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About the Property

Located at 1080 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103, 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco stands out as an ideal choice for student accommodation in this vibrant city. Catering to a range of preferences, student housing in San Francisco offers a variety of room types in Non-Ensuite, including Sharing Rooms, Private Rooms, Large Single Room, Bed In Triple Room, and Single Room. This accommodation is highly favored for its proximity to esteemed educational institutions such as the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, California College of the Arts, University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, San Francisco State University, the University of California, and the Academy of Art University. All are found within a convenient distance that ensures minimal commute time for students, enhancing their lifestyle and study experience.

San Francisco serves not only as an attractive backdrop with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and scenic bay but also as a thriving educational hub. It’s a city that boasts a large student population, creating a dynamic and diverse academic community. Students residing at 1080 Folsom Residences  San Francisco, are immersed in a culture rich with history and innovation, where top-ranked educational institutions lay the groundwork for future successes. Moreover, this city is known for its progressiveness and has been at the heart of many historic cultural movements, making it a stimulating environment for young minds.1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco, provides not only a comfortable living experience with fully furnished rooms and modern amenities but also an opportunity to be part of a community that is as much about academic excellence as it is about personal growth and exploration. By choosing 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco student accommodation, you are not just finding a place to live; you are stepping into a setting that supports their educational journey and enriches their overall university life.


When seeking ideal student housing in San Francisco, 1080 Folsom Residences rises as a beacon of comfort and convenience. The residence takes pride in offering a variety of room types designed to suit individual preferences and study habits, from Sharing Rooms and Private Rooms to Large Single Rooms and even beds in Triple Rooms. Every room at 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco is well-designed, featuring essential room amenities such as bedding, a room heater, and a hot and cold sink. Moreover, mini-fridge are also provided to make students day to day lives easy. The addition of a common kitchen and a private or shared bathroom further enriches the living experience, making it feel like a home away from home. Each room also comes with high-speed Wifi connectivity, enabling seamless online learning and entertainment.

The notion of communal living is elevated at 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco through common amenities such as regular cleaning services to ensure a hassle-free stay. Workspaces are perfect for academics who need a quiet space to focus. Socially engaged students and those devoted to their studies will find everything they need at this premier 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco student housing.

Location and What's Hot?

Various universities are near 1080 Folsom Residences, like the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, California College of the Art, the Academy of Art University, Golden Gate University, and Hult International Business School. Living at 1080 Folsom means living right outside the city center of one of the best cities in the world!

You will find various restaurants, cafes, clubs, parks, beaches and more! On a cool day, you can visit the various beaches in San Francisco, like Ocean Beach, Crissy Field East Beach, and Baker Beach. You can visit a few attractions close to 1080 Folsom, like Flyer Thrill Zone & 7D Experience and the San Francisco Carousel at Pier 39.

There are plenty of restaurants near this SOMA San Francisco apartment, like Liam's Restaurant, which offers some of the best Mexican food in the city; MKT Restaurant and Bar is rated as one of the best restaurants in San Francisco; and Soma Restaurant & Bar, which offers some excellent Italian food! The best part is that most of these restaurants are close to 1080 Folsom St.  There are also plenty of bars and clubs you can visit if you want to party all night right next to 1080 Folsom, like Bottle Club Pub, Edinburgh Castle Pub, Shovels Bar & Grill, Owl Tree, and SWIG. For healthcare, there is no need to stress, as UCSF Medical Center is in close proximity, providing peace of mind for both students and parents. When it’s time to stretch your legs and breathe in fresh air, nearby Victoria Manalo Draves Park offers a green escape from city life. Culture lovers will find themselves drawn to the iconic Museum of Modern Art or the interactive Exploratorium, both of which provide an enriching break from studies. For weekend excursions, students can explore the iconic Union Square or take a stroll along the picturesque Embarcadero.


The central location of 1080 Folsom Street San Francisco makes it very accessible and easy to commute. A bus can be taken from Folsom St and 8th St & Mission St, which is nearby from the apartments. A train could also be boarded from Market St & 8th St, which is a transit stop from the property. The Civic Center subway station is also nearby from the property. The location of 1080 Folsom Residences San Francisco is one of the best places, making it one of the best student housing in San Francisco. The availability of tram stops further adds to urban mobility, offering a unique and scenic way to travel.

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    This property allows cancellation due to visa rejection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a student. Can I still book a room?

Yes, of course. Our rooms are not exclusively for students. They have many interns, young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, techies and people on short-term contracts staying with us.

Can I book in advance and how do I secure a room/bed?

Yes, you can book a room in advance and move-in directly at arrival. It is very simple – you need to sign a lease and pay a deposit and your room will be secured and ready for you to move-in.

How much is the security deposit? Do I get the deposit back?

The security deposit is equal to one month of rent. It is refundable after completing the lease if there are no damages to the room besides normal wear and tear.

