15 Best Restaurants In Oxford
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15 Best Restaurants In Oxford

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Jan 3, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
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Jan 3, 2023
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Mar 10, 2023
Best restaurants in Oxford
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The best restaurants in Oxford don't have to be all expensive. Oxford has a variety of cuisines and types of restaurants made for people with all kinds of budgets. Oxford has come a long way in the culinary skills and the quality and variety of food, and so there are a number of places to visit. From small restaurants tucked away in lanes to majestic cottages with cuisine from chef Raymond Blac, there is a lot to explore.

1. The Cherwell Boathouse

Price: ££ - £££

Address: Bardwell Rd, Oxford OX2 6ST, UK

If you like being near water, this is the best restaurant in Oxford to grab a bite at. This is a riverside restaurant set in a Victorian Boathouse with ducks and tranquillity all around. The food can be a little bit fancy, but your tastebuds will thank you. The variety and prices of the wine menu, the amazing food and the beautiful location down a leafy lane will make you never want to leave this amazing restaurant. 

Must try: Charred Cauliflower Steak 

2. Bhoomi Kitchen

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 70 London Rd, Headington, Oxford OX3 7PD, UK

The flavours of the south Indian food at this restaurant will take you on a trip to India instantly. The aromatic curries, flavourful and heavenly appams and pakoras and the soft, delicious Gulab Jamun will keep you coming back for more at Bhoomi kitchen, one of the best restaurants in Oxford. There is an array of choices in regional delicacies that you won't be able to get out of your head anytime soon. Bhoomi Kitchen is also vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and so people with dietary restrictions won't have a problem finding something amazing to eat. The prices may be a little bit higher, but what else would you expect from one of the best restaurants in Oxford?

Must try: Gulab Jamun

3. No.1 Ship Street

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 1 Ship St, Oxford OX1 3DA, UK

This is one of the best places to eat in oxford to get the fine dining Oxford experience in the city centre but is located on a quiet street. The top quality food is something that will be better than you expect, especially the grilled meats, seafood or fish. The options for vegetarians are limited, but this place is primarily for meat lovers. The beautiful, sophisticated decor adds to the food and makes it a lovely experience instead of just a meal. The food served here is stylish, delicious and modern British food at good prices. After dinner, go out and explore with this list of 35 things to do in Oxford

Must try: Crème brûlée 

4. The Coconut Tree

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 76 St Clement's St, Oxford OX4 1AH, UK

If Sri Lankan food is something you like, this is the best restaurant in Oxford to be at. From aromatic staples that transport you to the streets of Sri Lanka, don't forget to try the curries, rotis and hoppers. The vegetarians and vegans have plenty of options to choose from, and the meals are all small plates, tapa sized. The one thing you must definitely try here is the hoppers, the pancakes shaped like bowls which are served with cinnamon-infused caramelised onions, coconut sambal and Sri Lankan-style salsa. If you're thinking of moving to oxford, this Student city guide: Oxford 2023, will be extremely helpful.

Must try: Hoppers

5. Quod

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 92-94 High St, Oxford OX1 4BJ, UK

If you like food and art galleries, this is the perfect place for you. Quod is one of the best restaurants in Oxford that is styled like an art gallery. Quod serves some of the most decadent food and the yummiest cocktails. The menu has a variety of vegetarian options and also serves crispy pizzas, juicy burgers, steaks and a nice variety of fish. The restaurant is decorated with brightly coloured canvases on the walls, and the prices are fair, so it attracts all kinds of customers. Be sure to pay this restaurant a visit if you're ever in Oxford. 

Must try: Gnocchi with mushrooms

6. Taste Tibet

Price: £

Address: 109 Magdalen Rd, Oxford OX4 1RQ, UK

Fresh Tibetan street food is served at a restaurant in Oxford. If you like momos, a dumpling with fillings and a spicy chikki sauce, then this is the place to be. The flavours of this restaurant are well thought out and comforting. Taste Tibet started out as a stall but is now a permanent set-up for its loyal customers. Food like curry, smacked cucumber, dal, and noodles are what make up the menu. If Oxford university is on your list of universities to apply to, here's everything you need to know about getting into Oxford University.

