10 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In London 2023 (Budget Friendly Edition)
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10 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In London 2023 (Budget Friendly Edition)

5 min
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Jan 30, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
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Jan 30, 2023
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Mar 13, 2023
10 Things To Do On Valentine's Day in London 2023
London is the new Pairs

Even though we all know that Paris is known as the capital of love and romance, London has an unbeatable charm, especially during Valentine's Day's approaching week. With so many events, concerts, valentine's day ideas and things to do, we have curated some pocket-friendly ways to celebrate your valentine's without compromising on your memories and moments. Below are some of the best things to do on Valentine's day in London. 

Things To Do For Valentines Day In London

Here are some budget-friendly ways impress your second-half on valentine’s day in London

1. Romantic Date Under The Starry Night

As corny it might sound, but a romantic candle light dinner is an idea that can never go wrong in making your significant other feel special. 

Romantic date nights are long known traditional catalysts that help to enhance chemistry with your partner. They are a great way to spend quality time together, get to know your partner at a deeper level, and strengthen your already existing bond. 

Even though date nights can be expensive and the stakes can be high, Luckily there are some  budget- friendly best date night restaurants in London that can spice up your special night and make it more memorable

  • Bancone: Located in Covent Garden, Bancone is a very small and chic pasta bar, that will make your taste buds tingle for Italian Food. You can talk over some signature silk handkerchief and confit egg yolk pasta and sip some Italian wine, without worrying about the check being billed at a very high price. 
  • Wong Kei: If there is one way to pull the strings to someone’s heart, it would be some Chinese Food. Wong Kei isn’t here to disappoint you! With a great selection of authentic Chinese food like Char Siu Pork on Rice, Ho fun Beef, and Egg fried rice. This place will keep your stomach and hearts filled all through the night.
  • Titu: Do you and your partner fancy some good umami food? Then look no further than Titu. Located in Mayfair, this Japanese restaurant is famous for its hot piping gyozas, miso kimchi lamb, and wagyu beef Still finding a place to dine? Check out our 20 Quirky Restaurants in London blog to widen your search. 

2. Day Picnic At A Park 

Are you a pair of lovebirds that like to be nested in the beauty of nature? Well, taking your partner on a picnic can be a very well-appreciated romantic gesture from your side. To top it all, London is home to some of the most romantic parks in the world. Some of the most romantic places in London for couples that make up to be the best picnic spots are:

  • St James Park 
  • Regent’s Park 
  • St John Lodge’s Garden 
  • Greenwich Park

To be more prepared for your romantic park date, pack a picnic basket with things your partner likes to eat. Picnic dates are a good reminder to escape your stressful lives and be in the moment with your loved ones and nature. Moreover, if a dinner date is off the table, this romantic picnic for two is highly recommended on Valentine’s day in London. There are more parks to explore in London Check out our 15 Best Parks in London blog! 

3. Attend a Theater Act 

A live theatre experience can be a fun and entertaining way of spending your Valentine’s day in London. With many live shows and performances rolling out daily, theatre couple fans can expect a night full of thrills and drama. A ticket to a live show like Wicked, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge the Musical, or Dirty Dancing is one of the ways of letting your partner know that you love them. Usually, the best theatre shows in London are staged in the central district of the West End, where you can find reputable theatres like 

  • Dominion Theatre
  • Novello Theatre
  • Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • Piccadilly Theatre.  

Remember to book your seats earlier in advance to enjoy your perfect night of onstage romance and chemistry. 

4. Cruise Along The Thames River

Cruises have long held a romantic appeal of deep love and romance, and "NO" valentine's day would be as memorable as sailing through the waves of the beautiful Thames River. While cruising through the river you will see the beauty of London through a different lens. Usually, the cruise starts at the London Eye Pier and flows through the Tower Bridge, House of Parliament, London Tower, etc. To make this ride special, you can choose to go on an evening cruise and watch the sunset while you wine, dine on the waters, and take in the beautiful scenery. Book yourself a "titanic experience" at a very affordable price, starting at £10 per person for a 40-minute ride. As it might be difficult to get a booking on Valentine's day in London, Make sure you book all these in advance and plan ahead of time for your romantic adventures.

5. Musical Nights and Concerts 

Did you know? A night that passes away with good music usually stays in our minds for longer. So, what could be better than spending your date night at a wonderful concert or musical show? For years, London has been titled the “city of music” for its ability to host thousands of music festivals, concerts, and shows annually. Across the city, different musical genres like Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, and Electronic shows are played every night to keep people entertained and on their toes. You can explore the magic of love in music while celebrating your valentine’s day in London by checking out venues like 

  • O2 Arena
  • London Astoria
  • KOKO 
  • Wembley Stadium 
  • Royal Albert Hall 

6. Valentine Silent Disco

Valentine Silent Disco is a very unusual, rather unique way of spending your Valentine’s Day in London. Plan your date at the National History Museum, and jam to the muse of disco with your partner, but with a twist! Unlike other disco parties where the music is heart throbbing loudspeakers and bass, a silent disco is where people dance and enjoy music through headphones. You can put on your headphones and choose any music like rock, pop, 70s disco, or electro and dance with your partner while sipping on some juicy cocktails. You can also discover the museum galleries; in that case, you would be killing two birds with one stone, i.e., visiting the museum and participating in the Valentine Silent Disco Party. Check out the Top 25 Museums in London that will can also be your Valentine’s day stop! 

7. Valentine’s Variety Show

The Big Penny Social has decided to be a generous host on Valentine’s night for everyone looking to get entertained. It doesn’t matter if you are single, hooked on a date, or want to chill with your mates; the Valentine’s Variety Show discriminates against none. You will not have a moment to gasp in boredom at the show because you will experience everything. From mind-boggling magic acts, chuckling comedy, and circus acts, to live music, you will never be this entertained. To top it all off, you will also be invited to enjoy a lovely spread of food and gulp down pints of chilled beer. If you want to do something on Valentine’s day in London, then Valentine’s Variety is the place.

8. Studio Limbo Candle Making and Painting Workshop 

Studio Limbo, a petite shop in Soho, is onboard a mission to help you become more creative and loving this Valentine's by organising a candle-making and Painting workshop. This shop could be the best place to put your hands on crafting a handmade gift or painting something for your significant other. You can also bring in your partner and bond on making one while sipping some free drinks served during the period! 

9. An Evening at London Eye

The London Eye is a beautiful sight to watch, especially at night! If you want to have some last-minute plans for Valentine’s day in London, then taking a beautiful ride and watching the decked-up London view can be a good way to seal the day. Moreover, every year the London Eye has a special way of honouring couples and the feeling of love on Valentine’s day. They run a champagne pod experience, i.e. you can book a pod with a single or group of couples and experience the scenery with a bottle of champagne and a box of truffle chocolates. The single couple is quite expensive, but going with a group of couples will be more affordable and budget friendly.

10. Visit the Shard

The last thing on our best things to do on Valentine’s day in London is visit the iconic building Shard. Being the tallest building in London, you can climb up and catch a sunset view from the observation deck or book a reservation at the top-floor restaurants to give you a beautiful view of the city. Some top-rated yet not so expensive restaurants at Shard are:

  • Hutong
  • Aqua Shard
  • Oblix

Now that you have some of the best options to spend Valentine’s day in London; Don’t scratch your head no more! Even with so many ways of spending the day, try sticking to one or two activities that you and your partner would like to do together. Book if you need to make a reservation at certain places, and try to look out for any Valentine’s day discounts to help you save that extra buck for your gift and make it more budget friendly.