How do I pay security deposit and rent?

The deposit is paid in advance through your online tenant portal. You can also pay with check or PayPal.

What is the minimum lease?

The minimum lease is 3 months but there are properties that require a minimum of 6 or 9 months lease. Shorter term leases are also possible in some cases but short term rates are usually higher.

Do you rent on a weekly or daily basis?

No, They only rent on a monthly basis.

Are there any other fees I should consider?

There are no other fees. They are trying to keep it simple for you so the monthly rent is the total you will be paying per month. There are no application fees and almost all our properties include utilities and wi-fi in the monthly rent. If there is an exception, they will let you know when quoting the price.

Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes, They provide free Wi-Fi in all of our buildings.

What is the difference between private and shared bath?

A private bathroom means bathroom inside the room and a shared bathroom is a bathroom on the floor. The average ratio is one bath and one toilet every 3-4 rooms. Common bathrooms and toilets are individual and they are cleaned 2 times per day.

Are the rooms furnished?

Yes, all rooms are furnished and generally set up with bed, desk, chair, vanity, closet, lamp, mirror, fridge and sink. The detailed amenities of the rooms are listed on each property page.

Are these apartments or hotel buildings?

Most of our properties are hotel buildings or residences suitable for short- and long term stay. They also offer full studios and apartments – this is always specified in the property page.

What is the security of the buildings?

Most of our properties have controlled access and/or 24h front desk service. Only residents are allowed to enter and any visitors must be registered at reception.

Are bed linens provided?

Yes, bed linens are provided. Some properties also offer free weekly housekeeping with change of bed linens and towels.

Is there a kitchen? Can I cook in the room?

A lot of our buildings have a common kitchen that all tenants can use. If the building has a common kitchen, cooking inside your room is strictly forbidden. If there is no common kitchen, you will have a microwave and a fridge in the room and you can prepare food but you need to be extremely careful and comply with safety regulations.

Is there parking?

Parking is not included. Central San Francisco is really busy and parking is expensive, so they would advise you to avoid bringing your own car. If you need a parking spot, there are parking lots that offer a monthly rate.

What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside the buildings.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed inside the buildings

Can I share a room with a roommate?

Yes, most of our rooms could be for double occupancy. Some rooms are set up with bunk beds, others with two separate beds or one double bed. They do have some triple and quad rooms, as well as studios and apartments that accommodate 2-4 people.

I already have a roommate. How do we book a room?

Both of you will need to sign the lease and will be equally responsible for the monthly rent payments.

I don’t have a roommate but want to share a room. Can I book a bed?

Yes, They offer beds in shared rooms and they assign a roommate from the same gender.

I have problems with my roommate. Who should I talk to?

If you have any issues with your roommate(s), you need to inform them ASAP. They will work together with the building management to resolve the issue and possibly move you to another room. 

1080 Folsom Residences, San Francisco
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Student Accomodations in San Francisco

San Francisco Student Housing

Finding suitable San Francisco student housing can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Students worldwide flock to the city every year to pursue their education, and every year, the city reminds us all why it is renowned for its quality of life and academics. With amber, you get access to affordable and comfortable student accommodation in San Francisco without ever leaving the comfort of your home. With amber, students can find a variety of student housing SF options near top educational institutions such as the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and Academy of Art University.

Student housing in San Francisco includes various non-ensuite, 1,2 bedroom apartments, sharing rooms and private rooms closer to nearby universities, restaurants, and cafes. It is a modern-day city in California adorned with beautiful gardens, parks, and museums; San Francisco has so many things to do! Student apartments in San Francisco are luxurious, comfortable, lavish, affordable, and easy to live in. Consider properties like 221 7th Street Residences and 1080 Folsom Residences, and many more, which are known for their strategic locations and vibrant community lifestyle. With amber, securing the right student housing in San Francisco becomes a streamlined and hassle-free process, allowing students to find their ideal home away from home.

About San Francisco

Rich in history and bursting with a vibrant cultural scene, San Francisco stands as a beacon on the West Coast of the United States. Its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, historic cable cars, and picturesque waterfronts make it an enduring destination for students and tourists alike. Known for its progressive community and a booming tech economy, San Francisco is a hub of innovation and diversity, offering a dynamic urban experience.

San Francisco's education system is anchored by several high-ranking institutions, attracting a large student population. The city is home to the esteemed University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University, San Francisco State University, the Academy of Art University, and many more. These institutions elevate San Francisco's educational landscape, contributing significantly to research and academic excellence.

The city's neighborhoods, such as the bustling Mission District, the trendy SoMa area, and the historically rich Chinatown, each bring their unique flair and contribute to the city's mosaic. San Francisco student housing reflects this diversity, offering options ranging from shared apartments to private studios. With its rich blend of academic prowess, cultural diversity, and entrepreneurial spirit, San Francisco provides a stimulating environment that exceeds the expectations of its vibrant student community.

