Posted on January 6, 2022
#LGBTQ #Gayclubs  #Pride4Ever 

London has one of the best queer scenes globally, so this blog could have been very long, listing every club, bar, and pub within the M25, or very short: are you LGBTQ+ and hanging out somewhere? Then it's time for an LGBTQ+ hangout.

Having said that, if you're new to London or the LGBT+ scene, there are a few places you should be aware of.  So, if you're here, you're gay, and you want another beer, keep reading.



Heaven is London's first gay superclub, with a capacity of nearly 2,000 partygoers. Since the fateful day it opened its doors in 1979, the club has become world-famous; everyone, gay, straight, or somewhere in between, needs to dance the night away at this club in Charing Cross at least once. 

Thursday nights are reserved for Porn Idol, an amateur strip contest where the winner receives £250. Friday nights are reserved for cheesy tunes from the 1980s and 1990s at Camp Attack, and Saturday nights are usually reserved for a live performance. 

If you're lucky, you might get to see some big names; Madonna, Kylie, Miley Cyrus, Robyn, and Lady Gaga have all performed at this iconic venue.



Not a single location, but an entire borough of London. Soho is the place to be if you represent the L, the B, the G, the T, the Q, or the +. Soho, the beating heart of London's LGBTQ+ scene, is close to Leicester Square, China Town, Oxford Street, Piccadilly, and the West End, and is full of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants to suit all tastes. 

Go for a meal, a coffee, a cocktail, or a beer; a wild night out, a leisurely hour of people watching, or a hunt for Soho's speakeasy. Not to be missed are Comptons of Soho, Ku Bar and Club, G-A-Y Bar, and Village.

Dalston Superstore

This trendy and eclectic LGBT space welcomes everyone. Dalston Superstore, which serves burgers during the day and drags brunch until 4 p.m. on weekends (obviously), also hosts a variety of parties at night. The basement recently hosted its first bisexual night, Fast and Bi-Furious (puns abound! ). 

Other regular events include the electro night 'Uncontrollable Urge' on Wednesdays and SorryNotSorry Sundays, your monthly dose of poptastic tunes. You could easily spend the entire day here:

  • Have a burger during the day.

  • Go upstairs for a drink in the evening.

  • Dance in the basement until the wee hours of the morning.


Vogue Fabrics, formerly (and still popularly) known as Vogue Fabrics, is a multi-disciplinary art space rather than a bar or club. Queer events such as spoken word poetry and (of course!) drag nights that last until the early hours can be found here. Also, visual art galleries and the work of local artists. If all of this sounds a little too artsy for you, don't worry; the venue's most famous artwork is the massive penis mural in the restrooms.

Two Brewers

Quieter gays may feel more at ease at Two Brewers in Clapham, which has proudly served the gay community for the past thirty years. It's a community-oriented bar that attracts a slightly older crowd and hosts fun evenings like Rock 'N' Roll Bingo on Mondays, a quiz night on Wednesdays, and - because no gay venue would be complete without them! - drag acts throughout the week.

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