Posted on September 1, 2021
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Confused where to study MBA- UK or Canada? Well, MBA is one of the most sought degrees among global students. The real-life experience of studying management, finance, marketing, accounting or business ethics are all concise under one-degree course. Both the UK and Canada offer at par education and offer a prosperous and welcoming study environment that attracts over 2 million students combined annually. 

Besides such perks, the similar large pool of choice often confuses many students while deciding the better one between the two. To find more about it, we dug in a little deeper and found some interesting points that outline the respective benefits of pursuing an MBA program in the UK and Canada. Let's look at some of these significant points to consider while pursuing an MBA degree in the UK or Canada. 

Study MBA in UK v/s MBA in Canada

1. Benefits

  • MBA in the UK

MBA in the UK

UK MBA programs stretch up to one-year tenure programs. Compared to the US or Canada, students pay lower tuition fees while pursuing MBA in the UK. Additionally, it's an economical win-win if you've got a scholarship along. Besides studying, many UK universities such as London Business School and Cardiff Metropolitan University explore tie-ups with business tycoons that benefit ample students during this one year.

Also, all UK students are entitled to stay back up to two years after completing their undergraduate/postgraduate degrees. This stay-back policy enables students to migrate to various UK cities, explore different employment opportunities, and work with the best possible employers in the UK.

    • Receive globally-recognized degrees from esteemed UK universities

    • Students can also stay behind to explore career opportunities for up to 2 years

    • A chance to gain knowledge under industry experts through internships or special courses

    • Much more practical exposure than other established country education models.

  • MBA in Canada

Most colleges in Canada offer 2-year MBA programs. However, some business schools also practice an Accelerated MBA, which generally are completed under 18 months. At present, there are four types of MBA degree courses in Canada- Full time (offering full-time study positions), Part-time (for students seeking part-time business management degrees), International MBA (20-28 month MBA programmes carried out by industry experts).

Fourthly, the Executive MBA programme allows students to pursue business development courses while working part-time in organizations/companies. An Executive MBA programme stretches up to 13 months and helps students collect MBA-learning experience while gaining ground industrial knowledge. A new thread of MBA introduced in recent years is the Joint Programme that fulfils dual-purpose degree courses in business and medical, law, and engineering.

    • Study in Global Ranked universities; 9 out of Top 150 global universities are ranked for MBA, as per QS MBA Rankings 2020

    • Promising sector for aspiring business learners and ample career opportunities

    • Flourishing packages for most MBA passed students

    • Easy to settle and presence of a welcoming environment. 

2. Eligibility

MBA in the UK Eligibility


Depending upon your stream and choice of subjects, the eligibility of studying MBA in the UK can vary. But, in general, a few of the standard eligibility requirements of pursuing an MBA course in the UK are-

  • Academic Requirements: 3-year/4-year Undergraduate Degree with up to 50-60% qualification marks. 

  • GMAT Scores: Required in top colleges. An average of 600+ is to be scored minimum. 

  • Work Experience: Not mandatory, but up to 2-years of experience is preferred. 

  • IELTS/TOEFL: Either one of IELTS or TOEFL is required in the majority of schools. The granted score is IELTS (6.5) and TOEFL (95%) and above. The test is to measure your reading, writing, and speaking skills in the English language.  

  • Letter of Recommendation: 1-3 letters of recommendation are required. Academic letters are disqualified. 

  • An updated copy of Resume, visa details, and proof of funds for tuition fee expenses. 

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MBA in Canada Eligibility

Canadian business schools require lesser eligibility criteria for students to enrol. Some of these standard requirements are-

    • Bachelor's Degree: A 4-year bachelor's degree is required. Whilst some universities also grant 3-year graduates. 

    • Work Experience: Relevant work experience in a student's related domain/field. A minimum of 12-months of experience is preferred. 

    • GMAT: Not mandatory, but an average score puts applicants in a higher selection priority. 

    • IELTS/TOEFL: Students from non-native English countries must provide an average score in either IELTS or TOEFL. 

    • Similar documentation as in the UK business schools such as visa details, funds history, and letter of recommendation are required. 

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3. Top MBA Schools

top MBA schools
  • Top Canadian Business school

    • University of Toronto

    • The Beedie School of Business in Vancouver

    • Alberta School of Business, Edmonton

    • John Molson School of business, Montreal

    • HEC Montreal

    • Smith School of Business

    • Rotman School of Management

    • University of British Columbia

    • McMaster University

4. Career Opportunities

career opportunities via business schools

In the United Kingdom, business school often offers a wide variety of career streams that may or may not be present in various international universities. Students can leverage such additional streams to test out their liability and make a calculative decision about their future. Some of the popular job field choices of MBA students are:

    • Accountancy

    • Banking

    • Advertising

    • Marketing

    • Consultancy

    • Human Resource Management

    • Finance

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-In Canada, students get back to their feet more rapidly than other colleges due to the side-splitting of studying and internships. That's why many of these students land good yearly packages from top MNCs in various fields like-

    • Finance and Consulting

    • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); One of Canadian business school graduates' most significant hiring sectors. 

    • Human resource management

    • Technology

    • Advertising and marketing

    • Quality management 

5. Cost of Living

-The cost of pursuing a one-year MBA degree programme in the UK can cost up to £10,000-15,000 on average. As you move towards top-notch universities in Oxford or Cambridge, MBA programmes can reach up to £45,000 annually. Education experts suggest that pursuing an MBA from most UK universities exposes students to all amenities they get in higher quality institutes. 

-The Canadian MBA programmes lie in the similar range of $31,000-42,000 annually. Most of these universities have coinciding programme structures, classes and have the slightest variation in terms of the domain of study, industry visits, and experience of teachers, amongst others. Students planning to visit Canada can also benefit from many scholarship programmes that can significantly lower tuition fees and yearly expenses. 

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Studying an MBA programme is a tough decision for every student. And with the tag of international, it may be perceived as a more significant drawback. But most overseas students also have a valuable skill of little known presence that allows them to learn and do more than others. Such an approach will enable your study experience to be more fruitful and help your college experience shape your career successfully. 

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