Best Student Housing in San Francisco

Relocating to San Francisco for educational pursuits brings the challenge of finding the ideal student accommodation. Securing a spot in the best student housing in San Francisco can significantly enhance the university experience, offering a blend of independence and comfort. Amber's platform simplifies the process, offering access to premier San Francisco student housing perfectly suited for the modern student's lifestyle. Here are some of the top picks for student housing in San Francisco:

1. 221 7th Street Residences:

2. 1080 Folsom Residences

3. 251 9th Street Residences

4. June Homes 94110

5. 204 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

6. Identity Logan Park

7. University Park, Berkeley

8. Stonefire

9. The Standard

10. 524 Columbus Residences

Cost of Living

The cost of living near student apartments in San Francisco can be slightly higher than in other US cities, totaling an average of about $530-$600 per month. However, the city is perfect for student life as the student housing in San Francisco is always open for international and national students. Here is a rough estimate list for the cost of living expenses one might face in San Francisco, apart from the rent for your San Francisco student housing:

1. Food: $90-320 per month

2. Internet & Mobile Phone: $80-100 per month

3. Dinner at a Restaurant: $10-30 per meal

4. Laundry: $20-35 per week

5. Stationery and Textbooks: $20-50 per month

6. Clothing: $50-75/month

7. Travel (Buses, Trams, and Trains): $80-$120 per month

Student Travel San Francisco

Navigating San Francisco as a student relies heavily on understanding the available transit to access classes, events, and sights. San Francisco has one of the best public transport systems in the United States. The city provides you with multiple effective modes of transportation at affordable prices. These public transit stops are also strategically located in important areas, including university campuses.  Below are some well-utilized transportation modes for students traveling in San Francisco:

1. Muni

Short for San Francisco Municipal Railways, operates the trains and the buses. The metro trains operated by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) are an equally convenient choice. It connects San Francisco with the East Bay and San Jose via an underwater Transbay subway. The average fare for a single ride ranges from $2.50 to $3.

2. Taxis

Taxis are one of the most easily accessible modes of transportation in the city. Although these might be a bit costlier than other modes, they are great if you are in a hurry. There are also a number of apps available for students to use to find cabs near their location. 

3. Cycling

San Francisco's roads are extremely pedestrian-friendly, which means you can cycle to your heart’s content, visit the universities, and explore things to do in San Francisco. In addition, most student housing in San Francisco options come with secure and dedicated bike/cycle storage spaces for added convenience.

Student Lifestyle & Living in San Francisco

Embarking on your student housing in San Francisco presents an exhilarating blend of cultural richness and diverse community life, making it a haven for students from around the globe. The city's inviting vibe can be felt throughout its bustling neighborhoods, where students are often seen unwinding at eclectic hangouts. From the comfort of San Francisco student housing, you can explore a myriad of student-friendly spots. Indulge in the caffeinated delights at Ritual Coffee Roasters or catch up with friends at The View Lounge, which promises spectacular city vistas. For those seeking green escapes, Golden Gate Park offers serene landscapes perfect for a study break.

San Francisco's vibrant culture is further animated by music festivals like Outside Lands, which resonates with the youthful vitality of the city’s students. The neighborhoods come alive with festivals and events, bolstering the dynamic student life. Exploring the arts scene at local galleries or joining in the festivities at the North Beach Festival, students are never short of things to do or places to discover from their student apartments in San Francisco. Amber makes searching for student housing in San Francisco near notable educational institutions as convenient and as exciting as the city itself.

Choosing San Francisco student housing means embracing a lifestyle brimming with opportunities, entertainment, and cultural immersion. With amber's support, you can find the perfect San Francisco student housing that puts you at the center of this vitality, ensuring a student experience that is just as enriching outside the classroom as it is within. The city of San Francisco holds a special place in the hearts of students and former students who studied there. Student housing in San Francisco is ideal for students looking to make full use of their time in the city. With a vibrant dynamic of places like great restaurants, museums, and art galleries while also catering to adventure enthusiasts with several great national parks nearby, the city has it all.

San Francisco Tourist Attractions

San Francisco, a city famed for its iconic landmarks and vibrant culture, offers a plethora of attractions for tourists and locals alike. This is perfect for students living in San Francisco student housing who wish to explore the city's rich tapestry of tourist spots between studies.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

2. Alcatraz Island

3. Fisherman's Wharf

4. Chinatown

5. Lombard Street

6. Pier 39

Universities in San Francisco

Many top universities in San Francisco, California, offer students a top-tier education and an excellent educational environment for higher studies. With the help of amber, you can also find student housing in San Francisco across many of these universities. Some of the most famous universities near San Francisco include:

1. The University of San Francisco

2. San Francisco State University

3. Academy of Art University

4. Adam’s College of English

5. University of California

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