Posted on May 15, 2021
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Universities of the United Kingdom attract students from all over the country. As a result, cohorts today are very complex, with a high number of international students. 

Transitioning to university life is daunting at the best of times, but it’s often more difficult for young people from foreign countries. International students must not only adjust to life in a new environment, but they must also adjust to any language gaps and cultural variations that may arise. 

However, we have listed down a few tips that will help make it easier. Here are some of our best recommendations for international students!

Do some research

It's still a sensible move to be armed, and you shouldn't head through your first semester as a new student blindfolded. You must’ve already done a lot of homework on your preferred university and the course you'll be taking, but make sure you still do some research on your new home. Find more about crime rates, the best places to eat, the best shopping complexes, and, of course, the location of the nearest bar (if you like to drink). You'll be much more at ease when you arrive if you do this!

Check out this article to find out the simple step-by-step guide on the Latest procedure to Study Abroad after 12th.

Don’t forget your health

International students also neglect and overlook health care. The National Healthcare Service (NHS) is one of the most well-known healthcare services in the world. It is based in the United Kingdom.

Based on their visa type and length of stay, international students may apply for this. When you apply for this, you will not be responsible for the hospital expenses or hidden charges if you do have an emergency. Select the nearest General Practitioner (GP) and register as soon as you arrive in the UK.

Make a student bank account

Ditch your regular debit card in favour of a student bank account to save any unnecessary fees. A student bank account not only comes with extra perks like Amazon coupons or a free railcard, but it also gives you access to an arranged overdraft. 

An overdraft is money you will borrow from the bank to pay back at a predetermined interest rate, and it's typically beneficial for students with a small budget. Alternatively, you might open an online bank account, such as Monzo or Revolut, which are simple to set up and offer excellent budgeting features.

Find your costs and budget

Course tuition, rent, lodging, NHS (National Health Service) surcharge, cell phone bill, telephone, commuting expenses, day trips, going home, socialising, books and other course materials can all be factored into the budget.

Some applications and online resources, such as the International Student Calculator, will assist you in estimating how high your daily expenditures would be. Often, search your university website to see what the local prices are on items like housing.

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Student Accommodation

It may be a mammoth challenge to figure out where you'll live in the UK, so it's critical to get it right. Many alternatives are available, including university-owned student housing, private student housing, and renting a standard flat, studio, or home. 

Keep in mind that study abroad housing in the most famous student cities sells out fast, so book your Leeds, Manchester, or London etc., study abroad apartment as soon as possible. Before you know it, someone else would have taken the apartment you had your eye on! 

Especially in these challenging times, suppose if you’re looking for student housing in Birmingham, student halls Sheffield, or student accommodations in Edinburgh, you need to check them for proper sanitation and preventive measures regarding the Covid-19 situation and then decide to move in.  

Come prepared for the weather

This one goes against previous guidance in several ways, but it is also applicable to all international students. Think carefully about what you'll need while packing for university. 

Given that the UK has a cold climate for the majority of the year, an oversized scarf, as well as a variety of light jumpers, should be the first items in your luggage. Also, don't forget to bring any more formal attire (we Brits love a good night out). 

Clothing can be bought before you return if you have the cash, but you may want to conserve your money for other activities.

Keep in touch with your family and friends back home

When you're an international student, homesickness is unavoidable. Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp are your closest friends and will keep you in touch with family and friends back home. So it’s essential to be in contact with them at all times. This will help you boost your mental health, and it's always comforting to know that you have support, even though it's from around the globe.

Get involved

Being an international student at an international university is half the battle already won. For anyone, not just someone from another world, the need to fit in and make friends quickly is daunting. Keep this in mind during freshmen week and make an effort to participate in social events. 

It's crucial to put yourself out there and do new stuff during the first few weeks at university, even though you don't get along with anyone you know. During this time, universities often host activities to assist international students in settling in, so check them out!

Find a society

Everyone who attends university or has already graduated will tell you that societies meet most of their peers. Joining a community is the quickest way to meet people who have your interests, meaning you'll be more likely to make friends. 

There would be a society with everything and all at most colleges, whether it is sports, drinking drinks, or holding a conversation. Some of these organisations have membership fees as low as £10, while sports clubs are often more costly.

Make the most of the experience

Your years at university will fly by before you know it, as cliché as it can sound. You're moving into halls one minute, and then you're receiving your diploma at graduation the next. 

The worst-case scenario is that you end up looking back on your degree with disappointment, so take advantage of any chance that comes your way. Join clubs, get engaged, and make the most of your time as a student.

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