Posted on August 10, 2020
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Welcome to our Student Guide for London

London is one of the most fun-loving and beloved cities in the world, and students across the globe continuously flock to this city in search of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. We realise that moving to a new place can be quite a daunting and anxiety-filled task which is why we have prepared a student guide London version so that you guys can have a great stay at this majestic place. We have also mentioned a few hacks and tricks so that you can save a few bucks here and there.

The top Universities in London

Welcome to the first and most essential parts of this student guide London where we have created a list of some of the best colleges in London for you.
Global Rank- 10
UCL is one of the most renowned universities in the world and the poster boy of the top colleges in London; therefore, it only fits that we start our discussion with this esteemed educational institution.

King's College London
Global Rank- 31
This college is particularly famous for its reputation when it comes to humanities, law and social sciences. They are also well known for their course in International Studies.

London School of Economics and Political Science
Global Rank- 49
The London School of Economics has a penchant for producing some of the top-notch economists in the world, which is an apt reflection of its prowess and ability to groom its students.

Queen Mary University of London
Global Rank- 114
Queen Mary University is widely known for its medical teaching and research also being part of one of the largest academic health science centres, which should be testimony enough about its pedigree.

Birbeck College
Global Rank- 344
Birbeck also has an excellent reputation amongst the colleges and universities of the world, and the staff is always striving to bring the best education to you.

We have some honourable mentions such as Brunel University, School of Oriental and African studies and the Imperial College. These colleges may not have made our top list, but they certainly deserve a shout out for the kind of education that they have been offering over the years.

How much can it cost you to live in London

Living in London can be fun, but at the same time, it can also be very costly, especially for someone who is not a local. Now it can be quite frustrating trying to hassle and figure out where you can get the best deals to find cheap student accommodation in London. You can spend smartly on amenities and travelling if you get a smart credit card.

It can be quite a challenging task to figure out suitable rent, whether it is for student accommodation in west London, student accommodation in central London or a student flat to rent in North London etc. London is primarily divided into six zones, and most of your private halls and student studios in London are situated in these areas. We have thus put together an extensive list of what the average cost is in the various regions of London.

Below is the zone wise division of the average rent for student accommodation in London

Zone 1

  • Studio: £ 975+
  • 1 bed: £ 1300+
  • 2 bed: £1600+
  • 3 bed: £ 2150+
  • 4bed and more: £ 2800+


  • Studio: £ 850-£975
  • 1 bed: £ 1,100-£1300
  • 2 bed: £ 1,300-£1600
  • 3 bed: £ 1,700-£2150
  • 4bed and more: £2,250- £2800


  • Studio: £ 750- £850
  • 1 bed: £ 950- £1,100
  • 2 bed: £ 1,200-£1,300
  • 3 bed: £ 1,500-£1,700
  • 4bed and more: £1,900- £2,250


  • Studio: under £ 750
  • 1 bed: under £ 950
  • 2 bed: under £ 1,200
  • 3 bed: under £ 1,500
  • 4bed and more: under £1,900

(All the average rent that is mentioned above is on a monthly basis.)

Main cost of living as a student in London.

This part of our student guide in London will help give you a brief overview of where you can save your money as a student in London whether it is hunting for cheap accommodation in London or Inexpensive places that can fulfil your hunger.

Different Types of accommodations in London

This student guide in London would certainly be incomplete without discussing the various student accommodation options in London.


Finding a studio to rent in London can be quite a task, but it is perfect if you want a place to yourself or if you do not want to rent a huge place because obviously, the price of it will be much higher so a studio room should do just fine for you.

En suite

If your privacy is sacred to you and you like to stick to a routine without much change and then the en suite is just the perfect pick for you. This option allows you to have your private toilet and showers so you won't have to stand in long queues and lines just to get done with you daily activities. It will also help save a lot of time which can help you be even more productive.

Sharing Accommodation

Finding cheap student accommodation in London can be tough, especially in inner-city areas. Still, travelling can prove to be quite an issue when it comes to the outer city which is why we would insist that you find a flatmate or a group to rent out a place so that you can share the cost rather than putting to much burden on just one student.


PBSA has rapidly become the favourite choice of most students who are looking for student accommodation in London. The affordable prices and various student-centric facilities and amenities that are provided at these residencies are what makes them stand out. In our opinion, PBSA’s are the best options out there for students right now.

