10 Best Colleges In Liverpool

10 Best Colleges In Liverpool

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Dec 1, 2022
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Mar 9, 2023
Uploaded on
Dec 1, 2022
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Mar 9, 2023
10 best colleges in Liverpool
Liverpool: Where excellence meets opportunity

Liverpool is home to some of the best education institutes in the United Kingdom. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, The Beatles, its football club, and many colleges. The below-mentioned colleges offer a wide range of degrees and courses, making them an ideal choice for students from all backgrounds to travel to Liverpool and apply for these colleges. No matter your educational goals, you can be sure to find the best colleges in Liverpool that suit your pick.

Why study in Liverpool?

With a long history of education, Liverpool has some of the country's oldest and most respected educational institutions. From renowned universities to prestigious schools. Liverpool is also home to several museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions, making it an ideal place to explore the arts and sciences. There are numerous reasons why students choose Liverpool for further education, but here are some of the top reasons:

  •  Liverpool is voted the fourth friendliest city in the UK and welcomes thousands of students yearly.
  • The city is among the most affordable cities in the UK, with the average cost of student accommodation in Liverpool being £80 to £120 per week.
  • It is packed with culture. If you are a person who loves culture and folklore, this is the place for you. 
  • The city is renowned for its football clubs. Football is a lifestyle in this city. 
  • Liverpool has some of the most beautiful libraries in the UK, some of which contain major art pieces worldwide.
  • The nightlife in Liverpool is safe and focused in some of the main areas in Liverpool, like the centre, Lark lane and the Baltic triangle. 
  • The transport in Liverpool is easily accessible by bus, train and taxis.

What are the qualifications for studying in Liverpool?

Depending on the type of course, you may need to provide proof of academic qualifications. Below are some of the basic qualifications required for studying in Liverpool:

Requirements for a foundation certificate

  • At least 11 years of prior education 
  • UKIV IELTS 4.0 to 5.5 

Requirements for an undergraduate degree 

  • At least 12 years of prior education 
  • UKIV IELTS 4.0 TO 5.5

Best Colleges in Liverpool

Liverpool is known for many things, from beautiful museums and libraries to Football clubs, but another remarkable aspect of Liverpool is its colleges. Liverpool has many universities and colleges, but the list below contains the best colleges in Liverpool. So without further delay, here is a list of the 10 Best colleges in Liverpool.

1. The Liverpool Community College

Location: Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 9DW, United Kingdom

The city of Liverpool college is among the three colleges in Merseyside and is considered one of the best colleges n Liverpool. The college was built in 1992. It was formed by merging all four further education colleges in Liverpool. There are multiple campuses throughout Liverpool. The college teaches over 500 vocational and academic courses in which students can pick from a wide range of subjects that offer the highest standard of learning. The city college of Liverpool has numerous relations with businesses, ensuring that the students learn the skills that will help them find employment.

Popular courses 
1. Architecture 
2. Law
3. Engineering
4. Business Management
5. Marketing
6. Economics
7. Medicine 
8. Health Science
9. Dentistry 

2. The University of Liverpool

Location: Liverpool, England

The University of Liverpool is one of the best colleges in Liverpool. Being established as a public college in 1881, it gained its royal charter in 1903 with the ability to award degrees. The University of Liverpool is also known for its major contributions to the development of the city of Liverpool. The University provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various subjects, including arts, science, engineering, and Medicine. The University of Liverpool has many research institutes. To know more on the university, check out our blog on University of Liverpool.

Popular Courses 
1. Accounting, finance and Economics
2. Aerospace Engineering 
3. Architecture, Building and Planning 
4. Chemistry 
5. Computer science 
6. Game Design 
7. History 
8. Engineering 
9. Psychology

3. Liverpool School of Art and Design

Location: 68 Hope Street, Liverpool, England.

One of the UK's top arts, design and architecture institutes is the Liverpool School of Art and Design (LSAD). It was founded in 1883 and is a part of Liverpool John Moores University. The school has a rich tradition of generating creative, cutting-edge graduates and offers a variety of programmes, including undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and research-level certificates. Students at LSAD have access to top-notch resources and state-of-the-art facilities that meet industry standards, and they have the chance to participate in international student exchange programs.

Popular courses 
1. Architecture 
2. Fashion: Design and Communication
3. Fine arts
4. Graphics Design and Illustration
5. Interior Architecture 

4. Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Location: Mount St, Liverpool L1 9HF, United Kingdom

Considering the fact that Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts was established recently in 1996, It has grown to be a respectable Institute in the UK. Liverpool institute of performing arts is a higher education institution in Liverpool which offers 11 full-time BA Hons degrees in the fields of performing arts and three foundation Certificates programmes. This institution is one of the best colleges in Liverpool as it offers some of the best teaching and management staff and for its an unwavering reputation.

