Posted on December 10, 2019
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First of all Congratulations on making it your desired University in Melbourne. Your hard work has paid off! You are about to start your student life in Melbourne, and trust us when we say that it's completely natural to feel excited and stressed at the same time about starting your student life.

But fret not! Because, Melbourne is widely acknowledged to be one of the most vibrant cities in Australia known to be packed with diverse culture, delightful restaurants, lively bars, vivacious clubs, shopping centres and numerous tourist attractions. In order to experience the best of the city, we know how imperative it is to feel at ease and secure. And what can be better than starting it off by unwinding and unpacking in a comfortable student accommodation in Melbourne? But, finding an ideal accommodation in an unknown country is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and mind-numbing tasks. So, the first step, which is very important before choosing any accommodation, is to extensively research, read, and check all the reviews and ratings available on the internet. Keep in mind that, whichever student housing you choose should not only make you feel at home but should also meet all your requirements.

University Halls of Residences, Private Halls of Residences and Homestays are some of the accommodation options available for the students in Melbourne. We know it is a very confusing decision to select the right accommodation type. So, let us give you a kickstart to cut down your stress by shortlisting a few properties in Melbourne for you that are not only comfortable, secure and budget-friendly but are also located at a comfortable distance from the various Universities.

1. Unilodge @ VU


Unilodge @VU is a contemporary purpose-built student accommodation which is located just

  • 1 minute walk away from the Victoria University, Ballarat Road Campus
  • 14 minutes drive away from the Victoria University, St Albans Campus
  • 10 minutes bus ride away from the Victoria CBD

The rooms in Unilodge @ VU are fully furnished and packed with all the modern amenities like High Speed Internet, Electronic secured doors, Television, Gym, Swimming Pool and much more. Therefore, ensuring a comfortable and entertaining student life. Moreover, the accommodation is also well-connected to the various public transport facilities in Melbourne, making it one of the most preferred private student housing in Melbourne.

  • The nearest bus stop is just a minute walk from the particular accommodation.
  • Ballarat Road Tram Station is just within a 4 minutes walk from the property.
  • Droop Street Tram Station is also within a mere 4 minutes walk from the property.

The accommodation is also located in proximity to several hotspots of the city which are widely popular among the students studying in Melbourne as these places are frequently visited by the students to de-stress and unwind at.

  • Footscray Market is just a 17-minutes walk away from the property
  • Footscray Park Bowling Club is a mere minute walk away from the residence
  • McDonald's Footscray is also within a mere 7 minutes walk of the property

The rent of this student accommodation in Melbourne ranges from (A$169 - A$393/week) and the property incorporates various room types with varying price range:

  • 6 Bedroom Apartment - Regular Bedroom- A$259 - A$296/week
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - Accessible Bedroom-A$319 - A$348/week
  • Studio Regular Apartment-A$329 - A$360/week
  • Studio Accessible/Queen Apartment-A$359 - A$393/week

Also, the rent of Melbourne @ VU is also inclusive of all the utility bills.

2. Unilodge @ 740

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 1.54.58 PM

Unilodge @ 740 is a modern purpose built student accommodation which is situated in Melbourne’s vibrant Swanston Street which is among one of the prime locations of Melbourne. The property is also located within a comfortable distance of various Universities of Melbourne, therefore, making it one of the most popular private student housing in Melbourne.

  • RMIT University is located within a 9 minutes walk of the residence
  • University of Melbourne is also within a mere 9 minutes walk away from the property

The student rooms in Unilodge @ 740 are completely furnished and comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are also loaded with all the modern amenities like High Speed Broadband, Television, Laundry Room, Barbeque space, Bike Storage Area and much more. Therefore, guaranteeing a convenient student life.

Moreover, the property also has an excellent access to the city’s various public transport facilities, which makes it convenient for the students to travel to and from the residence to their respective universities and also to the other areas of the city.

  • The nearest bus station is a mere 3 minutes walk away from the property
  • The Central Train Station is also a mere 16 minutes’ walk away from the property

Since, this particular property is located at one of the most prime locations of the city, therefore, it is in proximity to numerous tourist attractions, delightful restaurants and shopping streets that the city of Melbourne has to offer. The students can comfortably relax and rejuvenate in these places after striving for a long week in their Universities.

  • Melbourne Museum is within 9 minutes walk from the property
  • Flower Drum Restaurant is also within 10 minutes walking distance of the property
  • Queen Victoria Market is just a mere 7 minutes walk from the residence

The rent of Unilodge @ 740 varies from (A$326 - A$447/week) and the residence includes various room types which caters to the housing needs of the students with diverse budgets:

  • Studio Single- A$326 - A$346/week
  • Studio Deluxe-A$336 - A$356/week
  • Studio Double-A$346 - A$366/week
  • Studio Twin Deluxe (Newly Refurbished)-A$356 - A$376/week
  • One Bedroom Single-A$386 - A$406/week
  • One Bedroom Deluxe (Newly Refurbished)-A$396 - A$416/week
  • One Bedroom Double-A$396 - A$416/week
  • One Bedroom 2x Twin Single-A$417 - A$437/week
  • One Bedroom Twin Deluxe (Newly Refurbished)-A$427 - A$447/week

Moreover, the rent of this property is inclusive of all the utility bills. Yes! You read that right!

3. Unilodge on Swanston


Unilodge on Swanston is a present-day purpose built student accommodation which is located in the heart of Melbourne. Due to its’ terrific location, almost all the Universities of Melbourne are located at close distance from the property. It’s proximity to the University and the city centre enables the students to maintain a perfect balance between their studies and social life. Therefore, making it an ideal accommodation choice for the students studying in Melbourne.