We can also provide you with a list of Student accommodation and private halls in London.

This one is for the foodie inside you.

Are you the person who thinks that a crucial part of the culture lies in the cuisine that they serve. Are you a self-proclaimed foodie who is obsessed with different types of food that a place has to offer? If your answer was 'Yes' to any of the above statements, then this should be one of your favourite parts in this student guide London.

Food picture

Camden market

Camden Market provides you with a whole lot of variety and people. However, some of the classic, unique cheap stands include Maize Blaze, which serves Colombian street food. There is so much diversity at this place, including endless stalls selling Chinese, Thai and Indian at amazingly low prices. Camden Market is terrific for a group outing because you can all get what you want. However, it is open-air, so make sure to check the weather first.


If you are starving and wish for an all you eat buffet, then Foodilic is the place for you, and it costs just £7.50. The food here is so healthy, locally sourced and always delicious, accompanied by a big range of cuisine catering to all dietary requirements, including gluten-free and vegan. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's the perfect spot for students based around Kings Cross.

Bar Kick

Bar kick is not your average run of the mill cafe. A row of foosball tables has converted this place into the perfect hangout. Take a chill pill with their classic burgers and show off your skills as you blow off some steam, or head over to enjoy the atmosphere if there's a big football game on the TV. During the happy hour, beers are just £2.50 and cocktails are £4.50

How students can make the most of local attractions on a budget

Are you one of those who are new to the city but doesn't know how to explore the city without having to burn a huge hole in your pocket. All work and no play makes you dull which is why this is an exceptional feature in our 'student Guide London' as we want every student who comes here to not only be good at academics but also take back some sweet memories with him.

Use happy hours to your heart's delight.

Student life in London can be quite a blast, and if you are a party animal who loves to have a sorted time with his fellow mates, this may be just the perfect thing in store for you. Paint the town red and have a stellar time as you can utilise some great discounts that are provided in the happy hours time.

Watch a cheap show in the west end theatre.

For all those theatre lovers out there there isn't much better news than that of a cheap show which can make you fall in love with the stage all over again every single time. Due to the heavy influence of technology, most of our visual arts may have shifted to our screens, but this can be a truly fantastic experience for you.

Free music bars

It may be at times challenging to find a cheap studio to rent in London but the bars are aplenty, and you can certainly treat yourself to a feast with some great local musicians who perform such gigs, and the best thing about it is that they do not contain any extra charges in most cases.

Delve into Shakespearean Theatre

For all those students who are not the quintessential event lovers, you can treat yourself to a great play in the Shakespearean Theatre. The prices are not too high, but the experience for a true lover of performing arts is priceless. Experience the delicious street food of London

Some bills and mandatory expenses

Most of the student studios in London will cover the bills in your rent, but this is something that you should cover beforehand; however, the private accommodation will charge you separately for all of these utilities.

Electric/gas/water bill

Now there are some places such as PBSA's or select student accommodations that include this bill in their rent but your private accommodations in most cases won't so have a word with the concerned authority before you reach any agreement.

Mobile phone

Anybody who tells you that they can live without their mobile phone is lying, especially when it comes to students, so this one is definitely on the top of this list. Different nations have different providers, and if you are an international student, you can even choose a unique plan so that you don't have to think twice before you want to call home.


It is needless to say that stationery is an integral part of the itinerary, and not just for students in London bur students all across the globe. It is easy to get bulk discounts if you get together in a group and buy it.

TV license

If you want to watch TV in the UK, then you have to procure a TV license for the same, but this is highly unlikely for we are sure that if you are like the rest, then you prefer a Netflix subscription. I mean TV is such old age thing(don't tell your grandparents about this though)

Traversing the city

There are a plethora of options when it comes to travelling in the majestic city of London so do not worry there is always a route and a person that will lead you to your destination in a safe and secure manner. This student guide London would just feel a tad bit incomplete without discussing all of these options.

transport in london


London's has these amazing double-decker buses which are not only convenient but also a cheap way to travel around the city. One can hardly complain about it, keeping in mind all the sightseeing opportunities along the way.

London Underground, aka 'The tube'.

The London Underground rail network, which is also known as "the Tube", is a sorted way to travel around central London. To make the most of this, please be sure to do a little research on the favourable routes for you.