Popular Courses
1. Acting
2. Dance
3. Popular Music and Sound Technology 
4. Applied Theatre and Community Drama 
5. Theatre and Performance Technology 

5. Hugh Baird College

Location: Merseyside, England

The Huge Baird College was founded in 1891. The college's name is taken after Councillor Huge Baird because of his commitment to scholarships in the Merseyside region back in the 19th century. The Huge Baird College offers courses and qualifications, including A levels, apprenticeships, vocational courses, short courses and higher education degrees. Students also get offered a range of support services, including student services, career advice and learning support. Studying at Hugh Bairds College won't be tedious as it offers sports and leisure facilities, student unions and a range of student activities. 

Popular Courses
1. Hairdressing, Beauty and Media Makeup
2. Health, Social Care and Nursing
3. Hospitality and Catering
4. Sport, Exercise and Fitness
5. Travel, Cabin Crew and the Visitor Economy
6. Uniformed Services

6. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Location: Liverpool, England

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is a leading international centre of excellence in research and teaching. Founded in 1898, it is one of the oldest further education institutions in the world dedicated to improving people's health in tropical and subtropical regions. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine provides advanced and innovative teaching and research programmes in tropical health and Medicine, infectious and non-communicable diseases, public health and health systems, and molecular genetics. 

Popular Courses
1. Diploma in Tropical Medicine
2. Diploma in Nursing
3. Masters in Public Health and Humanitarian Health 
4. Certificate Child Nutrition
5. Short Course Combined Essentials of TB and HIV
6. Certificate Development of a Disease Control Programme

7. Edge Hill University

Location: Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Edge Hill University is known to be one of the oldest universities in the UK. It is a public university 5 miles from Liverpool. Edgehill university is the oldest higher education institution, having opened in 1885 as the first college for women in England. Before turning into a university, it was known as Edge Hill college of education before 2005. The university has three faculties: Arts and Science, Education and Health and Social Care. The University offers many undergraduate, Postgraduate and research courses.

Popular Courses
1. BSc (Hons) Accountancy
2. BA (Hons) Animation
3. BSc (Hons) Biology. 
4. BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science. 
5. BSc (Hons) Biotechnology. 
6. BSc (Hons) Ecology and Conservation. 
7. BSc (Hons) Genetics.
8. BSc (Hons) Plant Science.

8. John Moores University

Location: 70 Mount Pleasant, Merseyside L3 5UX, United Kingdom

Liverpool John Moores University is a public university in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1823 as a small mechanics institution and has grown to become one of the biggest universities in England, with over 23,000 students enrolled across three campuses. It has over 21,000 students enrolled as of 2022. The University provides a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The University also has a strong research focus and has a number of research centres and institutes.

Popular courses
1. Architecture 
2. Astronomy
3. Art and design
4. Computing
5. Business, management, and marketing
6. Criminology 
7. Law
8. Performing arts

9. Liverpool Hope University

Location: Hope University Hope Park, Liverpool L16 9JD, United Kingdom

Liverpool Hope University (LHU) is a public university situated in the city of Liverpool, England. Founded in 1844 as a college, it received its royal charter to become a university in 2005. LHU is a member of the University of Chester and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. LHU offers courses in various subjects, including the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Education, and Health Sciences.

Popular Courses
1. English Literature
2. History
3. Education and Sport and Physical Education
4. Primary Teaching with Early Childhood
5. Mathematics
6. Theology.

10. Knowsley Community College

Location: Knowsley, Merseyside, Liverpool

The Knowsley Community College is also one of the best colleges in Liverpool. It was founded in 1990 as a tertiary education due to the Kirkby College of Further Education and Knowsley central tertiary college amalgamation. As of today, the college has two sites, Knowsley being the main campus. The college offers a wide range of courses, from school leaver courses to university-level apprenticeships and professional qualifications. The college is part of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and is accredited by Ofsted. It also has some partnerships with local employers and universities.

Popular Courses
1. Math
2. English
3. First Aid
4. Computing 
5. Beauty

10 best colleges in Liverpool

For students who are new to the city, The Liverpool City Guide comes in handy. Additionally, there are loads of things to do in Liverpool. Finding student accommodations near these best colleges in Liverpool is easy once you know the best areas to live in. In conclusion, Liverpool is an excellent city for students looking for a college that can provide them with a quality education. No matter your academic interests, you’re sure to find an institution in Liverpool that can help you reach your goals.