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Student City Guide: Liverpool 2022
8 min

Student City Guide: Liverpool 2022

Apr 19, 2021
8 min

Views and Reflections of Liverpool City
All about Lively Liverpool

Are you a student planning to study in Liverpool? If yes, then you’re at the bright spot! From student accommodation in Liverpool to top universities of Liverpool, the city’s best places to eat, shop and have fun, our Liverpool student guide covers it all. Read on to arm yourself with valuable snippets of information ahead of your journey!

Cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds are mostly liked by UK's international students. But the most astonishing city is located in the Northwest part of Britain called Liverpool. The city, which has been the heart and soul of the Non-European country for hundreds of years, has ended up being the ideal city for students.

Top Universities in Liverpool

Each year, thousands of international students head to Liverpool to get quality education and experience that might open the doors for their careers. So, to assist our perusers, here is a list of the top colleges in Liverpool.

The University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool, founded in 1881, is among the finest colleges in the U.K. It provides a wide selection of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs and a few online programs. It is a Global Centre for progressed learning and advancement since its foundation. 94% of its graduates either secure a job or complete their education within six months of their course.

Liverpool John Moores University

Also called LJMU, Liverpool John Moores University is an open research college. Its roots date back to 1823 when Liverpool Mechanics' School of Arts was formed. The school was afterwards changed over into Liverpool Polytechnic. In 1992, it got college status to become Liverpool John Moores University. The college is authoritatively related to the Northern Consortium, University Alliance and the European University Association.

Located in Liverpool, Britain, the college proposes educational offers through its three campuses, namely City Campus, I M Marsh Campus and Mount Pleasant Campus. The Mount Pleasant Campus is domestic to the Faculty of Law and Commerce. 

Liverpool International College

Liverpool International College (LIC) is a collaborative organisation between Kaplan International Colleges and the Lofty University of Liverpool. International students who wish to consider undergraduate or postgraduate certificates can take on particular academic planning courses. LIC provides certification courses for different subjects and graduates' diploma programs.

Best localities in Liverpool

  1. Crosby

Situated in the north of the City Centre, Crosby is a popular spot for student accommodation. It is close to the beaches and public transport which makes it a perfect location for students to enjoy and chill in their leisure time. It is a great place for local shopping, clubbing and spending a night out with friends.

  1. Lark Lane

Situated in the south of the City Centre, Lark lane is one of the prettiest places for students to live. It is close to popular and ethnic restaurants that have an engaging combination which makes it an ideal place for students to have the time of their lives. It is a great place for fitness enthusiasts, party freaks and students.

  1. Aigburth

Aigburth is an amazing location with sprawling green spaces and plenty of areas for walkers. It is located in the southern part of the city centre alongside the River Mersey. Aigburth has a lot of large and historic Victorian houses in Liverpool.

Types of student accommodations in Liverpool

For beginners, it is vital to know that there is a wide range of student accommodations in Liverpool. Likewise, every housing choice may accompany loads of undetectable cons too! 

On-campus Student Accommodation

University residences, hostels or dormitories that are managed by the University come under on-campus student accommodations. These options provide suitable access to the amenities rendered by the college on its campus.

Off-campus Student Accommodation

Off-campus student accommodations include PBSAs, HMOs and other room types. They are cost-effective as compared to on-campus accommodation. Students can live on their terms except for a few property rules.

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)

PBSA, commonly known as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation, are those properties in Liverpool that quickly became one of the UK's profoundly looked areas. These areas are available at reasonable costs and frequently come with student-oriented assets and offices. Take our word; if you get an adjacent PBSA settlement, snatch it. We can also give you a list of Student accommodation and private corridors in Liverpool.

HMOs (houses of multiple occupancies)

HMOs are highly-efficient student housing in Liverpool where more than 3 students can rent out the same accommodation at the same time and share the facilities. 

Room Types

  1. University-managed rooms

University-managed rooms should be on the top of your list if you prefer a calculable daily environment at a low cost. University-managed rooms like a dormitory and single-room plans are offered to students. These rooms are popular with freshers and second-year students since they are available inside the grounds and save time navigating.

  1. Studio Rooms

The second position on our posting of student accommodation in Liverpool incorporates studio lodging choices. These are 1-room or 2-room rental homes that offer superior rooms and have somewhat high-grade room characteristics than college dormitories. Studio rooms are an extraordinary decision to live in and are fantastic to look towards pocket-accommodating student halls outside the college.

  1. Ensuite

Ensuite lodging alternatives are private rooms that accompany a superior security choice for students. This student accommodation conveys abundant space for students. Additionally, it incorporates separate restrooms and a kitchen to save you time.

  1. Shared Accommodations

Sharing accommodation is viewed as the rising star of student housing in Liverpool. This lodging option is divided among a group of students and is retained by a property manager or a domain specialist. A significant advantage of a sharing convenience is cost division among the students and gelling up with different international students.

