Posted on September 8, 2021
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Congratulations! If you're reading this article, then you must be going to the magnificent city of London. This esteemed land lies in the heart of the United Kingdom and the Britsons' Hearts and is often termed as the economic and travel capital of the UK. London or Londinium (first name founded in AD 42) is known for its maximum exposure to livelihood, culture and aesthetically beautiful attractions that generates worldwide attention, even among students. 


In terms of quality education, London has also been ranked higher than many UK cities. According to the QS Quacquarelli Symonds 2022 ranking, London has emerged as the best city for the international third time consecutively. Here, 4 of the top 40 global universities are present that offer an academic and welcoming environment to over 20,000+ international students annually. But over the years, the city's reputation has diminished by the "Expensive" factor. 

London has become a challenging spot for students to live on controlled budgets with ever-growing real estate prices. High apartments, smaller rooms and irregular services have become common to expect here. That's why Amber has taken an initiative to streamline student accommodation operations in London and aid young minds wherever possible. Here are some of our significant game-changing benefits for all of you. 

Free of Cost Services

Yes, you got that right! Amber takes pride in providing streamlined student accommodation services in London (and the UK), where you can get to book hundreds, if not thousands, of great properties at ZERO SERVICE COST. Amber cares for all students and aims to facilitate their living in a big way. With Amber, you can explore a wide range of lavish properties with our exciting new filter options based on location, university distance, and many more under three clicks (No kidding!)

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£0 Deposit

free cost of service

Most of the London properties at Amber contain Zero Deposit Tags that enable students to book their accommodation way before they reach their destination city or university at zero extra expenses. On average, this feature saves students up to £200 at rental payments and booking charges.

On-site Maintenance

Rental properties often come with insurance. And to get replaced all the broken items may take your whole day off. But with Amber, you can dust off all such worries under the rug. Because all listed properties at Amber come with on-site maintenance that you can leverage as per the requirement, let the professionals take care of this stuff while you narrow down focus on the dinner. 

A Plethora of Offers 

Amber aims to deliver at par services to every young aspirant who seeks affordable stay away from their home. That's why we always keep our toes up and offer exciting new offers in various forms like vouchers, discounts, and gifts. And since this is the UCAS 2021 Month, we're all open heatedly, offering tonnes of grab-and-go offers to help students combat the high cost of living in London. 

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Book only the top properties in London with Amber

plethora of offers

Amber agree on being extremely picky while choosing student accommodation options in London. Our extensive search results only contain the best bookable locations in the city that offer extremely well-living conditions. By following such a vital selection process, we maintain our status quo on providing the best properties with the latest amenities for students who aim to reside in London or any part of the United Kingdom at a pocket-friendly budget but don't want to compromise on the quality of living. 

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How Can AmberStudent Help You?

AmberStudent is an international student accommodation booking platform that is devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation. They have upgraded continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in finding the best home away from home.

With only one click, book a perfect place to stay anywhere in the world at Amberstudent.

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