Posted on May 13, 2019
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University Life in Cardiff


The capital city of Wales, Cardiff is the eleventh largest city in the entire UK. Harboring a mix and match of both traditional monuments and cultural institutions, it’s a city that had gained national importance in terms of tourism and adventure. Not only this but then it’s widely recognized for its sports attributions as well. The city of Cardiff has some notable educational institutions as well. Cardiff University, Cardiff metropolitan university, University of South Wales are some of the reputed institutions that the city has to offer to attract over 65,000 students from across the world to pursue various fields of their choosing. Also, there are ample of accommodation options in Cardiff for students to get themselves accommodated in any of the student accommodation property of their liking.

Student life in Cardiff

DSC 0116 Student pursuing their education in the city of Cardiff are in for a treat. Life in Cardiff is always mix and match between education and leisure. Recreational centers and entertainment hubs are in and around the city to provide students with the best time possible. Cardiff having the party atmosphere embedded in its roots, the city has various pubs, bars and clubs that can give students the time of their life. Not only this but for those looking for a more subtle approach in spending their time, there are__ several theatres, malls and shopping complex’s__ that one could fancy exploring. You can get there either by foot, public transport or private transportation. So, pick your poison and see where your interest lies as the city has many things other than this to offer.

Student Accommodation Cardiff

Cardiff isn’t a small town where one will face scarcity of Student Accommodation. There are several accommodation properties where you can choose the ones of your liking and be benefited by the features and amenities that they have to offer. Several national and international students tend to prefer the university hostels as they are within the campus and provide all the things that they require. But where’s the fun in that? Curfew’s, tight deadlines and a strict manner of conduct ruin the university life experience. Hence if you are choosing your student accommodation property then select based on offering, room space, amenities, etc. Booking on the right time will get you some exclusive offers.

1. Zenith

ApartmentBedroom2-Gallery-image-size Because as of booking fusion Zenith through AmberStudent, you are in for a treat. They have student accommodation rooms present just minutes away from universities and the city Centre by walk. They have a wide choice of an array in room selection and various other amenities to offer. Fusion student’s Zenith sure does have something for everyone as there are a plethora of amenities to offer and social area’s present in and out of the student accommodation property makes it a perfect hub for all form of social hangouts, night party’s and much more. Wanting to know what exactly you are receiving if you book for a Fusion student accommodation party through us? Read on.

Free shuttle to university

£388 cashback on Studios

Free early move-in (3 weeks early)

Free breakfast.

• Amber student exclusive party in Zenith with free food & drinks.

• You can refer a friend to live in Zenith and earn £75 even if you are not living there next year.


Availability of rooms and offers are on a first come first serve basis. One doesn't want to miss out on this golden opportunity to be located centrally within Cardiff where everything is within reach along with these offers.

2. Westminster house

f546c5ce But if the above given option isn’t the one for you and you are looking for something of a lower price, then you could go for Westminster house. Westminister House is on the cheaper side as they offer cheaper student accommodation room options including en-suites, while Zenith offers studios. It is close by to prominent universities of Cardiff and South Wales. There are some decent center of attraction in and around the student accommodation property such as pubs and bars. Amenities are less but all the basics such as a laundry room, on-site gym, common lounge area are all present which makes them the best for the buck.

3. Glendower House

84dcb640 And if you want to stay at the heart of the city, then Glendower House would be the right choice for you. This property too is close to the universities of Cardiff and South wales. But what's even better is that it is also close to the city's retail and leisure hub on Queen Street. Glendower House offers room options of various configurations of studios with all the basic amenities. Major stations and fast inter-city services are at a close distance making it a very convenient place for students to stay.

Nightlife in Cardiff

268-cropped-w635-h355-of-1-FFFFFF-shutterstock 307343483 If you love to rave and party all night to kill some steam off the education tantrum? Then don’t worry, Cardiff is the place where you have to be to experience nightlife like none other. There are bars and pubs at every street and lane so you will never be missed by the pouring beer and loud thumping noises of music to set the mood straight. The Dead Canary, Dirty Martini, Ten Mill Lane, Ten Feet Tall, Peppermint are some of the wild bars and pubs that you can check out if you are looking for that over the edge experience in terms of partying and having the time of your life. Hence, to sum everything up, you can expect a lot of things form Cardiff as there are various options in terms of accommodation, entertainment, pubs, bars and having a good time. The city packs it’s all. Have the best time of your life the way you want to and live it to the fullest.

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