Now that we have seen what the housing alternatives have to offer the students, let us take up another course and tap into the excellence of Liverpool. Let's see what this radiant city offers for the newcomers.

Student Accommodation options in Liverpool

  1. True Liverpool

Located in Liverpool, True Liverpool is ideal and the most popular student accommodation for students on a budget. With a wide range of fully furnished modern studios, apartments and ensuite studio rooms, the property offers various amenities to make your stay safe and secure.

John Moores University and the University of Liverpool are within walking distance of the accommodation. Students can hop on to the Liverpool Central Train Station and visit the nearby cities

The student accommodation is at a serene location, with a study area for students for a proper balance between the study and social life of students. At a starting range of £134/week, True Liverpool is not only a spacious accommodation but also an excellent location for students.

  1. iQ Great Newton House, Liverpool

iQ Great Newton House is located near the city centre and is within a walking distance of Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University and the University of Liverpool. It is also close to major train stations and Liverpool football club. You will feel home-like and inclusive inside this social hub. Book your student accommodation at a start range of £114/week.

  1. Lennon Studios, Liverpool

Lennon Studios, located in the Knowledge Quarter is a 2 min walk from LJMU and the University of Liverpool. With abundant room amenities, it is the perfect student accommodation. For privacy lovers and pocket-friendly option seekers, this is the most appreciated student accommodation. Cathedrals, Liverpool Universities and major train stations are close to this ideal student accommodation.

Cost of living in Liverpool?

Housing prices in Liverpool are pretty high in comparison to the other major cities around the globe. Prices differ from area to area, but the figures mentioned below will give you an indication of what’s available at what price.

To show you an example, we have mentioned a quick breakdown of the average monthly costs linked with students living in Liverpool:

Bills Average Cost
 Accommodation Expenses  £450 to £1000
 Food and Eatery  £150 to £500
 Travelling Expenses  £20 to £150
 Leisure and Entertainment  £50 to £350

(Note: All the above expenses are average monthly expenses and exclude tuition fees.)

The major cost of living as a student in Liverpool

Liverpool could be a befuddling spot for housing. Such places vary in prices or sizes as you move away from the City Center. That is why students are encouraged to pick the best appropriate student accommodation that adjusts to their expense plan and is convincing with some bills and mandatory expenses.

Liverpool is admired for its exclusive inexpensive environment which is a dream come true for all the students. Whilst some of the expenses may or may not fall under every student's blanket, it is essential to know what different types of bills they could expect in the upcoming months.

Electric/gas/water bill

All utility services, electricity, gas and water, are covered in preliminary expenses for each student. For the ones who are interested to live in studios or private halls, these bills are to be excluded and will be present according to their monthly usage status.


Students' lives always revolve around their instruments. Pen, pencil, required books, etc., are essential items that are needed during your semester. As their use is never-ending, students are advised to buy bulk deals of stationary to get additional discounts and offers.

Mobile phones and SIM cards

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile phones have become a necessity for every student to inform their well-being to their loved ones. Moreover, it would be a thoughtful decision to buy a budget-friendly mobile with essential functions such as internet, voice-calling, above-average camera quality, and ample storage to share crucial files and documents.

TV license

In the UK, in general, the process of buying a TV connection starts right after buying a TV license. The UK government has made it mandatory to buy a separate TV cable subscription for every system installed. On the other hand, you can try purchasing a combined monthly or yearly subscription of OTT subscription plans to enjoy all the latest shows and movies.

Where to grab a bite in Liverpool?

Whether you need to seize a fast chomp or celebrate an extraordinary event, there are numerous alternatives to choose from in Liverpool. The primary issue you'll face is that with varied options, you might take several days to select the ideal eatery to match your taste. As all international and nearby food joints are present within the city, we have collected a couple of major food joints for the students.

Baltic Triangle

With a range of flexibility, the Baltic Triangle, no doubt is a great social space that suits a lot of students. With the tremendous variety of options such as its notorious music occasions facilitated by specialists such as Jorja Smith, Tom Zanetti and Mungo’s Hifi, it is one of a kind. It is a place to seize a drink counting the foremost Peaky Blinders bar which would be an ideal place.

Concert Square

Concert Square could be an exuberant nightlife spot in the middle of Liverpool. Here you'll discover a few of the best well-known nightlife scenes within the city like counting McCooleys, Modo, Soho, Fusion, Einstein, Coyote Ugly Saloon, Level and Boston Pool Loft. The square highlights a secured open-air seating zone exterior of Modo and Soho. Shisha channels are prevalent and can be requested to your table, as well as drinks from encompassing bars. The Concert square is well known among students. It gets active on Thursday and Friday nights and before the weekends. Concert Square is near Wood Road and Seel Street, moreover, it is a  bustling nightlife place in the city.

