12. Hunan

Location: Chelsea

If you’re fond of Chinese cuisine, but tired of the usual dishes, Hunan might be the perfect place to eat at this weekend! Instead of picking from a menu, visitors tell the restaurant what they will and won’t eat based on which the restaurant curates a dish specially for them. 

Must Try: Sichuanese cucumber salad, Shangainese soup dumpling, crispy pecking duck

Quirky restaurants in London

13. Inamo

Location: Covent Garden & Soho

If you’re in search of a futuristic restaurant, Inamo is your go-to! With a touch-screen menu on every table, you can order dishes without the unnecessary human interaction, alter the restaurant’s playlist, and even book a cab home once you’re done. We know what you’re thinking and yes, they do have games. 

Must try: Sizzling chilli tofu

14. Jungle Cave

Location: Piccadilly Circus

If you need a break from the concrete jungle that London city is, this mock-up of Amazon’s rainforest was initially called the Rainforest Cafe. Visitors can enjoy their food in the wild surrounded by foliage, waterfalls, and animatronic creatures. This is just one of the best vegan restaurants in London for vegans to check out. 

Must Try: Penne arrabbiata, quesadillas, cobb salads and grilled sea bass with garlic mashed potato, horseradish sauce and sautèed baby spinach

15. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Location: Shoreditch

You’ve probably guessed it from the name and cooed at it too. Ruled by quite a handful of kitties, this is certainly one of the most quirky restaurants in London. Drop by the gift shop to grab a feline-themed souvenir. 

Must try: Sandwiches, salads and bagels

16. Mari Vanna

Location: Knightsbridge

Certain to remind you of a fictional memory of a wine-and-dine night at Grandma’s house in old Russia, Mari Vanna offers visitors a slice of authentic Russian cuisine that will transport them to the Soviet era. This themed-restaurant has definitely earned its spot on our list of quirky restaurants in London.

Must try: Coriander-scented rye, kvass, birch juice, pirozhki

Quirky restaurants in London

17. Restaurant Story

Location: Tower Bridge

If you’re someone who gets flustered when faced with a long list of options, Restaurant Story is sure to be a stress-free choice, where visitors reveal their food preferences to the restaurant, which then puts together a unique meal designed just for them. After your meal, you can check out Tower Bridge, which is just one of London’s famous tourist attractions.

Must try: Personalised dishes

18. Sarastro

Location: Covent Garden

A delicious and theatrical extravaganza, Sarastro gives visitors a opulent and extraordinary experience with regular live performances. The self-proclaimed “show after the show”, Sarastro is surely a must visit when hunting for quirky places to eat in London.  

Must try: Lamb shank, baklava, salmon, sea bass, and prawns

19. The Clink at Brixton Prison

Location: Brixton

If you’re hunting for a unique that you won’t find elsewhere, The Clink is the right spot for you. With the busy kitchen staffed by prisoners on their way to earning catering and hospitality qualifications, you can expect to get a thrill dining here. If you go here for a drink, you’ll be disappointed to see no alcohol options present on the menu. However, their mocktail’s are certainly one of the meanest. Adjacent to this restaurant is The Clink Prison Museum, which is one of the best museums in London

Must try: Katsu curry and Jamaican chicken

20. WC

Location: Clapham

Another restroom-turned-restaurant, WC uses its name wisely as a homage to its former incarnation, while also being an abbreviation for its speciality, Wine and Charcuterie. Located near the Clapham Common Station, this gem is one of the most unique restaurants in London and makes for a fun and unusual spot. 

Must try: German Riesling, Blugarian Merlot, cheese platters, charcuterie plates

Quirky restaurants in London

With this list of the most unique restaurants in London, you’ll never have a dull moment or run out of things to do during your stay in the city. If you’re looking for a more specific kind of restaurant instead of quirky places to eat in London, you can check out the best spots in London to get Indian cuisine, Italian food. While you’re there, you can groove at London’s clubs, and visit the city’s top attractions. 

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