Posted on December 18, 2021
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Booking student housing is a must-need for every student. While you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student, students require a place to call their "Second Home". And amid this search, one question commonly arises: When is the ideal time to book a student room? We always recommend students start their hunt as early as possible. But this year, we're also exaggerating that you should book your place before your semester starts. 

Booking your accommodation in advance

An early move to a student accommodation can bring ample benefits - whether you're moving to a university in the UK for the first time or you're a postgraduate student coming back after holidays this January.

So, when is the perfect moment to start a hunt? The period for starting your search for a student home differs from one student to another. Many reasons like initial dates of classes, course differences, etc., are significant factors that affect every student's perception.

Moving away from your home can be a stressful time, especially when you're on a tight schedule. An early move-in can help you avoid this stress and give you the ultimate opportunity to feel relaxed before studying abroad.

Here are the top reasons for moving to student accommodation early in 2022

Grab the best and ideal options

Grab the best and ideal options

With amber, you can move into our student accommodation up to 7 months early and avail the best and ideal options for your comfortable living. This gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up any necessities before getting your student loan and all paperwork done. 

It also means you won't be eating out your precious rent money into other stuff like agents, extra commissions and a lot more. This saves you from splurging the budget by treating it yourself in the form of better amenities, floors, and ample space.

Don't miss on How You Can Easily Save on Student Accommodation in London with Amber.

Explore lavish preferences at the lowest prices

Booking early offers a bargain hunt of booking various properties at the lowest prices. Every student housing - dorms, studios, or en suite - brings pros and cons. And it's your responsibility to suit your needs

Move in early and get all of your belongings in and yourself settled before the rush of move-in day when others will be clamoring to get in the door with heavy boxes and bags of clothes. 

Leverage the market demand 

Accommodation prices are similar to that of a takeoff of your plane. The more you wait, the higher the prices you pay! It is essential to prevent such a scenario and start the research early. Jot down your preferences and surf online to find the best deals long before your peers start landing. 

At amber, you explore many student rooms at the best accommodation at the most-slashed prices. Booking with amber also allows you to save up to £50-70 by booking early! All of your bills are also included with the rent you pay throughout the year, leaving you with the thin air of stress.

Early move-in is worth your time

early move-in in a student housing

Major cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and London boast local culture that attracts large flocks of students. Visiting before your semester starts also enables you to immerse yourself in the city before moving to university

Settling in the city well before boosts your confidence in the city's local knowledge and leverages it for your benefit. Dozens of discounts are added with your gest to enjoy the welcoming nature and find all there's to know about your dream abroad destination!

Get in touch with us today about booking – or re-booking if you've stayed with us before – as an early move is dependent on room availability. Don't miss out!

How can amber help you?

amber is an international student accommodation booking platform that is devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation. They have upgraded continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in finding the best home away from home.

With only one click, book a perfect place to stay anywhere in the world at amber.

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