Local attractions on a budget

Well, this may be the first question that will emerge in each student's mind. As international education can be a significant experience alone, making the original out of the nearby attractions at a low-cost sounds challenging. That's why we have included a modern string in our ‘Student guide Liverpool' to assist you in exploring the most extreme possibilities of Liverpool.

The Beatles

The bigger-than-life statues of the Fab Four are holding up for you to click a picture with them on the famous Waterfront. Right before the shocking Three Graces, you can't truly get distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger. 

Want to see a movie?

Visit the top-tier autonomous Woolton Picture House and experience the 1980s and 1990s classics. If there's a chance of you being a 3D fan, enjoy the hit and blockbusters movies at Everyman Cinema, Odeon Cinema Liverpool One, Picturehouse at FACT or Showcase.

Do you love reading?

Liverpool’s Central Library is a complete package of activities, but there remains one place within its vast book-covered walls that demand peace, calm and contemplation. The Central Library or the Picton Reading Rooms is the right place if you’re looking for comfortable silence. 

Fan of live music with some beer?

Domestic to a few of the most exceptional groups in the world, from The Beatles to Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Zutons, Liverpool is no stranger to incredible live music. A lot of the city's bars and clubs have tapped into a hot list of nearby abilities. Whether you're in the centre for another huge thing or basically after a few enthusiastic sounds to go with your half a quart, Liverpool's live music bars will have you covered.

Churches and Castles.

If there is one place in the city that has advertised haven, reflection, and a stunning view, it is St. Nick's Churchyard. Leaving aside the Three Graces and the Mersey, St Nick's is crammed with excellent tributes that give us all reason to pause and breathe.

The prevalent Lifestyle of Liverpool

Dance club

In case you're searching for understudy bargains, very much cherished tunes, and a decision of various clubs, Concert Square is your smartest choice. Well, known understudy areas incorporate Baa Bar, Level and Black Rabbit. Remember Stanley Street for a scope of LGBT+ bars and dance clubs!

Free scenes

Baltic Triangle is the spot to be, with scenes, for example, Camp and Furnace, Hangar 34 and 24 Kitchen Street routinely facilitating live DJs.

You can likewise visit Ghetto Golf for elective playing golf and an authorised bar. Undetectable Wind Factory on Regent Street additionally has occasions at the end of the week, including unrecorded music acts.

Mixed drink bars

Have an unusual event or need to up the stakes, head to Seel Street or Berry Street. In case you're feeling audacious, discover your approach to personal settings, for example, 81 Ltd and Ex-Directory. Some Place is another mysterious bar that serves a scope of Absinthe mixed drinks, not for the cowardly!


The 11,000-seat M&S Bank Arena on the world-celebrated waterfront is host to the world's driving music specialists. The O2 Academy, however more modest in size, routinely holds famous live occasions.

If you incline toward an elective sound, visit LEAF, the Shipping Forecast or the Arts Club to see specialists live in these memorable scenes. Old-style music fans ought not to miss the incredibly famous Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, driven by the Chief Conductor and privileged Professor of the University of Liverpool, Vasily Petrenko.

Are you a crazy football fan?

Liverpool is energetic about football: neighbourhood papers, TV channels and even stage plays are devoted to the game. Two opponent Premier League football clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC are in Liverpool. Experience the enthusiasm of the 'Merseyside derby', or take a visit through the city's noteworthy arenas.

Anfield is a world-prestige football arena in Anfield, Liverpool, England. The stadium has been home to Liverpool FC since its development in 1892. The stadium offers guided visits, which incorporate admittance to the Liverpool FC historical centre.

Getting around in Liverpool

Liverpool, situated in North Western Britain is majorly known for its street, rail, and ship systems and a worldwide air terminal and a well-known dock system. Like most other major UK cities, Liverpool's transport system is centred on its street and rail systems. Open transport administrations inside the city are controlled and run by Merseytravel. 

The street organised in and around Liverpool is essentially governed by the pertinent neighbourhood specialist in which the roads are found. Regardless, the central trunk roads in Britain are the responsibility of Thruways England (as they are in the rest of the UK outside of London).


Long-distance coach administrations arrive at and withdraw from the National Express halt at Liverpool One Transport Station. Neighbourhood buses serve the complete city and its encompassing zones. The two central ends for neighbourhood buses are Ruler Square Transport Station (found close to Lime Road railroad station) for administrations north, east, and west. Liverpool One transport station (located close to the Albert Dock) for administrations to the south and east. Tour transport administrations from City Sights and City Pioneer by Maghull coaches work within the city middle.