  • RMIT University is only 3-minutes walk away from the residence
  • Monash University is within a mere 11 minutes from the property
  • La Trobe University City Campus is also within 13 minutes walking distance of the property
  • University of Melbourne is just 18 minutes bus ride away from the residence

All the rooms in Unilodge on Swanston are crafted keeping in mind the uber comfort of the students. The rooms are well-maintained, fully furnished and comes with fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, along with big living and entertainment spaces for students to unwind. The rooms are also packed with all the modern amenities like Electronic secured Bedrooms, High Speed Broadband, Television, Laundry Rooms and much more which is essential for a quality and lavish student life.

Moreover, the area where the property is based is also served with well-connected public transport system, therefore making it comfortable for the students to commute one part of the city to another.

  • The nearest tram station is a mere 1 minute walk away from the property
  • The Melbourne Central Railway Station is also within a mere 2 minutes’ walk away from the property

Since, Unilodge on Swanston is located in the central Melbourne, the students will have an easy access to numerous vibrant and lively spots of the city. The property is located next door to the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre with various shops, entertainment options and grocery stores all located at the property’s doorstep. The students will also have access to numerous delightful restaurants and high-spirited bars and clubs, where they can satisfy their taste palettes with some lip-smacking cuisines or drink their blues away with their friends listening to some amazing live music scenes.

  • Gloria Jean's Coffees is within just a 1 minute walk from the property
  • Sir Redmond Barry Statue is also within a mere 1 minute walk away from the residence
  • IGA Supermarket is also located just a mere 8 minutes walk from the property

The rent of Unilodge on Swanston varies from (A$365 - A$910/week) and the residence includes many room type options in various budget brackets.

  • One Bedroom Twin Share-A$440 - A$500/week
  • Two Bedroom for Three-A$640 - A$730/week
  • Three Bedroom-A$820 - A$910/week
  • One Bedroom Deluxe- A$427/week
  • One Bedroom Deluxe with Balcony-A$465/week
  • Studio One Bedroom plus Study for 2-A$512 - A$522/week
  • One Bedroom plus Study with Balcony for 2-A$541/week
  • One Bedroom plus Study for 3-A$576 - A$586/week

Also, the rent of this property is also inclusive of all the utility bills. Impressive right?

Tenant Laws and Leasing Terms

Now that you are aware about a few properties and all their features and aspects, It is very essential for you to also know and be well-versed with the tenants’ laws in order to safeguard your rights against any kind of exploitation and mistreatment by the landlords or the property

  1. Anti-Discrimination Laws

Under the federal Fair Housing Act, the landlords cannot discriminate against their tenants. Any discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, race, gender, familial status, religion, or disability is considered as an act of offence or a breach of law.

  1. Security Deposits: Limits and Deadlines

Most states have laws that places a limit on the amount of deposit that needs to be paid to the landlord as many landlords tend to ask for unreasonable security deposits or an advance before or during the signing of the tenancy agreement. Note that, the entire security deposit needs to be refunded at the end of the tenancy. The tenants only have to pay an additional deposit incase they are subjected to any liability. To give you a better clarity, the various deposit amounts of various states have been mentioned:

  • In New South Wales, the maximum rent advance is two weeks ́rent, if the rent is less than Au$300 (US$233) a week; otherwise, four weeks.
  • In Queensland, the maximum is one months’ rent for fixed term tenancies and two weeks ́rent for periodic agreements.
  • In Tasmania, the maximum is one months’ rent.
  • In Victoria, the maximum is one month in tenancies where the rent is less than Au$350 (US$272)/week.
  • In the Australian Capital Territory, the maximum rent advance is a months’ rent.
  • In the Northern Territory, the maximum rent advance is one rental payment period.

  • Tenant's Right to Privacy

Always remember that, as a tenant you have the right to a certain level of privacy. This means that, the landlord of the property just cannot barge in whenever he/she pleases to. Incase, the landlord needs to check something or has to do any repair work, a prior notice has to be provided beforehand.

  1. Right to a Habitable Home

You must be wondering what exactly a “Habitable Home” means? In simple words, a habitable home is a house or a residence which is fit to be accommodated or lived in. Or in other words, the rental should free from hazardous and unhygienic living conditions such as holes in the walls, the presence of pests and rodents, lack of water supply, bad wiring and much more.

Leasing Terms

There are two types of Leasing terms:

  1. Fixed term tenancy: The fixed term tenancy are the tenancies that is for a fixed period of time. In this tenancy, the landlord leases a house or an apartment to a tenant for a certain or predetermined amount of time. At the end of a fixed term tenancy the landlord must give proper notice to the tenant in case they want them to evacuate

  2. In New South Wales and Queensland a minimum of 14 days notice is required. In Victoria, 90 days notice for a fixed term agreement of less than 6 months.

  3. In South Australia and Western Australia there is no required minimum notice, but landlord and tenant must discuss the issue and come to an arrangement.
  4. In Tasmania, 28 days notice.
  5. In Australian Capital Territory, 3 weeks notice.
  6. In Northern Territory, 14 days notice.
  1. Periodic tenancies: The Periodic tenancy are the tenancies that is not fixed. In this type of tenancy, the tenancy may go either from week to week, or from month to month. Therefore, the stay of a tenant in a property is not certain.

Now that you are well-versed with the tenancy laws, leasing agreements and almost all the important characteristics and features of the private student properties, you take your time and consider and examine all your options thoroughly before deciding to book an accommodation in Melbourne so that apart from satisfying all your requirements, it also gives you a homely feel. Afterall, home is where the heart is right?

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