Docklands Light Railways

London's Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a visionary experience as it is driverless and it serves parts of East and South East London.

River bus service

The river bus is an excellent way to enjoy the views while escaping the mind-numbing traffic in London. Definitely a great thing to check around some new sights if you are not a local

Local trains (overground)

London has one of the most well-planned train systems that run, and travelling is certainly a whole lot easier as it connects you to most of the critical places in London.

London Trams (on-road)

The Trams run in parts of south London between Wimbledon, Croydon, Beckenham and New Addington. The services are frequent and really convenient to the public, and well trams have always been the subject of fascination.


From iconic London black cabs to local minicabs, find all the information you need to help you travel around London by taxi.

The most prefered places to stay in London as a student

Wow is this student guide for London even complete without the mention of some of the most popular places that we have for students in London? These places encompass a wide variety of qualities which are very suitable for students right from having a bustling nightlife to cheap rent. All these places in London offer something very unique and amazing to the students who live here. Below are some of the top places to stay in London as a student,


If you have the artistic vibes or consider yourself a trendy hipster, then Dalston may be the perfect place for you. In the East End, Dalston alongside Shoreditch, there are some of the most unusual and most refreshing things you may see, such as vintage stalls, open markets and artwork from the mysterious Banksy. The rent may be on the higher side of the spectrum, but you can find some great deals here too. If you want a great time without splurging too much, then you have to check out Hackney, which is an up and coming area that is a popular destination for young people.


If you are an international student who wants to be in the hub of tourist attractions, then this is the place for you. Home to Kensington Palace while being surrounded by Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, it is a great spot. You can truly witness the spirit of London being reflected in all the famous destinations and attractions that are situated here. You can take a look at some of the hottest properties in this location right now.


If you're a lover of trends, fashion and meals then you definitely have to test out Camden. Renowned for a number of London's maximum eccentric clothing, vintage cobbled streets and superstar spotting, Camden is inside the North of London. There are an extraordinary variety of restaurants, bars and markets so as to make sure to trap your eye. If you're seeking a celebration, then you definitely will be satisfied to understand that North London gives the lovely Notting Hill Carnival that takes place each year!


If you are looking for reasonably priced places to live then student accommodation in Greenwich should certainly be on your list. It has great transportation links, and you'll be able to travel freely. It has some of the most magnificent antique markets, great foods and historical buildings. If you're a film buff, you will be happy to realise that Greenwich is the setting of cinematic works like Sherlock Holmes, Les Miserables and Pirates of the Caribbean.


If you're a proactive individual and you don't mind the distance, then you must check Richmond as a place to stay. With beautiful open spaces such as Richmond Park, you'll find plenty to do in this gorgeous area. Other places worth looking at if you don't mind the South West are Twickenham and Sutton where you can find nice restaurants, shops and even Kew Gardens nearby.

Earning some bucks on the side

We realise that it can be quite an expensive affair to find a studio to rent in London. Being a student doesn't help your cause much either but where there is a will there's a way and thus part-time earning options is an important part of the student guide London as these opportunities may be able to give you some monetary respite. Part-time jobs are not only a great way to earn extra money but also a great way to learn about responsibilities.

part time online job .

Part-time online tutoring

Tutoring has been the favourite form of income for a long time because it mostly depends on your skill and not just a degree which makes this an eligible source for almost everybody that is out there. You can take online classes for the younger grades in your free time to increase your pocket money and thus provide you with a great experience.

Part-time market research

It can be the perfect way to earn some extra money that you can later trade for gift cards plus it can be a fun activity where you can make an impact by completing surveys. This can be the ideal side job for you as a student or young professional. Different places can offer you up to £5 for every survey that you complete, and you need no prior experience.

University application mentor

Brainstorm and analyse university application essays to help out the applicants with their process. You can get this great opportunity to Mentor university applicants via 1-on-1 chat/video calls. You will have to answer their questions regarding university selection, admissions tests, interviews, academics/courses, extracurriculars, university life etc. You will get to share your personal experience and key learnings through the university application process to help mentees gain a unique perspective.

Student Ambassador

You will have to help source candidates for student ambassador roles at your university You do need to have the knack for good leadership skills, the ability to work under pressure and ability to make witty, sharp decisions. One has to form relationships with your campus student union, and with various clubs and societies.