Liverpool features a glad convention in locomotive history. The Liverpool and Manchester Railroad was a primary steam-powered railroad, built-in 1830; it spearheaded what society gets to prepare lines to be nowadays. The Mersey Railroad was the moment the underground line within the world opened in 1886. The first-ever lifted prepare line, and what may well be conceived as a metro nowadays, the Liverpool Overhead Railroad began with shipping dockers in 1893, ending its life with diminished ridership in 1957.

Today, Liverpool is served by two partitioned rail networks. The nearby urban rail organisations, which are underground within the centres of Liverpool and Birkenhead, are overseen and run by Merseyrail and serve Merseyside's completion to giving joins past. The national mainline organisation, managed by Organize Rail, provides Liverpool with associations with significant towns and cities around Britain.


Liverpool's nearby crossover suburban-urban rail organisation is known as Merseyrail. The Mersey Railroad was the moment the underground line within the world opened in 1886. It comprises three lines: the Northern Line, which runs to Southport, Ormskirk, and Kirkby to the north of the city, and Chases Cross to the south. The Wirral Line runs through the Mersey Railroad Burrow and has branches to Modern Brighton, West Kirby, Chester, and Ellesmere Harbour. The City Line starts at Lime Road and gives joins to St Helens, Wigan, Preston, Warrington, and Manchester. The Northern and Wirral lines of the organisation are energised, whereas diesel and electric trains work on the isolated City Line.

Earning some bucks by side hustles

Till now, you may have already gotten the idea that Liverpool isn't as costly as its neighbouring cities like London or Birmingham. But living away from home can come hefty if your expenses aren't managed well. While you can always take a safety deposit cash from your family, doing some side hustles to gain an extra income won't be as hectic as it seems.

To deliver knowledge to our readers reading the 'student guide Liverpool,' we have enlisted top part-time job offers that you can easily find around the city. These chores may or may not become your full-time career but are indeed pointed out to improve your work ethic and make you a more reasonable person.

Part-time tutoring

Teaching young minds are one of the most lovable part-time jobs that one could ask for. As the job requirements are essential and require no additional degree or course, students can engage in tutoring students and can earn fair basis wages, side by side.

Become a web writer

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has left people using their smartphones now more than ever. This has left the content writing industry to work even more than before. Thus, by writing guest blogs or doing ghostwriting, not only you can earn a respectable amount for every article, but you can hone your communication skills alongside.

University application mentor

The university administration hires a university application mentor every year. Their role is to guide sophomore students and indulge in hearing their course preferences, their queries regarding academic and social grounds, and making sure they feel more comfortable in such a new environment.

Student Ambassador

Have you ever heard about a leader of a student union? Well, that is who the student ambassador is. A student ambassador's role is to resolve conflicts between students, cater to their daily needs in and out of university, and control the student panel during functions or events. Such positions are assigned to someone who can handle groups, work under pressure and manage other students without difficulty.

Subsequently, don't take it hard upon yourself if you don't find part-time work in the first few days. Liverpool and all other parts of the UK have ample opportunities for both part-time and full-time career opportunities.

Making a life bit easier for the students

Our student guide, Liverpool mainly revolves around the city's latest ground report and how to explore the town at basic expenses. But our guide wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't shared these essential points with our readers.

What to do in case of emergency? 

Rental frauds/immigration issues/scams

As this may be your first time in the city, students are advised to look upon their shoulders every time. With more, you are on your own, which means there will be no one else to blame if any wrong foot is stepped upon. For starters, if any student is put under such stress of rental fraud or tenet misbehaviour, you are advised to contact the undersigned authority the right way.

You can also communicate with the university administration to help you out with your problems. If not, you can always tap on your senior's doors for briefing you about the city's council and verified city agencies who can take care of your student accommodation in Liverpool. Keeping a tab on these points cannot guarantee that you wouldn't make mistakes but, it will help if mistakes are made.

Manage Finances

Going outside your native region brings a list of spending, starting from tuition fees to food and other supplements. The tip here is to be cautious and save anywhere possible. You can also look up to second-hand shopping centres or discounted shops where you buy reusable items at lower expenses. Also, make sure you make a budget for every month and manage to go through it once in a while.  

Useful apps and offers

In this era of digitalisation, every facility is present in your palm. Thus, it would be wise to use your phone positively. Students visiting Liverpool are advised to download popular local apps such as the Liverpool Travel Guide for complete city information and the Q Tap app that allows you to book and pay for beverages in advance.


Q1. What is Liverpool famous for?
Liverpool is famous for the Liverpool Football Club which is an English professional football club based in Liverpool, England.

Q2. Is Liverpool a good and safe place to live?
Liverpool is a haven for students and professionals and is one of the friendliest cities to live in.


There’s usually a lot of research to be done before moving to Liverpool. We have tried to cover the basics of living and tried to make moving less harsh for you. Liverpool is an ideal city and a great place to live so no matter how difficult it may seem after you move to Liverpool, it will no doubt be worth it.