Must try: Momos

7. Arbequina

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 72-74 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1JB, UK

Arbequina is one of the best restaurants in Oxford, serving tapas with the best interiors. The food critics are also super fans of the totally sensational food. The thick oozy tortillas are a must-try here at this covered chemist tapas restaurant. The flavours are primarily from Spain and have well-sourced and unique ingredients. Arbequina is definitely a must-visit spot in Oxford.

Must try: Bread, harissa, alioli

best restaurants in oxford

8. The Perch

Price: ££ - £££

Address: Binsey Ln, Binsey, Oxford OX2 0NG, UK

Located opposite Port meadow in the village of Binsey within walking distance of the main town, Perch is an old, historic, thatched farmhouse. The perch has the finest garden dining in Oxford during the summer, and the interiors are cosy and chic. The very British menu has grilled quail, braised pig cheeks and battered ale fish, but the execution is very modern. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Oxford for British dining.

Must try: Vegan burger and the triple cooked chips

9. Edamame

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 15 Holywell St, Oxford OX1 3SA, UK

If you're looking for the best restaurant in Oxford for sushi and authentic Japanese food like the stir fries and grills, all cooked in an absolutely authentic way that will make you never want to get pan Asian food again. The edamame served is so delicious that it will be the best starter for the tastiest meal to come.

Must try: Salmon with sticky rice and edamame/teriyaki sauce

10. The Old Bookbinders

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 17-18 Victor St, Oxford OX2 6BT, UK

Down a residential street, this French bistro can be easily mistaken for a local bar. This is one of the best restaurants in Oxford, with the bar hung with tankards and trains and the back rooms are full of satisfied customers digging into their escargots, moules and coq au vin. The food is delicious and affordable, so that attracts a lot of people, and if you want a nice dessert, the crepes are mouth-watering.

Must try: Beef Bourguignon

11. The Folly

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 1 Folly Bridge, Oxford OX1 4JU, UK

If you want to visit one of the best restaurants in Oxford near the city centre along the Thames, The Folly is the perfect destination. The floating terrace is what people come here for on nice sunny days to enjoy the sleek and sophisticated dining. This place is good for special occasions and very tempting for meat eaters. The menu might be limited, but the classic cuts like beef sirloin with marrow dumplings, lamb rump and tarragon gremolata make for the most mouth-watering dishes. 

Must try: Lemon posset

12. Gees

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 61-63 Banbury Rd, Park Town, Oxford OX2 6PE, UK

Set in a majestic victorian conservatory, this Mediterranean grill has its main dining room in a sunlit victorian greenhouse with big leafy plants and olive trees that make it the perfect setting. The food is fancy and expensive, but each bite is worth it. Big leather banquets and sleek and there is a daily changing menu of Mediterranean dishes and it is a good spot for special occasions.

Must try: Fettuccine 

13. Antep Kitchen

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 228-230 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1UH, UK

This is one of the best restaurants in Oxford that is family-run and has a buzzing, busy atmosphere. Serving authentic, delicious Turkish food like huge kebabs, hot and cold meze, sharing plates with plenty of options and thin, crispy pide. The huge portions and family-friendly environment attract larger families at Antep Kitchen..

Must try: Lamb sarma beyti

14. Kitchen Food Company

Price: ££ - £££

Address: 215 Banbury Rd, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7HQ, UK

A new deli and bistro by the same company with a pedigree of fine dining and a Michelin Star behind them. The cooks and staff at this establishment are seasoned and know exactly the right flavours to use. There is a changing menu with all-day brunch and cheese and meat boards. There is also soups, quiche and yummy appetisers. They are also stocked with organic goodies and have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians. So be sure to put Kitchen food company on your list of the best restaurants in Oxford. 

Must try: Grazing and mezze boards

15. Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Price: ££££

Address: Church Rd, Great Milton, Oxford OX44 7PD, UK

Located in the Oxfordshire countryside, this is the 2-star Michelin restaurant by Raymond Blanc. There is a hotel and restaurant at the vine-covered manor that is led up by a winding path lined with lavenders. The tasting menu is delicate, complex and very, very expensive, and this is more of a spot for special occasions, but be sure to book very well in advance.

Must try: Roasted scallops and langoustine

Here are the 15 best restaurants in Oxford that you definitely be on your must-visit list. From smaller family-owned quaint restaurants to two Michelin-star restaurants in the countryside, they have it all!