This is again one of those jobs which require no qualifications at all. The only thing required is a good internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. Fill out different surveys, and you can splash big and have a grand weekend every once in a while.

Many of the students do not take these part-time job opportunities seriously, which is why we have a special heading just to discuss these employment options in our' Student Guide London'.

Whilst there are many upcoming industries in the UK and several job opportunities opening up virtually every day it can still be quite a task to find work especially for the immigrants which is why the UK government has allowed students to stay for up to 2 years in the UK post their studies to find a job that is related to their course or field.

The prevalent culture in London

London has been a great place of cultural appropriation, and students have flocked this place from far and wide. Therefore, we deemed it fitting to have a separate section in our student guide London which is dedicated only to the culture and the language. Whilst we know that English is the prevalent language that is spoken, there is also the influence of the other immigrants from around the globe who have made this their second home.

party picture

How can you explore London better?

We encourage you as a student to not only take your studies seriously but also learn a bit about the culture of the city. London is high on enthusiasm and party, which is why this should be a really useful part of the student guide London.

Take an open-top London bus tour.

The iconic busses that take you around London are the perfect start for every student who is looking to explore the beautiful sights and views that this amazing city has to offer. This has to be on the top of the list because this tour has become of as equal importance as many of the sights here itself.

Spend the evening in a pub theatre

While it may not be a concept in many places if you are a student in London you should definitely take some time out to check out these acts and performances plus many of the pubs will also throw in special offers or even a happy hours discount on their assortment of liquor.

A night out in the city of London

Don't tell your parents we suggested this (winks without anybody noticing) but if you don't have a crazy night out in London did you even explore it. Now we totally understand that not all of you may be looking for top-notch parties, but for all those who do there is literally no city better than London.

A city rich in Sporting culture

London has always been vibrant when it comes to sports, whether it is cricket, tennis or football, which is the most loved sport in the UK. You have a lot of friendly rivalries ok who am I kidding there is no friendly rivalry but rather a competitive one amongst the top clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea with 'The Emirates' and 'Stamford Bridge' proving to be the mecca and the Madina for the supporters of these clubs. It is home to what is arguably one of the best tennis championships in the world, which is 'The Wimbledon Open'. The famous Lourdes cricket ground is also a great local attraction for all the cricket lovers who are looking to flock this place.

Making life a bit easier for students in London.

Not only this 'Student Guide London' but every other student guide in the world will be incomplete without a list of these resources.

What to do in case of emergency(rental frauds/immigration issue etc.)

Going out into this big wide world can be pretty scary and whilst we wish that we come across just the good ones every once in a while there will be people who will look to take advantage of your limited knowledge. Therefore it is very important that you educate yourself so that you are prepared for such situations.

Get in touch with your education agencies and agents because they know what is best, and they are also aware of all the scams that take place with students. These agencies will be the perfect people to help you out with your issues and are a significant part of this student guide in London.

We also recommend that you go through an adequately verified agency to take care of your student accommodation in London, which is a safe way to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Handling the Finances

This student guide London would certainly not be complete without a part on how to manage finances because part of growing up also means that you have to learn to curb your expenditure and create a lifestyle that suits your needs and wants.

Setting a budget is a vital part of your student life because it helps you monitor your expenses and can help every student in London make the most of their academic experience in London.

You should be very responsible when it comes to your spending limit on the credit card, and we would tell you to avoid huge expenditures as much as possible.

Our aim for writing this article

We at AmberStudent understand that pursuing your studies especially in a new city or nation can be quite a challenge that too if it is one like London, therefore, we have written this article which we hope not only makes it easier for you to choose student accommodation in London that is cheap but also helps you get some of the tips and tricks of the trade and that can help you make the most out of your time as a student in London.

A few necessary takeaways from this Student guide London:-

  • Your golden rule as a student should be to look for discounts.
  • Try and save as much as possible on your travelling cost.
  • Enjoy your student life but stick to a strict budget.
  • Spending from your credit card does not have a happy ending.
  • Look for healthy and cheap eating options in London.

Amberstudent is dedicated to providing students all across the world with Suitable information and help with all of their accommodation needs. We would certainly love to hear from you and don’t forget to get in touch for all your accommodation needs before it gets too late as the rooms are filling up fast and we wouldn’t want you to miss this excellent opportunity. We hope that this ‘Student guide in London’ helped you today.

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